NY district judge bars citizenship question from 2020 census due to not following proper administrative procedure

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Judge Furman

Take a wild guess as to who appointed the judge who made this decision…

From Seattle Times: A federal judge blocked the Trump administration Tuesday from asking about citizenship status on the 2020 census, the first major ruling in cases contending that officials ramrodded the question through for Republican political purposes to intentionally undercount immigrants.

In a 277-page decision that won’t be the final word on the issue, Judge Jesse M. Furman ruled that while such a question would be constitutional, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross had added it arbitrarily and not followed proper administrative procedures.

“He failed to consider several important aspects of the problem; alternately ignored, cherry-picked, or badly misconstrued the evidence in the record before him; acted irrationally both in light of that evidence and his own stated decisional criteria; and failed to justify significant departures from past policies and practices,” Furman wrote.

Ross’ explanations for his decision were “unsupported by, or even counter to, the evidence before the agency,” the judge said.

Among other things, the judge said, Ross didn’t follow a law requiring that he give Congress three years notice of any plan to add a question about citizenship to the census.

The ruling came in cases in which 18 states, the District of Columbia, and 15 big cities or counties, and immigrants’ rights groups argued that the Commerce Department, which designs the census, had failed to properly analyze the effect the question would have on households where immigrants live.

A trial on a separate suit on the same issue, filed by the state of California, is underway in San Francisco. The U.S. Supreme Court is also poised to address the issue Feb. 19, meaning the legal issue is far from decided for good.
“We are disappointed and are still reviewing the ruling,” Justice Department spokeswoman Kelly Laco said in a statement.

In the New York case, the plaintiffs accused the administration of Republican President Donald Trump of adding the question to intentionally discourage immigrants from participating, which could lead to a population undercount — and possibly fewer seats in Congress — in places that tend to vote Democratic.

Even people in the U.S. legally, they said, might dodge the census questionnaire out of fears they could be targeted by a hostile administration.

Read the whole story here.


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13 responses to “NY district judge bars citizenship question from 2020 census due to not following proper administrative procedure

  1. Judge Jesse M. Furman, another Khazarian.
    Surprise! /Sarc

    • He succeeds Judge (and orthodox rabbi) Alvin Hellerstein, one of the key players covering up Israel and its American Fifth Column’s responsibility for 911 and chiefly responsible for quashing legal challenges from the victims’ families. Christopher Bollyn exposes this monster Hellerstein’s treason in detail.

      So, this critical appointment went above Obama like he was the White House chauffeur, implicating this Furman as himself one of the next generation of 911 fixers, whose particular assignment will be quashing any legal challenges to an official 911 fairy tale almost as absurd as claiming Arab patsies performed precision piloting maneuvers in 50-ton commercial jet liners—wait, that is the official narrative.

  2. I don’t have to wear out my thinker too much to guess who appointed the turd. Let me guess, speaking of turds: The POS himself?!

  3. I have nothing to hide so what’s wrong questioning my status? It doesn’t matter as long as the person is honest but since we have so many illegals the question is important.

  4. “contending that officials ramrodded the question through for Republican political purposes to intentionally undercount immigrants.”
    Why? Is he afraid America will find out we’ve been getting LIED to regarding the number of ILLEGALS we’ve unwittingly been “hosting”?

  5. I think that question is EXTREMELY relevant when discussing the Census.
    (I’m surprised they aren’t planning to ask how many GUNS live in the house…)

    • Yes, that’s what they use to apportion districts. Does it make sense to reapportion districts because a bunch of illegals live there? The leftists all know that illegals vote “illegally” for them. THAT’S why they want them here. They couldn’t care less about them otherwise.

      They ought to tear holes in Pelosi’s and Schumer’s fences and “import” some other beloved illegals. The though of Pelosi getting gang-banged by a contingent of MS-13’s makes me smile (Chucky too).

  6. CogitoErgoSumantra

    Even when I’ve seen/heard arguments from the left/MSM on this, they actually argue that they want illegals counted in order to increase services and funding for such districts inhabited by such illegals. Not necessarily for those illegals, mind you.

    The problem with that, besides being patently offensive to *legal* citizens, is that it either takes away services and funding from legal citizens, or it requires increased taxation to provide ADDITIONAL services and funding, for those who entered and live in the country with no respect for its law & order, language, way of life, etc.

    They also mention that doing so will get them increased representation via re-districting if they can prove there are more individuals, legal or not, in their districts. How despicable.

    IMHO, a citizenship should have been on the original census form, period. Let the Salvation Army or whomever take a count of the illegals and then provide for them with donations, etc.; don’t treat them like legal citizens.

    Not advocating being mean, just saying there’s a reason for treating LEGAL citizens differently than ILLEGALS. If they want to be counted, get legal! Otherwise, you’re just ENCOURAGING them to continue flouting the law.

  7. Charles H Slate

    Perhaps we should count only three-fifths of the illegals. /sarc.

  8. “Leftist Elementary School Teacher Forces Students To Recite Gender Neutral Version Of The Declaration Of Independence” [Az]

    “The teacher “transformed” the document by replacing the word “man” with “human” and forced the class to recite the literal fake version …”.

    “This should not be confused with the issue of free speech since the “teacher/indoctrinator” is a de facto agent for the State.”


  9. Even if Furman is right that Ross did not “follow procedure” in applying this Question, I don’t see why President Trump can’t issue an executive order to right the procedural wrong here.

    But even if the Question doesn’t appear on the census, the government still has other ways to accurately determine the number of illegals in the Country. All is not lost. BUT: The hypocrisy stinks like a ROTTEN WHALE!!!

  10. The census is for counting AMERICAN CITIZENS. It is used to draw up Congressional Districts and to apportion representation among the states. The left is determined to disenfranchise Americans, and we the people must not let that happen.

  11. The US Census, grounded in US Federal Law, and required by the Constitution by decade, determines Congressional Representation/districting.
    Make your determination on these facts. IN other words…..districting and majority representation for any Republic election to the House Rep. depends upon the CITIZEN VOTERS in any and each election district according to the census. IF THE CENSUS IS IN ERROR/BOGUS…then, the electorate of the United States of America has been voided. A REMEDY (immigrant policy???) must be sought to negate this situation in which non-citizens determine the outcome of American elections, and the forward policies of American domestic and foreign policies. Pretty much, we have reached the point of “NO RETURN” here in our country so far as this “undocumented ” problem has evolved. We are at the point of citizenship in the USA being either worthwhile……or worthless. Our present Federal government and our future Federal governments will decide the life and death of our Democratic Republic…and the fate of our children and grandchildren, et al…… “MAGA” has much more meaning than what we attribute to it today…..Today, it seems a litte red baseball cap that inspires many, incites many…but has meaning beyond today…….


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