NY Post scores one with this cover!

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Liberals are upset with the Oscar academy for failing to nominate a black actor for this year’s awards (which inspired the hashtag #oscarssowhite on Twitter). And there’s a snow storm heading for New York. This NY Post cover is priceless:
Funny stuff!

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0 responses to “NY Post scores one with this cover!

  1. “Global warming” idiots must be ripping their hair out….

  2. Burn, sizzle. Love it.

  3. Great catch, DCG! Our enemies are attacking each other! We can pop some popcorn and enjoy watching a hilarious display of self-loathing Hollywood liberals hating themselves for being white, and hating the race baiters for making them hate themselves.

  4. Headless tabloid stuck in bottomless pit!

  5. I thought the Oscars was about talent not about the color of your skin? Has the BET Awards ever nominated a white person? Doubt it.


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