NY taxpayers pay for sex change surgery

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If you are resident of New York City (NYC), you already know that in addition to paying federal and state income taxes, you also pay a city income tax.

Indeed, according to CPA Tonya Moreno, NYC is one of the few cities in the United States that have a personal income tax that residents pay on their New York State income tax return.  There are no deductions available. Every income-earning individual, estate and trust residing in New York City must pay New York City personal income tax. Taxpayers who have lived in NYC for only part of the year calculate their tax based on the days lived in NYC.

NYC mayor Bill de Blazio

NYC mayor Bill de Blazio

That is bad enough. But newly elected socialist mayor Bill de Blazio just announced, in his inaugural address, an increase in the city’s personal-income tax rate from 3.876% to 4.41% on those earning more than $500,000.

NYC residents should know that, in our time of a listless economy, high rates of joblessness and food stamps recipients, part of your hard-earned money is going to pay for sex-change surgery!

Rocco Parascandola reports for the New York Daily News, Feb. 4, 2014, that a 21-year-old in foster care had a sex change operation to become a woman, all paid for by a generous New York City under a policy that covers such procedures if the person has no insurance coverage.

NYC’s Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) approved the surgery before the “woman” turned 21, the age at which most leave the foster care system.

The he→”she” — whose name is not released — is the second beneficiary of the gender-reassignment policy, which was put in place in 2010. In other words, NYC taxpayers have paid for two sex-change surgeries, each costing about $10,000.

ACS would not comment on the surgery, citing confidentiality laws. The agency said in a statement that it looks to promote “the health and well-being of all young people in its care. ACS reviews all requests for medical treatment on a case-by-case basis, conducting internal reviews as well as consulting medical professionals’ expertise, to ascertain the nature and severity of a medical condition and determine if a procedure will provide a significant benefit to a youth.”

Dr. Aron Janssen, a child psychiatrist who heads the gender and sexuality service at New York University’s Langone Medical Center, said sex-change surgery “can be lifesaving” and that the surgery is not a cosmetic procedure but “treatment.” He said those with gender identity disorder are uncomfortable with their birth gender and identify as a member of the opposite sex. Untreated, it can cause depression and lead to substance abuse — and even suicide.

Mariah Lopez, an activist with Strategic Transgender Alliance for Radical Reform, said the unnamed he/she will “inspire others” and that “What’s happening now is a shift by ACS, in the largest city in the world, influencing health care nationally.” 

I take that to mean that we can expect sex-change surgeries to be covered by Obamacare, which means you and I will be “subsidizing” paying for them.

Meanwhile, New York City’s ACS is reviewing several other surgery requests, according to the Legal Aid Society, which is representing the applicants.


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0 responses to “NY taxpayers pay for sex change surgery

  1. I’ll make you from a rooster to a hen in one shot! ~Dolly Parton in the movie 9-5.

  2. I have no sympathy for NYC. They voted for this pig. They got the government they richly deserve.

  3. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I do extend my sympathy to the New Yorkers who did not vote for him. I have never heard of a city income tax on a tax return. I am stunned – as if New Yorkers don’t pay enough state taxes. Amazing!

  4. It is interesting that the Psychologist cited above, states that these individuals suffer from such psychological problems that suicide may be the result. Tell me, what about families that are s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-e-d so thin due to onerous taxes that they have trouble providing those things that they feel would be helpful to themselves or their families? We know that financial woes are one indicator that drives the divorce rate in this country. If we go far enough, anything for anyone can be justified on the basis of “helping them psychologically.”

  5. Maybe the Mayor’s all in for this because then he can get his “make-me-a-man-surgery” paid for by the people.

  6. Money, nor surgery, can buy happiness. The only peace the transgendered can find is with Jesus Christ. They are so proud of their mental deformities and “physical afflictions” that they have surgeries and usually aren’t honest about being born a different gender when they date because they want to be seen as “normal” even though they are “proud”. Why does it seem so many males want to be females? There is nothing normal about taking hormones to be like the opposite sex. There is nothing normal about having genitalia or breasts surgically removed as to make them appear like the opposite sex. They are going against how God made them, as though they know better….satan is driving them Folks will need a DNA test just to verify gender BEFORE dating…how else would one know? Transgendered are sick souls and will forever chase their tails trying to find “acceptance”….just like a drug addict, the only cure is Christ. I pity them.


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