Obama admin considering a war against Syria, again

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We the People stopped Pres. Lucifer, Nobel Peace Prize winner, from waging war against Syria last year. Now he’s trying to do it again.

Once again, we must mobilize and stop this demonic warmonger and his equally demonic accomplice, John McCain. Spread the word! Let your family, friends, and acquaintances know, via email, Twitter, Facebook…. Let’s stop this SOB.

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0 responses to “Obama admin considering a war against Syria, again

  1. I noticed one thing in common with those with those lovely ” F.S.A.” clowns . Judging by the hands of them , they seem to be rather fair skinned for ” Mid-Eastern ” types . I think the stench of the C.I.A.is all over this like flies on dung . I guess the banksters are dead-set to put Syria in it’s place .

  2. If they’re so ‘free’, why aren’t they free to show their faces?

  3. That’s not only the stench of the cia, but also the extreme arrogant stench of the muslum in the white house. What better way to eliminate the coming elections and ensure his dictatorship by causing a war and marshall law. How many rulers is the nwo going to take out. This is all about the almighty dollar power. The petro-dollar was being threatened by a few countries who wanted to change to the gold market. The saudies will not allow this and they are prime backer of these terriost. The sad thing is our traitors in d.c. are training the enemy who will eventually kill our sons and daughters. To really think about it, this is our tax-payer dollars being used for this act of treason without our consent because we really have no representation in d.c anymore. A few maybe, but not enough who care about this country. Only their own greedy interest.


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