"International" Schools Brainwash Our Kids Into NWO Zombies

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We know that U.S. public schools are not doing a good job at educating our young. But are international schools the answer?
What? You didn’t know that there are international schools in America, called the International Baccalaureate (IB)?
Me, neither, until I read the article below.
Now, why would the United States of America — a sovereign country — allow international schools to educate brainwash our children with their agenda? At last count, there are 1,476 such IB schools in the United States.
[Note: Words in italics below are not Ms. Lee’s, but mine. ~Eowyn]
According to an article on Big Govt by Laura Rambeau Lee, the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme was founded in 1968 in Geneva, Switzerland, by a spook named Alec Peterson.
Born in Edinburgh in 1908, Peterson was deputy-director of psychological warfare for South-East Asia Command during WWII, and director-general of the British Information Services from 1952–54.
IB began as a secondary level education program but expanded to three programs: the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for children aged 3 to 12; the Middle Years Programme (MYP) for children 11 to 16 years old; and the Diploma Programme (DP) for students 16 through 19 years old. Today the IB has over 940,000 students in 3256 schools in over 140 countries. In the United States, there are 280 PYP schools, 445 MYP schools, and 751 DP schools.
The IB claims its mission is to create a better world through education. But what IB really inculcates in children are cultural-moral relativism and a transnational global self-identity. Its website describes itself as follows:

“The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect…. [Our] programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.”

Hmm, are the Islamic practices of stoning and beheading “also be right”? How about modern-day slavery in Asia, Africa, the Middle East…. Is it “also be right”?
Students participating in the IB Programme are not evaluated by the local school district but by an international team of some 10,500 examiners and moderators located all over the world. A call to the local school district to inquire about the IB programme directs you to another regional number. When asked about the curriculum for IB, the school board states that they do not have any of that information. They do not oversee the program nor do they have any knowledge of what our children are being taught in IB.
The International Baccalaureate Programme is selecting our best and brightest children at the most impressionable time in their lives to indoctrinate them into becoming good morally-relativist “global citizens”. The primary focus of an IB education is on the environment, “sustainability, economic justice and sharing our humanity.” The core philosophy of the IB Programme is the “Theory of Knowledge” (TOK), which questions everything, starting with the basic “How do we know?” TOK even encourages a child to question empirical and mathematical truths. If, for instance, a consensus agrees that 2 + 2 = 5, then it must be true!
Here’s an example of a video made by an IB student named Gabe Judd, who looks to be 16 or 17 years old. He questions everything in the name of “thought,” but he is simply confused and utters cringe-inducing inanities as profundities:

  • He confuses facts with values or normative statements: He asks what’s the difference between “oceans” and “seas,” and does not know that it’s not about his “opinion” but a matter of definition and empirical fact. An ocean is a large (“major”) body of salt water much larger than a sea. The word “sea” can also refer to a large body of saline water that’s connected with an ocean; or to a large saline landlocked (with no natural outlet) lake.
  • He confuses a folk saying (“The best thing since sliced bread”) with a factual truth-claim.
  • Brainwashed to be a relativist about everything, Judd is so confused he cannot even choose or name a favorite ocean among the world’s seven (“I don’t know which one to pick!”).

The IB has been recognized as a non-government organization of the United Nations’ UNESCO since 1970 and currently has the status of “formal consultative relations as a network” with UNESCO. Representatives from IB participate regularly in UNESCO meetings and comment on UNESCO’s Education for All initiative. Although the IB program began as private schools, today over half of all IB World Schools are state schools.
H/t beloved fellow Sagebrush.

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0 responses to “"International" Schools Brainwash Our Kids Into NWO Zombies

  1. tastes like chicken. a brave new world. keeping people dumb and uneducated equals the status quo for the future. teach the same lies as truth and repeat it often enough these lies then become the truth. no one pays attention to the facts.

  2. Sounds like a conspiracy to me……..nah. Hey anyone see how that reporter in the British scandal turned up dead? Everyday people.

  3. Critical Thinking = Thinking critically, of course. (Golly, I’ve been so blind!)

  4. My grandaughter was in IB for one semester in her sophomore year, and her mother and her and I decided this was a worthless damned program aimed at brainwashing. The course work that they handed out was nothing but time wasting bs. So she is simply taking AP classes now. All she really wanted were some advance courses anyway, not a bunch of cultural . A kid can get close to an associates degree by senior year, but in what? nothing but New World Order crap. Glad she got out of that. It was the worst kind of stuff I have ever seen.

  5. lowtechgrannie

    The IB program is for the elite students in many large metropolitian public school districts. They are very similar to the Charter Schools so dear to the hearts of both liberals and conservatives. What people must remember is that ALL SCHOOLS FUNDED WITH PUBLIC MONEY, must meet the national standards defined by the federal Dept of Education. Enrolling a child in a Charter School, the IB program or a regular public school is not going to save him from big brother indoctrination.
    Both the Charter Schools and IB schools’ claim to fame is that they have a higher percentage of students meeting the federally-mandated standards than the school board regulated public schools. Getting a child out of the regular public school system and into a charter school or IB school is literally pulling him out of the frying pan in order to throw him into the fire — with no school board to hold accountable for the damage.
    For more on the abysmal situation of public school indoctrination and the Department of Education, read Charlotte Iserbyt’s excellent 9 pager, THE DEATH OF FREE WILL.

  6. They tried offering IB at my high school when I was there… white southern liberal principal attempted to bring it in and phase out Gifted and Talented coursework. The “baccalaureate” and “diploma” got fans excited, but trying to have AP/IB joint courses wouldn’t work. IB isn’t rigourous enough for Advanced Placement… almost College Prep, at that. What the heck was so “baccalaureate” about it was the general gripe… so what? Short our educations, for what… some weird curriculum that didn’t mean jack, wouldn’t get you a better college and couldn’t even get you any college credit? Forget that! (With a student population seven times the national avergage in percentage of IQ 130/above folk, achievement was a BIG thing… IB failed by lack of popular demand, at the refusal of both students and their parents to take it up.) Year after I graduated, the principal was forced to resign after a mass student walkout that he forbid and the students called the local TV news about before they did it anyway (so much for condescending white liberal “adult supervision” of black and jewish kids whose creedo is “Free your mind and your ass will follow!”) and the district pitched IB.

    • P.S. Where’s home is essentially a colony of unrecovered Kennedy Democrats stuck on the morning of 22 Nov 1963, liberal anti-communists in outlook who haven’t adapted to the changes in the Demo-rat party since. It’s amusing to go home a tell ’em they’re now actually Republicans and watch them vociferously deny it while manifesting all kind of patriotic, upright American stuff the Donkey party has hated since I’ve been alive.

  7. Thank you for this post. I’ve needed verification. Besides the liberal crap I was forced into with public school, which was far left-wing, I needed this verification. It’s intentionally trying to create an elite. The things you send into IB have idiotic rubrics that made no sense, it was a war of superior aesthetic. It took away from understanding history and facts and brought about so much guilt. And I appreciate the term relativism, because that’s exactly the attitude I’ve been trying to put to word. It’s sick and I’m so worried about the kids in this country, It was also intentionally pushed on many of my peers (probably to get the funding). You should of seen the IB art rubric, even the art teacher didn’t understand it. So she had to go to her one up, because that’s a part of the program. A regional director for IB who I guess is trained to just know IB and evaluate and judge peoples work. Then she or he sends that out to an international location, or a few I forget, to be judged by random foreign people for diversity (probably)… The obvious bureaucracy is amazing because this money is obviously coming from taxing, that eventually goes to the UN. I can’t believe I was pushed through it, it was nothing short of mind war crimes. I still can’t explain many personal experiences, it’s mind blowing and hard to explain.

    • Noah, you went to an IB school? Wow.
      Do you know how those schools are funded? Not with property tax, I assume, because IB schools are international, not part of the US public school system.
      When you are able to sort out your “mind blowing” experiences, we’d sure appreciate your describing and explaining them to us!

    • Anything that requires a rubric (instead of simply checking for knowledge/understanding of the subject at hand) is probably crap.

  8. I’ve wanted to respond to this post and finally I found it. I appreciate everyone’s care. PLEASE add me on facebook if you would like to know more by personal experience, it’s nothing too psychotic but I’m too tired for personal experiences. My facebook is posted as my website so feel free to add me if any of you are awake and stupid enough to be on facebook(like me).
    What I will say to Eowyn is that I remember being told if a certain number of students weren’t in the IB program they just wouldn’t give funding.
    The BEST way I can explain the program (pun intended) as a whole is “orwellian double thinking”
    And a lot of political pushing, And a lot of alienation.
    It was terrible because the basis of globalization is something we all love and know, understanding and accepting our earth as a whole! But it’s NWO in its purest form, and I was aware to lift the veil from my eyes.
    It goes from accepting people and understanding different cultures (ie. our RIDICULOUS international readings we had to do, only 2 books were from the US, to me that’s just picky not professional) and I awoke and understood it is SUBJUGATION.
    And it COMPLETEY DENIES individualism!
    And in understanding that it was anti-individual, I, like any sensible god fearing normal good human being, ran for the hills.
    It is both cult, and occult.

    • Thank you, Nouh, for relating to us your personal experiences with the “International” School. I’m so glad you had the good sense to leave. God be with you!

  9. Blessings and love at all of you. If you ever see this program starting in your area, please SPEAK OUT.

  10. Oh, and Eowyn for the record, it was my public school.
    Link here: https://www.bloomfieldcsd.org/
    Public school, Upstate NY. Nicer school actually, in NY but not a bad region so we get mad funding (criminal amounts).
    Again, public school. They PUSHED US INTO THE PROGRAM TO GET THE IB FUNDING (which of course, comes from our taxpaying pockets).
    Cheers, Eowyn.

  11. We have been fighting IB in our group uspein@yahoogroups.com for years.
    Please check out parents and teachers efforts to fight IB in NH at mvsd-ib.org
    USPEIN was founded by a teacher who saw this going on even without IB.
    Another activist asked Laura to write that piece.
    Her site is truthaboutib.com

  12. I am not familiar with your blog, but came across it in the course of an article I am writing about brainwash. My daughter is in an IB program, and though I risk being deluged with negative comments I must say that her education has been excellent. The rubrics, for example, are useful tools to give students information about how they will be assessed in advance of their assignments. Theory of knowledge is not a values program, it is a philosophy survey, presented without bias or judgement. Her math is quite advanced, meeting global standards and preparing her to compete in a technologically advanced world. Yes, the reading is international, but that is OK with me, and with her as long as the quality of the literature is good. I don’t feel as though she is being indoctrinated at all, at least not beyond the amount she would be subjected to by any program. I have been assessing IB papers for the last 2 years as a volunteer, and I am always amazed at the variety and quality of the work submitted. There is, by the way, lots of disagreement in these papers, but it is the argument/support/reasoning that counts, not necessarily the “lock-step” ideas presented in more classic classroom assignments. My older daughter was at an AP school, and I do prefer the IB, though I do think that teacher training is a critical part of the program success at any school (thinking about that art teacher here.) Yes, it is awarded by an independent body, but that ensures equal standards across groups. OK, if this stream is still “alive” everyone can disagree now 🙂

    • “At least not more (indoctrinated) than in any program”
      —Aye, there’s the rub. The international brainwashing may be more blatant in IB, but the same propaganda is behind all public education today, since the bulk of modern teachers were themselves indoctrinated by liberal, leftist teachers beginning in the 1960’s if not earlier.

  13. Your article is quite timely, I saw another blog with similar information here

  14. Don’t be so pessimistic and cowardly retarded! (Ooops, sorry, IB has taught me too many words.) I am an IB student and I fully believe in that the original mission of IB is good. You say that IB is brainwashing kids into morally relativist, even with your quote up there, but why didn’t you put the quote that IB claims to educate kids to “CRITICALLY evaluate their own culture, as well as others”? We don’t stupidly blindly support any culture or any value! You are criticizing the Islamic and Asian cultures, but you are born in this country whereas your beliefs are implanted differently, how do you know that other cultures are not morally correct? Or at least, if you don’t learn about them or get to know them, how do you know that their values are not as civilized as most people’s? That’s why there are so many conflicts happening right now between different countries and religions, because they don’t know that different ideas are okay and acceptable. Apparently your biased view needs to find more evidence to support yourself.

    • “That’s why there are so many conflicts happening right now between different countries and religions, because they don’t know that different ideas are okay and acceptable.”
      In all that “critical thinking” that was taught to you in IB, somehow you missed the information that Islam is the cause of “so many conflict happening right now”, or don’t you know ISIS/IS and the slaughter of Christians in the Middle East. Tsk, tsk.

    • Poke! I’m an IB student now, and I believe in the power of informed opinions. Because so many of us fall into the traps of the Dunning-Krudger effect and confirmaton bias, etc. we tend to evaluate opinions different from ours as “bad” or “lesser” somehow. Learning about other cultures is the first step to at least being aware of these biases and fighting to overcome them. :). I believe in human dignity and that we all have intrinsic worth, and that we should respect each other.

      • Olivia, please visit any country in the Middle East and feel free to learn about their culture. And be sure to espouse your great knowledge of women’s intrinsic worth. I’m sure Muslims will totally respect you.

    • If you are interested in comparative ethics, in a fair and balanced approach, you should read C. S. Lewis’ book “The Abolition of Man”. Ithis (very short) Book has much to say, as well, on the topic “Of what does a proper education consist?”
      See if what you’re being taught comes up to the standards of one of the arguably most brilliant speakers/writers of modern times.
      You should also not miss his 7-novel series, “The Narnia Tales”. Ostensibly they were written for children, but I didn’t even know they existed until I was a young married woman, and they have had a big long-term impact on my life.

  15. There’s nothing good about the IB program, it’s a bunch of moral relativism designed to co-opt your children into a UN collectivist mindset and made to feel inadequate about their own country and culture. They soon become little activists for all the political issues that adults struggle with on a daily basis, but instead have had their minds made up for them by the IB curriculum and it’s incessant daily conditioning from their teachers.
    Forget about science or maths, gay marriage and communism are the term projects in PYP. IB is a clever cloak of indoctrination, designed by the people who setup the UNESCO organization, mainly communist, atheistic psychologists who wanted to destroy all cultures and national sovereignty and rule by UN global communism.
    Parents of children in PYP schools have no idea what their children are learning from week to week, the constructivist teaching method is used as an excuse for not having a real syllabus, their made-up rubrics is horrendously complicated and incomplete, it’s a very secretive curriculum that hides social indoctrination in feel good concepts and jargon of world peace and harmony, just like communism did in Russia. Get your children out of IB while you can and give them a proper education!
    This is what your children get to study in their final and crowning year of elementary PYP, when they’ve turned a delicate 12 years old, it’s enough to cause mental issues and depression in any youngster and will certainly divert their attention away from any academic topics.
    Marriage Equality
    Fair Trade
    Racism in Sport
    Animal Cruelty
    Issues with War Refugees
    Womens Rights
    Dangerous Diseases
    Body Image
    Racism and Refugees
    Border Patrol
    Extreme Poverty
    Mental Health issues
    Poverty and Homelessness
    Discrimination in Sports
    Human Rights

  16. What is strange about IB is that students still studying IB and have yet to bear any fruits from it, are taking action all over the web posting comments about how great IB is, how all us grown ups have got it so wrong and we just don’t understand how IB works. We certainly do understand how real maths and science work and we know they’re not taught to our children.
    What you see is the indoctrinated, unconditional and outright defense of IB from the children themselves, encouraged to take action by their IB teachers. The whole movement is to encourage them to take action on some issue or another. That my friends, is a cult.

    • I’d like to sincerely ask whether a Polish Catholic school run by nuns is also in this “socialist” whatever? Seriously? I mean, I can’t take it seriously. My right wing teachers are _obviously_ secretly leftist as heck, only talking about how important family and tradition is and how abortion is pretty bad to confuse our tiny minds. Boo!

      • Olivia,
        Your IP address says you are in Warsaw, Poland. You are fortunate that your Catholic school IN POLAND is staffed with orthodox Catholic teachers who actually teach traditional values of family and pro-life. This post is about International schools IN THE UNITED STATES, a very different situation. Your comments are relevant to International schools in Poland, specifically to your school. Please demonstrate some respect for this blog: We are Americans, and we know what’s going on in U.S. schools. You don’t.

  17. The indoctrination was so bad at our IB school that PYP coordinators sent letters home trying to convince parents that PYP was not a cult, despite the daily brainwashing that was going on there.
    What other school program would need to do this? Says a lot about IB in general.

  18. There’s no excuse for educational abuse of such young children, 12 years old and getting to discuss those things all day long. Fckme.



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  22. Alright…
    1). “… who understand that other people, with their differences, _can_ also be right.” _Can_. Not _have to_, not _must_, _can_. It’s about being critical of your own thoughts and thinking about other people instead of only yourself.
    2). “If, for instance, consensus agrees…”. TOK teaches there are different ways of defining truth. This is _one_ way. Truth as independently existing fact is another.
    3). The difference between seas and oceans isn’t that clear cut actually, because what exactly does “much larger” mean?
    4). This video is quite obviously a joke/parody, btw.
    5). I’m not sure this post is entirely serious. Extremism is indistinguishable from parody after all…
    Poke. Have a great day, btw! Spread smiley sunshines, because friendship is magic!
    Tired IBDP senior who just had religion SAT equivalents last week. (Catholic school)

  23. The video is unreal. It is hard to believe that a student who is getting what should be a superior education can’t even pronounce the word “rhetoric”. Can he Google? Not long ago I clarified the difference between seas and oceans by doing so. The French would have sent this boy to trade school at best, for he does not appear to be educable.
    How would he present if he had received even a good 8th grade education as typically provided in, say, 1900? As it is he seems brainwashed into complete inanity.
    I shudder.


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