Can you win our election-special Caption Contest?

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This is the 35th world-famous FOTM Caption Contest!

Here’s the pic:

The POS early voting in Chicago, Oct. 27, 2012

You know the drill:

  • The winner of the Caption Contest will get a fancy Award Certificate and a year’s free subscription to FOTM! :D
  • FOTM writers will vote for the winner.
  • Any captions proffered by FOTM writers, no matter how brilliant (ha ha), will not be considered. :(

The winner and runner-up will be announced on Wednesday, November 14.

To get the contest going, here’s my caption:

“*^$@~! It keeps saying I’d voted for Mitt Romney. I can’t even depend on Rahm’s union goons to properly rig a m****f***** voting machine.”

For the winner of our last Caption Contest, go here!


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0 responses to “Can you win our election-special Caption Contest?

  1. HEY ? THEY SAID THIS WAS JUST LIKE A TELEPROMTER, now if I hit the right side button – damn I just voted for ROMNEY

  2. O.K. folks!… here goes my “revenge” vote!!!

  3. This is my Fifty-seventh State that I’ve voted in (for myself), and I’ve got one more to go…
    They (my staff) won’t let me go to Hawaii or Alaska, even though I want to.

  4. “do we REALLY have to do this? I’m good for another four, just trust me”

  5. Crap! For the damn life of me, I cannot remember which button they told me to hit!

  6. See, I just voted 16 times in a row on this same machine! Good job guys, too bad you didn’t build that one.

  7. Hmmm……this’ll be the last Presidential election by vote. After I become Dictator, I’ll get rid of the nation’s polling system. How’s that for streamlining and cutting wasteful spending you gullible idiots?……Gotta meet with Hilary to discuss how we’re gonna continue to lie our way out of Benghazi……..Hmmm…….Gotta hurry here…..tee off time at 1pm……

  8. I’m voting for Romney /Ryan to get Valerie and David off my back.

  9. Now where’s the straight REVENGE ticket?

  10. Wow… this video replay does show that I made those promises in 2008.

  11. Hmm, that Paul Ryan sure is sexy, maybe I should vote for him.

  12. Eyes Wide Open

    Valerie, what am I supposed to do here?

  13. Merciless Ming

    Hey… This isn’t galaga.

  14. Hey David can you bring the TelePrompTer in here? I don’t know who I should vote for so it’s gotta be on there.

  15. Good bye my old friend. God speed to President Romney.

    • I really liked your caption. I, too, thought Romney was going to win. The ones who did vote for Obama, should remember the old saying – “Be careful what you wish for”. Oh, never mind, the sheeple won’t even notice.

  16. Dr. Eowyn, I have a question. When I first started commenting, I used “Kathryn”. Somewhere along the line it got changed to “kathryn63”. Then, I believe, last week it got changed to “kathryn63makupa”. How do I get it back to “Kathryn”? Also, when I do make a comment, I’m taken to a page where I’m asked for an email address and password. Is this a WordPress issue? I believe this is how my name keeps getting changed.


    • Dear Kathryn,

      Your name/alias appears as whatever name you give WordPress. You shouldn’t be asked for your password, unless you have a WordPress account. Otherwise, you should simply be asked for your name/alias and your email address when you comment.

      • Thanks for your quick response. I do not have a WordPress account. I just keep getting asked for email address and password. Perhaps I should try setting up a different name and email address.

  17. Mahoney?!?!?!?!????????

  18. Just how many times does HE get to vote?

  19. As commander in chief, my past four years
    is like a 25 cent peep show….way too brief


  21. Leah In Alabama

    One single punch for a man, one final ” K” “O” for mankind!

  22. “Damn. Even I can’t vote for myself. Sure hope someone else buys all my b…s….”

  23. Three for me, a big fat ZERO for the Constitution……

  24. What? Hey Joe, this xray machine tells me that I may be the first female president! What happened to me?

  25. I don’t understand. All I see on the screen are bright burning flames and the words, “OBAMA, YOU WILL BURN IN HELL!!!

  26. They said this would be easier than an iphone.

  27. Good thing they didn’t ask for a birth certificate for ID.

  28. Enter my name? Hmmmmmm, now what?