Exclusive!!! We Have Obama 2012’s Campaign Sign!

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Last night, two intrepid members of Fellowship of the Minds risked life and limbs and snuck into the “Obama 2012” campaign headquarters in Washington, D.C.

They broke into the Super Secret vault and brought back this campaign sign:


H/t beloved fellow Dave!


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14 responses to “Exclusive!!! We Have Obama 2012’s Campaign Sign!

    this made me laugh out loud!
    After learning today that the US is starting to chat w/ the Muslim Brotherhood, that Mark Halperin has been suspended indefinitely for calling Obama a d*ck (but he IS! ), that Dick Durbin said an illegal alien could become the next POTUS (already happened!) and that Deepak Chopra ( the “guru” who slams Sarah Palin ) has tweeted that nothing existed before the Big Bang…
    it is comforting to see that there is still evidence of intelligent life!
    hashahahahahaha! : )

  2. lowtechgrannie


  3. Terrific! We here at Fellowship of the Minds have guts!

  4. I really like hearing “THE TRUTH”. That campaign sign couldn’t be any more factual!

  5. this is official-everyday. gotta send this around and give some good laughs.lol

  6. A good picture’s worth a thousand words….

  7. LOL – And Neal Boortz owes me a keyboard, too. 🙂


  8. How appropriate…

  9. obama the turd burglar. the sign should smell like shit also.

  10. ROFLMAO!!! My cat’s had some litter box malfunctions, related to his getting the wrong medicine that affected his bodily functions badly. As a result, I have lots of paper on the floor to, ahem, protect the carpets. I mean, if you need a supply or anything.

    Then again, those cute pics of the Fellowship Furries probably makes my offer redundant. But, I am thinking about the necessary elements for realism in truthful advertising.

    Igor, what exactly is a “turd burglar”? Do I need to worry that someone from one of the alphabet agencies will be asking for my cats, ummmmm, “papers”?

    Inquiring minds…

  11. I suppose one of these days I’ll have to be calling you guys Comrades when Obama and his minions get their way. You’ll be living in communes and collectives. Don’t worry my friends I’ve got friends in very high places. When it hits the fan Obama and his ilk will be covered in IT. Good nite America and God bless you all.

  12. That campaign poster passes my “smell test”.

  13. turd burglar stephen kings “dreamcatcher” an alien kills one of a group of friends who where on a hunting trip by being in the toilet when one of the gang had to go number 2 use your imagination as to how he was killed.


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