NY mayor Bloomberg will have a stroke if he sees this

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A double stroke for King Kvetch Bloomberg:
Looks like a gun AND it serves up…meat!
(Pass the ammo and the hot sauce!)

Eric Pfeiffer reports for Yahoo! News, Jun 12, 2012:

A group of Idaho high school students have created a 15-foot-long grill modeled after a Smith & Wesson Magnum 500 revolver.

The students created the gun-shaped grill as part of a project in their welding class and donated the final product to a local gun store. When the grill is fired up, its smoke is released through the barrel-shaped exhaust port, giving the appearance that the revolver has just been shot.

“We’ll use it for customer-appreciation barbecues, functions, and have it front of the store,” Wrenco Arms co-owner Doug Harlicker tells the Bonner County Daily Bee. “It’s kind of a neat little deal.” Harlicker’s son Stefan was one of the students who worked on creating the grill.

~Eowyn & Laura B

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0 responses to “NY mayor Bloomberg will have a stroke if he sees this

  1. I love kids….
    especially when they’re messin’ with authorocrats heads

  2. good for them! isn’t that short little communist puke something. He needs to be arrested and removed. Alex Jones on info wars,sent out a message to Bloomberg, I watched it yesterday,very good.

  3. Nice….Grill…time for a test drill…:)

  4. catscanner150

    Time to load it up and fire a brisket over Bloombergs bow.

  5. Now all we need is a giant soda machine and some 24 oz. cups!!

  6. Me like!

  7. I want me one of those! 🙂
    LOL – I’d be the envy of the neighborhood.

  8. Heh, I wonder how far it could shoot a juicy hickory-smoked turkey?
    Or maybe a bone-in Boston butt roast?
    Or maybe a nice applewood-smoked pork shoudler?
    A beef rib roast?
    A rack of baby back ribs, maybe?
    Dang, I’m getting hungry.


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