Vote for Your Favorite Obama 2012 Campaign Sign!

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Transforming America, one child at a time!


Bravely leading the troops to a 6th war!


Sucking the life out of America!


Help him finish his job. Obama 2012!


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5 responses to “Vote for Your Favorite Obama 2012 Campaign Sign!

  1. Gotta go w/no. 3…Barry crying like a baby!

  2. i think the signs that most accurately portray the obama experience are signs #5 and #1 #3 is a very good action portrayal of the fraud and chief
    but 5 and 1 seem to capture the essence of his slimy demeanor.


  3. “If my head were any further up my ass, it would be back on my shoulders”

  4. LOL – Too bad all-of-the-above wasn’t an option.


  5. also a slime trail should be made more evident. to many people are wearing rose tinted glasses that obscure the trail of ooze and slime left in the wake by todays modern politician.


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