Obama removes all U.S. battle tanks from Europe

That, in turn, means the United States, henceforth, will not be able to fight a land war in Europe.

H/t John Rolls of the Rolls Report

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0 responses to “Obama removes all U.S. battle tanks from Europe

  1. Great… that’ll really make Putin think about starting trouble twice now. 🙁

  2. Again, it is only a guess, but I suspect he won’t be wanting to fight a land war *in europe*, but rather that he wants those tanks for a land war *here*. It has nothing to do with putin or some disinfo about a renewed soviet union, the soviets have ruined Russia, we have to be on guard here for the bolsheviks (occupy/tea party, etc.) and soviets “govstapo”/federal government) here and now, I encourage anyone reading this to read up on the history of what happened in Russia in the timespan of 1910-1917, it seems as if the same plan is being used on the U.S. currently, just with some variables, such as obomber is no Tzar Nicholas. ;p

  3. This has nothing to do with putin or a “new soviet russia”, they already destroyed Russia, we need to be concerned with the bolsheviks (occupy/tea party etc.) and soviets (govstapo/federal government) *Here*. I’d guess that’s why the tanks were shipped back here in the first place. I encourage all readers here to read up on what happened in Russia in 1910-1917, as the same tactics seem to be being employed in the U.S. now. Be On Guard, and especially don’t participate in any “revolution” that is more likely a controlled operation than a random gathering of citizenry, remember that the puppets of evil have been at these shenanigans for centuries now, and we should not permit ourselves to be utilized as pawns for their so-called “games”.

  4. Are we turning our back on Europe, or are they turning their backs on us? What will be the new embodiment of NATO? If we are being told to leave, what kind of fit will we throw, at whom (ourselves), and with what results? Or are we concentrating on Asian conflict?

  5. Seumas, I hope to High Heaven that you’re wrong.

  6. Hate to tell you boys this BUT those M-1 and M-1a1 MBT were all built between 1983 and 1993 That’s 21 to 31 years of constant training and war, on a machine that was supposed to be replaced in 2003. They are just plain worn out. OH and FYI the Army has been “down sizing” the armored force for 20 years. The “heavy” armored divisions are LONG gone into the DRMO or depot storage. The heavy Mech. Divisions no longer exist . The united states military is smaller than it was in 1939 . The US couldn’t fight a war at home or in Europe if it wanted too. The US military is all myth and memory-its pure bluff and it has been for a decade. Worn out , used up, down sized in four major non war-wars over 20 years, two of them lasting over ten years. Even if we left the “22 M-1’s” in Europe it would be meaningless as there is NOTHING in the US to replace or reinforce them with in the event of war , and that “war” would last for less than seven days. Obamas bluff is just that , We have disbanded our military and the Russians know it. P.S. As of today (Easter Sunday 2014) the whole US military is in the same sad shape. The US couldn’t put the combat power in the field that was available to “I” corp in 1968 in Vietnam. . But Boy Oh Boy DHS has more ammo than the Army did from 1941- 1981

  7. No match for the russians would be better at home for martial law.

    • BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • We have indeed weakened our military readiness. Bill Clinton made deals with the Chicoms that gave them technology they wouldn’t have even arrived at today in 2014! He also used up most of our available cruise missiles at the time on his dirty “wag-the-dog” war in the Baltic region. And the current president of the United States has made Clinton look like a conservative patriot by comparison.

        My response: Turn to God now, while you are still alive and able to repent. This country is doomed. But don’t let American culture doom you.

  8. Another question, what are all the Chinese tanks we have seen doing here? Are we buying our tanks from China now?

  9. Where does Obama think he’ll hide when all his “chickens come home to roost?”

    • well Raven rock could be one guess, another would be cheyanne mountain… and those are just the two hollowed out mountain bunkers we know about in general, other “continuity of government” bases likely exist in various places across the country, ‘course there is also that… whatever it is… under the denver intl. airport.

      • Spooky stuff indeed, Seumas.

        (Thank you for not picking up on my weird grammar. I corrected the mistake. Our hyper aggressive spell check on WordPress has a habit of inserting some idiotic, but correctly spelled, words. Proof-reading is more important than ever.)

  10. Probably wants them in the United States to attack cattle ranchers in Nevada!

  11. I served in North Germany in the 2nd Armored Division – Hell On Wheels – in the mid 80’s – we were the northern most combat unit in all of Europe. They began the process of retiring the 2nd Armored shortly after 1986 and rotating the boys to Fort Hood, TX.

    The theory was that the cold war was over and that we needed to be ready for the Middle East.

    Personally, I think it is a sin. However, when we look at history and the charter of this nation, how does one justify having a presence in 142 nations across the globe.?

    We need to bring the boys home from all lands. We need to secure our borders. We need to begin to rebuild and regain independence.

    This idea of global interdependence is wrong for America. We need to be our own self and let the rest of the world play their games.


    • I agree that the U.S. is way over-extended and we should bring our men (and women) home from Afghanistan. The only problem is that’s not Obama’s reason for withdrawing all battle tanks from Germany/Europe. He’s not doing it “to secure our borders … to rebuild and regain independence.” He’s destroying the U.S. economy, fractured U.S. politics, racially divided Americans as never before, alienating and abandoned U.S. allies while giving aid & comfort to our enemies, AND dismantling the U.S. military.

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