Obama sends 600 troops to E. Europe as warning to Russia

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Having just removed the last U.S. battle tanks from Europe, the U.S. is not ready for either a cold or hot war with Russia over Ukraine, and Obama had already said that the U.S. and NATO have no plan to use force in Ukraine.

So why is he sending 600 troops to 4 E. European countries bordering on Russia and Ukraine?

Does he actually think the Russian Army, with 360,000 soldiers, would be deterred by our 600?

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0 responses to “Obama sends 600 troops to E. Europe as warning to Russia

  1. I.m.o., they are going there for one purpose only ; LIVE BAIT . I wonder if they are being called ” military adviser’s ” . Sounds a lot like the beginning of the Viet Nam war . Cannon – fodder for the intern’l bankers and the military industrial complex . What’s yours ?

    • Japoa, I think you’ve hit the nail on its head! We send our beautiful and vibrant young people places where they are definitely in harms way — and what do we really think the outcome will be??? It’s so interesting that Mitt Romney was right when he said that Putin was a danger out there lurking in the shadows. This just makes me sick to my stomach!

  2. 600 innocent soldiers, like lambs to the slaughter. Obama and Biden would betray these guys in the blink of an eye. And just think of what nonsense it is to divide 600 people over 3 nations. Multiply it by ten, and it’s still ridiculous; six THOUSAND barely fills one high school football stadium.

  3. I’ll bet that the Russians are just quaking in their boots-not!

  4. Don’t believe anything the mainstream media says about the Ukraine. It is all manufactured. Putin is not our enemy. Even that is made up. He is a faithful Eastern Orthodox, and does not want war. We forcefully installed a government in Kiev that is (surprisingly enough) unpopular. This show is being put on with our government’s help. Remember what Nuland said after they eavesdropped on the ambassador to Ukraine. (F him). Here is a bit of real news: https://www.activistpost.com/2014/04/unelected-regime-begins-killing-spree.html

    • Putin is being framed because he is using other currencies to buy and sell oil, and he is making friends with China because of their currency. He is sick of being held hostage to the petrodollar. People have di.ed over much smaller slights. And our stooooooopid FED chair has the gall to say to other countries: “Stop printing money or there will be consequences!!”


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