NY Congressman wants to ban 3D gun magazines

Remember how, during the heated discussion on FOTM about Feinstein et al.’s gun control/ban legislations, we were saying how we can make our own guns with the new technology of 3D printing?
Guess what.
There’s already a Congressman, Steve Israel (D-NY), who’s seeking to ban that, even though that technology hasn’t even yet become a reality!
Rep. Israel has received:

  • 0% rating from 2nd Amendment groups such as NRA;
  • 100% ratings from pro-abortion groups such as NARAL and Planned Parenthood;
  • 100% rating from the pro LGBT rights Human Rights Campaign;
  • 0% rating from the pro family values Family Research Council.

Steve Israel
J. D. Heyes reports for Natural News, Feb. 13, 2013, that soon after Obama had affixed his signature to 23 executive “actions” tightening existing gun control regulations, and New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law a raft of harsh new gun control legislation, U.S. Rep. Steve Israel, (D-NY) advanced a proposal to ban futuristic 3D firearms magazines, according to a press release from his office.
Specifically, Israel is calling for a renewal of an “enhanced” Undetectable Firearms Act (UFA), passed in 1988, which would include the 3D magazine ban. The UFA, which bans plastics and plastic guns, is due to expire this year.
Israel said: “Background checks and gun regulations will do little good if criminals can print high-capacity magazines at home. 3D printing is a new technology that shows great promise, but also requires new guidelines. Law enforcement officials should have the power to stop keep homemade high-capacity magazines from proliferating with a Google search.”
According to descriptions of the technology, such magazines can be using 3D printers. From Mashable.com:
Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital model. 3D printing is achieved using additive processes, where an object is created by laying down successive layers of material. 3D printing is considered distinct from traditional machining techniques (subtractive processes) which mostly rely on the removal of material by drilling, cutting etc.
The technology is used in the fields of jewelry, footwear, industrial design, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), automotive, aerospace, dental and medical industries, education, geographic information systems, civil engineering, and many others.
Here’s a video on a 3D gun magazine:
Israel would have you believe that, based on the above video, the mass production of 3D magazines is just around the corner. But nowhere in this video a) are claims that such magazines are durable and capable of rigorous use or longevity; or b) evidence that this “demonstration” was anything more than some kind of stunt.
Whether or not 3D gun magazines are durable is not the point.
The point is that we have a political class in America whose members are not simply dismissive of our Second Amendment constitutional rights to arm and protect ourselves, but openly hostile to them.
I am reminded of what I once tried to impress on my students — how in the Soviet Union, the Communist Party regime banned the private ownership of typewriters and photocopy machines so as to thwart political dissidents (Refuseniks) from disseminating “dissenting” messages and literature.
We need a Refusenik Movement in America, formerly the Land of the Free.
H/t FOTM’s C.S.M.

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“I am reminded of what I once tried to impress on my students — how in the Soviet Union, the Communist Party regime banned the private ownership of typewriters and photocopy machines so as to thwart political dissidents (Refuseniks) from disseminating “dissenting” messages and literature.” I am not sure exactly when the law came into effect, but it was a few years back, inside of San Francisco, California, USA, the mayor or city council said there was too many loose papers blowing around on the streets and for purposes of “health and safety”, all those competing newspapers should be done… Read more »


Thank you Dr. Eowyn and CSM for this enlightening post. Seems like Rep. Israel indicts himself considering his ratings. I am not a bit surprised of his censorship of this technology, even if it is not in existence yet. Ah, but I forgot, he knows what we need, he knows better than the rest of us Americans! Leave it to the narcissistic liberal left Democrats…..


Good grief………next they’ll be coming after my Mattel’s Vac-U-Form!!


This clown is clearly an ignorant fool who has no real understanding of what “3D printing” is about. I won’t take too much time here, as you can find this on the Internet, but while the technique is truly genius stuff, it’s been around for decades, and you can see how much of an inroad it’s made in our lives. There are just now several very high-priced investment newsletters that are screaming this is THE Next Big Thing, but they don’t give accurate info, only raving promises that THEY alone know which company to buy. If this were such a… Read more »