NY Fire Dept Invents New "Crash Tax"

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New York city already has the highest tax burden in the country. In February 2010, the New York Post reported that the city’s combined effective rate of state and city income taxes would be almost 10% — and the total federal, state and city income-tax bite would exceed 50% for the first time in more than a quarter-century.
But as deficit-laden, pension-obliged, and cash-strapped states and muncipalities get increasingly desperate, they’ll get increasingly creative outrageous in inventing never-before-heard fees and taxes to generate more revenue. Beginning in July next year, New York city’s Fire Department will charge people involved in auto accidents a “Crash Tax” of $365 to $490.
Never knew that the United States Constitution gives authority to firemen/women to tax us, did you?
Here’s a novel idea for government: Cut Spending!!!
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FDNY Set To Institute ‘Crash Tax’

A Michael Ramirez cartoon, Investors Business Daily


CBS2 New York – December 9, 2010

The cost of driving in New York City is about to get more costly. That is, if you need medical attention after an accident.
In a time of tight budget times, the city is looking for new ways to recoup costs. And drivers needing help from the FDNY will be the targets. Getting hurt in a car accident is painful enough, but if firefighters have to respond, expect more pain — in your wallet. Starting next summer, the city plans to bill drivers in accidents that require an emergency response.
The so-called “crash tax” works like this: A car fire or accident with injury would cost you $490. A car fire without injury, $415. And any vehicle accident without injury will run you $365.
“Definitely a sign of the times and disappointing, both,” said Jack Bashkow of Midtown. “It’s a new reality for New York. It’s not the social contract,” said Larry Horowitz of the Upper West Side.
Drivers CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey spoke to on Thursday night were none too pleased. “I think it’s kind of crude. It’s basically inhumane to leave someone sitting there, laying there,” said Lisa Kohn of the Upper West Side. Hennessey: “That’s not to say they’re not going to treat you, but they’re going to charge you for it.” Kohn: “Well, the question is can they collect?”
The FDNY says: “We want to relieve pressure on the taxpayer and place it on those at fault and their insurance. Right now if you’re at fault at an accident or a vehicle fire, you get a free ride. And that should not be borne by the taxpayers.”
But under the plan, you’ll get charged even if the accident isn’t your fault. “Why should I be charged for something that I didn’t cause? Send a bill to the guy who caused it. That has nothing to do with me,” said the Upper West Side’s Ariel Schachter.
Few want this, especially those in their cars all the time. “That’s not right to send a bill because the accident … nobody do it willingly,” taxi driver Mohammad Khan said.
The FDNY said it’ll hold public hearings next month and that they’ll take the public’s concern into consideration. But because the idea doesn’t need City Council approval, and already has the backing of Mayor Michael Bloomberg, most expect its implementation to be a given. The proposal is set to take effect July 1 and is expected to raise $1 million in revenue.

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0 responses to “NY Fire Dept Invents New "Crash Tax"

  1. Man, time to bring out the pitchforks! Dirty scumbags….

  2. Hmm, that’s like the British “free” National Health Service that paid for by heavy taxes and then charges a “surcharge” if people actually use it.

    • Begging the question about its basic premise as a “right,” etc. and why private medicine/health insurance wouldn’t be better, of course. (Ditto about the NYFD… don’t we already pay taxes for this?).

  3. Re: Never knew that the United States Constitution gives authority to firemen/women to tax us, did you?
    Who cares? Taxes are the price of civilization.
    Wrap your righty heads around this: Reducing carbon emissions and beating back climate change, and vastly increasing green energy and rebuilding this country’s decrepit infrastructure — rotting since the GOP hero Reagan’s administration — is going to take more taxes, especially from the rich who already have most of the money. Money, by the way, is a social institution; the millions and billions of dollars of millionaires and billionaires do NOT belong exclusively to the rich who, emphatically, have NOT by themselves earned all the money that is in their names.

    • Gosh, Chris, thanks for letting us know you are one of the 47% of Americans who don’t pay federal income taxes! Count on us to turn in your name and e-address when tax reform time comes!
      Enjoy whatever remaining time you have over there in northern California, with the Democrat Congress and White House, ’cause We the People will take back America from you socialist-commie parasites. Oh, and when severely-in-denial California finally faces reality and comes begging for the federal government’s taxpayers’ bailout, be prepared for a really rude shock.

    • Wrap your head around this – STOP SPENDING WHAT WE DON’T HAVE. I suggest you click on the US National Debt clock and take a look at the most frightening numbers…

  4. It sounds like other services ought to put a special tax on the firefighters/paramedics or first responders. Such as restaurants, oil changes etc. Announce they have a special for firefighters only…when they identify as a firefighter…slap them with a surplus charge.
    I kinda like the idea. After all… firefighters get an hourly wage the same as the rest of us. They don’t live off of commission.

  5. Sorry to go off topic but the Obama/Clinton presser this afternoon had me really intrigued. It’s hard to imagine another President pulling the “my wife will be really pissed if I don’t share an eggnog with her” routine AND leaving Bill Clinton to finish things up with reporters; but that’s exactly what the boy wonder did today.
    Makes me wonder if the Soros falling out hasn’t left the President vulnerable to another “sponsor”…
    Two shops on the topic: first- pwnage, and second- He’s Back! Looks like he might be marking his territory.

  6. Bloomberg is a wannabe Soros. New York is going to be slow in waking up,right next to Calif.

  7. I was reading an article on wednesday – people are moving out of NY and moving south – not because they can’t sell their home – they can’t pay the taxes and rent where they live – it said they were outragiously high – this will make more people leaving NY – that will be even more taxes on the people left in NY – the next thing businesses will be moving out


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