NYT Columnist Calls Black TEA Partiers "Minstrels"

The Left peddle many lies about themselves, one of which is that they are in favor of “diversity.” Really? How can that be when it is the Left who insist all blacks must be in lock step with their agenda, and become downright vicious toward blacks who dissent from their group-think, calling conservative blacks “Uncle Toms” and “oreos.”

Charles Blow, the minstrel for the New York Times

The latest example is an April 16th opinion column written for the liberal white-owned New York Times by the paper’s token black, Charles Blow. (No, I’ve never heard of him either!)
Blow went to a Dallas TEA Party specifically to look for racial diversity. He noted that among the speakers on stage were “a black doctor who bashed Democrats for crying racism, a Hispanic immigrant who said that she had never received a single government entitlement and a Vietnamese immigrant who said that the Tea Party leader was God.” Blow saved his venom for the last speaker, a fellow black named Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel. This is how Blow described Zo:

They saved the best for last, however: Alfonzo “Zo” Rachel. According to his Web site, Zo, who is black and performs skits as “Zo-bama,” allowed drugs to cost him “his graduation.” Before ripping into the president for unconstitutional behavior, he cautioned, “I don’t have the education that our president has, so if I misinterpret some things in the founding documents I kind of have an excuse.” That was the understatement of the evening.

Blow then concluded his essay with this at once condescending and grandiose declaration:

I saw a political minstrel show devised for the entertainment of those on the rim of obliviousness and for those engaged in the subterfuge of intolerance. I was not amused.

The minstrel show was a form of American entertainment that began in 1838 and fell out of favor by 1910. Minstrels are viewed as racist because the comic skits, variety acts, dancing, and music were performed by white people in blackface. It is alleged that minstrel shows lampooned black people as ignorant, lazy, buffoonish, superstitious, joyous, and musical.
The dictionary defines “slavish” as unoriginal, unimaginative, submissive, and servile. In election after election, more than 90% of black voters voted Democrat. In 2008, a full 96% of black votes went to Democrat candidate Obama. Conservatism is about a small limited government and individual responsibility. To be black and conservative, therefore, takes originality, imagination, and an independence of mind and spirit which is the very opposite of being submissive and servile. In contrast, to be black and liberal socialist is to favor the Welfare State, which has become the new plantation owner that keeps blacks atomized via the destruction of the black nuclear family and any sense of individual responsibility. It is liberal blacks like Charles Blow who are the unoriginal, unimaginative, servile, and slavish minstrels. 
Here’s Zo Rachel’s rebuttal to Democrats’ plantation mouthpiece Blow:

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Let me be the first one to Digg this.
The left has reached a new level called “sub-low”.


I have seen this waste of skin and read his comments. Suffice it to say I barely acknowledge his right to exist. Chuck and his ilk b!tch about there not being diversity in the conservative movement and then b!tch that there are blacks in the conservative movement. Way to stay classy. I’m certain Charles Blow has a huge following among our people who still need people like this punk-ass to tell them when to get up, eat, take a dump and remind them which stage of “victimhood” we are in today. Chuck knows this, he understands that a huge majority… Read more »


Will: Do you have a link to Zo’s response or a website? I think he’s great because he tells the truth (just like someone on this blog named Will.)
Vox Populi


NY Times is still around?
Good grief I am REALLY sick of this attacks on TEA partiers. They are ALL Alinsky-designed to smear us. And they have no proof of any real racism at the majority of these events (a few kooks out there, but not near as many kooks that show up at anti-war protests). Not buying their BS any more…

Ted Nougat
Ted Nougat

It’s fascinating to me that the Left – from the very beginning – was able to discern the heart of the Tea Partiers and diagnose them as racists, among other horrible things. Meanwhile, none on the Left were lucid enough to be bothered by the fact that Obama’s “church” of 20 years was racist at its very core, espousing Manford Byrd’s “Black Values System.” When a group has race as the focus of everything it pursues, that is racism. This clown was on Laura Ingraham’s show the other day and she stood him down “real good.” She made a salient… Read more »


The dems are scared sh*tless due to the number of black Americans who are participating in the Tea Party movement. Unless or until they can get Scamnesty II passed, the dems need the black vote to keep their communist asses in power. That is why they have to trot out people like Al Sharpton, and other black slaves, to keep the black democrat plantation dwellers in line. Problem is, there are a lot of black small businesses in this country that Obama is going to destroy with his confiscatory tax plans. Looks like Margaret Sanger and Planned Parenthood might just… Read more »