NY Times reports 76 percent profit dip in second quarter

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Via NY Post: The New York Times Co. on Thursday reported that digital advertising revenue in the second quarter declined 6.8 percent — its second straight quarterly tumble in the important category — helping produce a 76 percent drop in operating profit. The NYT’s total revenue of $372.6 million was short of the Zacks Consensus Estimate of $376 million.
President and Chief Executive Mark Thompson told Wall Street analysts that he expected ad revenue improvement in the third quarter but that it would be “lumpy.” The publisher is expecting a smaller number of ad deals across multiple platforms, but for individual deals to command more revenue, Thompson said.
The 50-plus employees who opted for voluntary buyouts in July would result in about an $11 million write-off in the third quarter.
Douglas Arthur, an analyst at Huber Research, said, “Much of the company’s investment spending is focused on doubling digital revenues by 2019-20. However, 2016, so far, is the worst of both worlds — disappointing ad revenue and stepped-up spending,” he said.
Said Thompson: “Advertising was tougher in the quarter, particularly on the print side. In digital, we saw very strong growth in mobile, video and virtual reality, branded content and programmatic advertising,” he said. “These were not enough to offset declines in traditional Web display” in the period.
Digital advertising revenue was $45 million in the period, down from $48.3 million last year, the company said. Total advertising revenue slipped 11.7 percent, to $131.2 million. Overall corporate revenue (which included a 3 percent gain in circulation revenue) fell 2.7 percent to $372.6 million.
Operating profit, reflecting in part downsizings in Times Paris operation, dropped to $9.1 million from $38.1 million. The company said it took nearly a $12 million write-down on severance, mostly from its Paris operation. The company’s bottom line swung to a loss of $211,000 in the quarter from a profit of $16.4 million, or 10 cents a share, last year.
A highlight for the company was the 4.9 percent gain in paid digital-only subscriptions, which grew to 1,424,000 at the end of the quarter. Nearly 1 in 4 of the additions came from Times crossword puzzle subs.
NYT Co. shares closed Thursday at $12.73, down 6 cents. They are down 5.1 percent this year.

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0 responses to “NY Times reports 76 percent profit dip in second quarter

  1. What is significant here is that DIGITAL ad sales are down, which means that not only print NYT is in trouble, but the online version as well.

  2. The NY Times was always far-left, and exceedingly strange about it, too. I can’t wait for it to go under. Hopefully, the Wall Street Journal is next!

    • Steven . . . I’m with you regarding your thoughts about the NY Times. If these dimwits can put 25 “reporters” tasked to dig up dirt on Donald Trump, yet refuse to look at Killary’s various illegal acts . . . they deserve to go under. The only loss I see here is that I feel greatly for those who no longer have a job. The loss of this rag is not something anyone should spend any amount of time grieving over. Oh well! Perhaps those who used this paper to line their bird cages with will feel a little put out, but they will find another source of paper . . .

  3. Gee-was it something they SAID?? Reading the Times was like listening to Obama-you can expect everything stated to be untrue,so the opposite would be the Truth-which,I guess,means if you look at it from that view,they’re actually pretty accurate. (Reverse Truth-telling-a relative of “Reverse Psychology”?)

    • I think the Times does try the reverse psychology to some degree, but it really never seeks converts. It seems to me the Times is all about behavior modification, in that it seeks to get its readers—older upper-middle class liberals from the Upper East and Upper West Sides—to channel, funnel or sublimate their reactions to events. In other words, the typical New York liberal lives in a bubble and wants to be comfortable. But the demographics are changing: This crowd is senile and is dying out.
      Hopefully, the New York Times is in its death throes!

  4. It is not fit to wrap fish in. No one wraps fish any longer anyway. The NewYork Times will die completely because of its liberal or communist slant on the news. I think the crossword puzzles and classified ads were the only parts that folks could read without being pushed toward communism and the crossword puzzles are suspect.

  5. “When the New York Times said God is dead, and the war’s begun…” – Elton John. The complete betrayal by the NYT is nothing new.

  6. The stock is at $12 i remember when it was less than the Sunday paper. Cheers to the demise of the Old Gray Lady.

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