Nurse watches as student has full-blown asthma attack

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Red tape keeps inhaler from student having asthma attack

Tampa Bay Times:  Volusia County school officials stand by a Deltona High School nurse’s decision to refuse a student his inhaler during an asthma attack, citing a lack of a parent’s signature on a medical release form, WKMG Local 6reports.
“It’s like something out of a horror film. The person just sits there and watches you die,” said Michael Rudi, 17. “She sat there, looked at me and she did nothing.”
He said the school dean found his inhaler during a search of his locker last Friday. The inhaler was still in its original packaging — complete with his name and directions for its use; however, the school took it away because his mother hadn’t signed the proper form for him to have it.
School leaders called Sue Rudi when her son started having trouble breathing. She rushed to the office and was taken back to the nurse’s office by school administrators and they discovered the teen on the floor.
“As soon as we opened up the door, we saw my son collapsing against the wall on the floor of the nurse’s office while she was standing in the window of the locked door looking down at my son, who was in full-blown asthma attack,” Rudi said.
Michael Rudi said when he started to pass out from his attack, the nurse locked the door.  “I believe that when I closed my eyes I wasn’t going to wake up,” he said.
The Director of Student Health Services, Cheryl Selesky, said that parents must sign the medical release form each year, which allows students to carry their prescribed drugs with them in school.  This year, the district had no record of his Rudi’s signature, said Selesky.
“I mean its common sense if I saw an animal on the street in distress I would probably stop to help, why wouldn’t she help a child,” Sue Rudi said.
But Rudi is a senior, and his mother said the district has had records of his asthma throughout his years in the school.
Sue Rudi thinks her son could have died because of a technicality.  “How dare you deny my son something that we all take for granted, breath,” said Sue Rudi. “Why didn’t someone call 911?”
Reason number ilostcount to homeschool.
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0 responses to “Nurse watches as student has full-blown asthma attack

  1. It is 50 years of government progressive liberal education and onerous litigious shackleing of the parents, school administration & teaching staff that has brought this nations schools to this point in time.
    The complete government ownership of school children over the parents and legitimate medical treatment for the best interests of the children has made it impossible for anybody to make an informed and on the spot ordinary or critical decision of common since.
    You are damned if you don’t & really damned if you do anything by not having all sorts of paperwork trails.
    SO! There we have it. The kid is lucky to be alive.
    This is not going to change until (the majority of) American citizens rise up in mass a take back the territory it has lost all those years ago. But will it happen. NO! We have become a race of cowards uniquely conditioned and trained like circus seals.
    Tell me if I am wrong on this. Hmmm.

  2. And it will only get worse under the continued reign of Obama!

  3. This is beyond my imagination. At the very least she could have called 911 . If she didn’t want to GIVE him his inhaler she could have placed it where he could pick it up himself. I’ve known many school nurses thru the years and none of them would have allowed this to happen.

  4. Why aren’t the kid’s parents suing the nurse and the school? We are now at the point in America where the law and the courts are the last line of defense against the encroaching tyranny. Just look at the judge in New York, Katherine Forest (an Obama appointee!), who ruled to block that hideous NDAA citizen detention law.

  5. Start a petition on to bring an investigation on why 911 was not called and this nurse needs to be investigated before another incident happens that causes death.The petitions are no harder to start than writing this and go around the world.

  6. Now, with healthcare reform, all our healthcare can be like this.

  7. Why in hell isn’t this nurse fired, in jail, and the school being sued for, oh, I don’t know, a BILLION dollars?? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read.

  8. First of all, the so-called ‘nurse’ should be promptly fired.
    Then she should be arrested and prosecuted for criminal negligence.
    And if I were Sue Rudi, I’d be litigating the Volusia County school system to the point they won’t be able to afford pencils.
    And when she wins, she should enroll her son into a school not run by government goonion morons.

  9. This is NO NURSE. She’s a wanna be, who can’t find work as a real nurse. Even a lay man would know that you have to render aid or call 911. What she did was to stand there and watch this kid almost die. I would sue her and the school just for satisfaction, if the school board doesn’t find a way to severely discipline them for inaction and sheer negligence.
    Common sense is D-E-A-D

  10. lowtechgrannie

    I’ll bet the same school nurse wouldn’t hesitate to give him a condom or transport a female classmate to an abortion provider without parental consent.

  11. Agreed with all the above comments !! I have said it before, and will say it again …..Sending children to Government operated schools these days is exposing them to child abuse !!! …..Both mentally and physcially !!

  12. Elaine hodges

    Well, evidently the mother didn’t call 911 either.

    • Maybe mom didn’t need to call 911 as she was able in to give him the inhaler.
      Doesn’t excuse the actions of this “nurse”.


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