NY Demorat says he’s shutting down terrorism subcommittee to investigate President Trump

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TDS-infected Elliot Engel

The next two years will be full of TDS-sponsored baloney that will go nowhere.

From NY Post: The newly minted chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee is closing a terrorism subcommittee to focus on a new panel to investigate President Trump’s ties with international leaders and helter-skelter foreign policy.

“We just thought, if we’re going to do something relevant in this era where Congress is going to reassert itself, where there are so many questionable activities of this Administration vis-à-vis foreign policy, that it made sense to have this,” Rep. Elliot Engel told the New Yorker magazine.

The Democratic lawmaker — who has represented parts of the Bronx and Westchester County for three decades — added that there “wasn’t a great clamor” from lawmakers to keep the terrorism panel, which was formed after the Sept. 11th attacks.

Instead, he said, his committee will focus on what Trump promised Russian President Vladimir Putin during their private meeting last year — and the president’s business ties to Russia and Middle East countries.


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16 responses to “NY Demorat says he’s shutting down terrorism subcommittee to investigate President Trump

  1. Engel is a certified Socialist moron. How are we Christian Constitutional conservatives going to survive what’s coming?

  2. He’s the chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee? God help us.

    P.S. Engel = Khazarian

  3. So let me get this straight. This socialist dimwit is shutting down a critical congressional committee to investigate what President Trump and Russian President Putin might have talked about over dinner one evening. Yet, he is not investigating what former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton actually did with the Russian dictator when she sold him 20% of our uranium reserves. These losers are absolutely insane!

  4. At least we know who to go after when the revolution begins.

  5. So, he establishes his own mandate? How does that work? I have never heard of a government agency establishing itself to scrutinize a President. Who does he work for? Himself and Israel apparently.

  6. Are we turning independent counsels into a fourth branch of government fully financed and free from oversight by the other three without a Constitutional Amendment?

    • That’s sort of what I’m asking above. “Free form government” is not an enumerated authority as I recall. Partisan politics operating in broad daylight to support a coup?

      “Somebody” should look into this, no? Much as I hate to repeat myself, “the Odor is up and running”. They are not waiting for permission. There will be no announcements.

      We have a “media” that is nothing less than a full time propaganda outlet for a political party. We have agencies designed to guard against things like this but they are not used.

      I’m left to ask myself, is this all by design? Can they really be dumb enough not to see this? IF they see it, do they plan to do anything to stop the train wreck?

  7. Oh great-Now President Trump has to convene an investigation into this Socialist, Elliot Engel,for being a Communist sympathizer. Also wouldn’t hurt to drop a dime on him to Homeland Security and the IRS. What the Hell-also get DEA to check him out-there HAS to be SOMETHING in his past to use to keep him on the short leash. And like you’re saying,How does he suddenly give himself authority to decide to quit what he’s TOLD to do,to go after something ELSE he WANTS to do? Poetic justice would be,at the end of his long,long,LONG investigation,he hands over his report,his superior takes it,turns and drops it into the wastebasket and dismisses him. (It’d be a nothing burger-why bother to save it?)

  8. The POTUS shouldn’t tell the FBI or who ever yo go after this guy….specifically, but everybody that fits his profile in general. After all isn’t how the FBI catches bad guys? By profiling them? I don’t advocate using profiling as evidence that a crime has been committed. But if using it leads you to evidence of wrongdoing then develop the evidence. Hell, just about every politician up there has either extorted favors or bribed with favors or taken bribes or committed blackmail, and usually to gain favor for their agenda, not to the benefit of the citizens in their district or any other for that matter.
    These folks are like terrorists. They’re not going to give up. And you’re not going to change most of their minds. They are anti-American whether they know it or believe it or not.
    It’s time for the republicans in congress to launch their own investigations. There’s bound to be a zillion inpropitious acts committed by dumb.as.craps.
    I’d like to see them dancing on the hot coals for a change. I’m not sure the gumment could pay for that many investigations. Ha.

  9. Welcome to the Chuck & Nancy administration. You know, after thinking a lot about this, I think we can be peeved/angry with these Demorats, including recently elected to the House w/their immediate inaugural idiocies/vulgarities ( elected to guarantee the stagnation/harrassment of the POTUS, Donald Trump, & his policies). But, the more I’ve been thinking about it…I think I am most PEEVED (for want of a more wicked word) at my fellow Americans who voted to PUT US INTO THIS SITUATION & to jeopardize NOT Donald Trump (in their rush of putrid hatred for him)but the office of the presidency, 1/3 of the balance of power in our gov’t, as set up by our founders. The way our government is designed by the founders (which, ironically, the Demorats have been railing against) it gives voters the RIGHT to put this situation into play, which they did. It was not set up to protect anyone from their own stupidity. Conversely…it was set up so voters could suffer the consequences of their stupidity & have a voice to right it over & over again. It was set up for freedom of expression through vote, even if it sets up something stoooopid, something in stalemate. This is what happened in this mid-term election…& this is what the electorate DESERVES through their voice. They can vote themselves in DEEPER & DEEPER in subsequent elections….like, into pure & celebrated (by some) socialism & the adulteration of capitalism & our Constitutional law …..OR….they can keep turning to the shred of what we have left to us of our Constiutional law & our Democratic Republic…& stay the course/restore the course. I am really not hopeful, but have been surprised before, like the night I went to bed early, in a deep funk, expecting Hillary Clinton to be named our next POTUS, but was awakened by my husband in the early hours here on the Left Coast to inform me that Trump had been elected. I think it took an entire year for it to REALLY sink in for me…& really, I’ve come to know that ONLY someone like Donald Trump could stand up to the harassment/ vulgarity/ obstructionism/ even armed attacks against his administration/like-minded constituents and Reps/Senators.

    • For me what I see is what happens when media is allowed to use mind-control techniques non-stop for years in the pursuit of abject hatred. They have truly made themselves into the “hate party”. Not only do they despise Trump, they despise everything distinctive about their own country.

      I walked past the TV today and one of them was gnashing and wailing about the “shutdown” and how Trump supporters were all stupid white people and…..CHRISTIAN (Phew!). The way he spat that out was like talking about someone passing gas indiscriminately.

      Trust me, this is working. It works on the weak-minded, TV addicted who have no educational background on their history or their culture. They have groomed this mindless mass and now they are stuffing their pointy little heads with pure hatred and intolerance.

      All the while they’re doing this they are telling them that their hate is “love” and their intolerance “inclusion”. It doesn’t take much study to notice how they always blame their opposition for precisely what they’re engaged in.

      I don’t know (honestly) if Trump was “placed” where he is as a foil for this maneuver or whether it is really what it appears to be. I can’t tell, frankly. It is hard for me to believe that they would allow this to spiral so far out of control with no attempts made to rein it in.

      Some days I think this is all in the plan too. It will seem “natural” when things fall completely apart. The wheels are coming off now. This is not the time to allow these leftist lunatics to run things. I really don’t see any good coming from any of this.

      • Dear Lo…I can relate: My psychologist husband gave me a piece of advice long ago that stuck with me through many situations: “Sometimes, for a good outcome, you just have to LET the wheels fall off.” The rest of it is….let the chips fall where they may….let the AWFUL fall upon you and all whom thought it a good idea in the first place….and then….formulate a new beginning from the ashes. Our Republic, I hope, is set up to work this way, too.

        Here is a rather benign example…but easy to illustrate this: I am the GATE (Gifted and talented ed )coordinator in my school. In addition to GATE ed and GATE activities, I am responsible for administrating the nomination of/testing of GATE qualifying students in my school. One year, passionate district reps from other schools, mainly elementary (we start testing at 4th grade) argued for less strict standards (so, far leftest ideals) to our many-tiered GATE identification program, to include those who were “near qualified,” so long as their teachers and parents wrote/filled out qualifying paperwork. We voted to allow this. In the next few years, we were inundated with up to 400 students per year who “qualified” for the GATE program (compared to maybe 100 district-wide before), but who, once identified as such, could not pass their advanced Language Arts and Math courses starting in 6th grade. It was a colossal, domino-effect failure for the next years, even tho’ we voted to reverse this well-meaning, yet disasterous policy. These kids had to “move through the snake” in our district for the next many years. It was, as stated, a humane and well-meaning policy for those who “nearly made it” into the GATE program. But, in the end…it was a disaster for our district, and did not serve our students well….esp. those who were identified into this program through weakened, “humanitarian” stats. It gave them, not an opportunity to excel, but an opportunity to fail, at such a young age, b/c of being wrongly-placed. Once you cross that line with such a young student…you can not go back and heal the harm for them—the harm is cumulative as the years go on & the mis-placement mulitiplies in effect from year to year b/c of missed placement/background. You can only adjust for the harm to your own “system.” Once you change your “system,” change effects in that same year and thereafter. I see this in my own microcosm….but, too…in the macrocosm of my larger society/government……

        • Thanks. It’s been my experience that people will fall to the lowest common denominator every time. If expectations are low, that’s what you’ll get. In fact, when expectations are low there may actually be a few that “excel”. Of course those who “excel” will then have to be measured against those who now make up the computed “norm”.

          Said another way, “it’s easy to soar like eagles when you flock with turkey’s”.

  10. Hay!, you idiot, investigate your own party. Let’s start with Hildabest and Mueller you moron. That sugar is directly under your nose and you know it.

  11. They never investigated the Free Mason created fake state of Israel and its assisting Al-Qaeda in the Golan Heights? Or Israel’s role in the Yinon Plan launch on 9/11? Some people kept asking why our “friend” Israel never attacked the Al-Qaeda terrorists in the Golan Heights, and even protected them numerous times from being exterminated by Dr Assad’s SAA.
    We do live in a Liberal Matrix


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