NY Board Votes for Ground Zero Mosque

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How quickly we forget

Governments at all levels in America are severely out of touch with the American people.
Last night, New York city’s Community Board 1 voted 29-1 approving the building of a mosque near Ground Zero. Nine (9) pusillanimous board members abstained.
To sign a petition against the board’s decision, CLICK HERE.

NYers wage jihad vs. WTC mosque

By Tom Topousis & Joe Mollica – NY Post – May 26, 2010
Angry relatives of 9/11 victims last night clashed with supporters of a planned mosque near Ground Zero at a raucous community-board hearing in Manhattan.
After four hours of public debate, members of Community Board 1 finally voted 29-1 in support of the project. Nine members abstained, arguing that they wanted to table the issue and vote at a later date.
The board has no official say over whether the estimated $100 million mosque and community center gets built. But the panel’s support, or lack of it, is considered important in influencing public opinion.
Holding up photos of loved ones killed in the Twin Towers and carrying signs such as, “Honor 3,000, 9/11 — No mosque!” opponents of the proposed Cordoba House on Park Place called the plan an insult to the terror-attack victims. “That is a burial ground,” said retired FDNY Deputy Chief Al Santora, referring to the fact that victims’ remains were scattered for blocks. Santora’s 23-year-old son, Christopher, was the youngest firefighter to die that day. “I do have a problem with having a mosque on top of the site where [terrorists] can gloat about what they did,” said Santora, with his wife, Maureen, by his side.
About 150 people attended the emotional Greenwich Street meeting, where some shouted down others as they took their turns.
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the head of the Cordoba Institute, which is in charge of the project, insisted that the site would help “bridge the great divide” between Muslims and the rest of America. “We are Americans, we are Muslim Americans,” Rauf said. “Many of us were born in the United States. We have no higher aspirations than to bring up our children in peace and harmony in this country.”
But the crowd got ugly when he added, “Freedom of assembly is the right of all Americans.” Amid boos, one woman shouted, “Not at the World Trade Center!”
Rauf’s wife, Daisy Khan, followed him to the microphone to pitched the planned community facility as “much needed party space and much needed venue space” for the area. She was roundly booed.
Some audience members preached tolerance for the Muslim leaders. Before the meeting, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, a supporter of the mosque, stood in front of the site and said, “What we’re rejecting here is outright bigotry and hatred.”
Catholic priest Kevin Madigan, of St. Peter’s Church, which is about a block away, agreed. “I think they need to establish a place such as this for people of goodwill from mainline Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths so we can come together to talk,” Madigan said.

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0 responses to “NY Board Votes for Ground Zero Mosque

  1. these board members need to be run out of town,New York is on the pathetic list right next to Ca,muslims need to build this in their own country. Muslims can all go back to where they came from in short order. This is America! Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Freedom Isn’t Free! we do things like this,way too passive,we’ll be fighting these SOBs right here very soon. Send the Fraud with them.

  2. The only religious freedom that this mosque is about is the religious freedom of Islamists to rub everyone else’s nose in it (you know, us infidels who should convert or be dhmmis if we want to live).

  3. I’ve been doing some research and it seems muslims love to build mosques in areas where they have conquered an enemy. Well I would love to see some enterprising AMERICAN(S) give these muslim bastards a taste of their own medicine and park a truck in front of this monstrosity packed to the brim with explosives and remotely detonate it and leave this mosque a pile of rubble.

  4. Just another PC crap move by NYC…great, give the radicals a place to come and worship and celebrate their acts. PATHETIC!

  5. I really think this is an insult for those who died . Being a muslim my self I would have never thought of having the audacity to do such thing ,building a mosque near ground zero. I’ve never put a foot in a mosque and don’t intend to, just the thought of seeing those ugly bearded faces creeps me out.
    It worries me at the same time ,because Americans don’t know that most of the muslims who come in this country ,are not here for the love of the land ,and if you give them freedom , you in for big trouble. I’ve seen it happening in North Africa where they come to you with all their kindness and smiley faces to screw you up later on with their ideology in action. Mosques over there in the 90’s were schools for integrists and terrorists as well as islamic schools that I’ve heard that they do exist in the US . So screw freedom of worship and save this country from them mosques builders before its too late. It has nothing to do with loving god anymore , it’s all political ,money and stupid religion ideology . Just when I thought I was far away from them extremists but jeeeze they everywhere..where are we going like this!!!

  6. Lamyl KC,
    You do not sound like a Muslim, but who am I to say. I am not so sure Americans hate Muslims as much as I believe we simply do not trust their motives.
    There’s no doubt there are decent Muslims all over the world just like there are decent Christians all over the world.
    The problem is–how do you tell the good from the bad?
    Your comment suggests that you believe religions are all money and politics. I think for the most part you are correct in your assumption, but believe me, religions are only organizations where people can gather together. The true worth of a man or woman is in his or her heart, not in the religion he or she belongs to.
    People need something to hold on to in this confused world, whether it be Allah, or Jesus, even Buddha; it gives them hope. I have never hoped in a religion in my life but I am still religious. No one can take that away from me.

  7. Teresa wright

    I don’t think that they should build a mosque it is a memorial place for the 9/11 victims. No to Mega Mosque in Ground Zero. It is totally unfair on their familes of the victims.
    It was radical Muslims that killed them in the first place.


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