Number of Americans identifying as Democrats hits all-time low

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Just look at what seven years of “hopeandchange” has done to the party.
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Across the country Democrats are having a harder time than ever getting voters to register on their party line, according to a new poll.
The NY Post reports that a Gallup poll released Monday found that the share of Americans identifying themselves as Democrats last year dropped to an all-time low of 29 percent. That’s the lowest percentage recorded by Gallup since the pollster began asking about political affiliations in 1951. The previous low was in 2014, when 30 percent of voters lined up with the party.
And to the shock of none of us conservatives, the GOP didn’t fare much better. Just 26 percent of voters describe themselves as Republicans, one tick up from the party’s all-time low of 25 percent, recorded in 2014.
The poll found 42 percent of Americans consider themselves independents — down slightly from the all-time high of 43 percent in 2014. Gallup data collected from 1951-1987 never found a yearly average Democratic identification was less than 37 percent.
“Americans’ attachment to the two major political parties in recent years is arguably the weakest Gallup has recorded since the advent of its polls,” said Gallup’s Jeffrey Jones.
No wonder Donald Trump is getting massive support from rank-and-file republicans and democrats.

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0 responses to “Number of Americans identifying as Democrats hits all-time low

  1. So more Americans now identify themselves as political Independents than as Democrats or Republicans. Stunning. That speaks to not only the bankruptcy of the two parties, but also the failure of government to address America’s problems. We are living in unsettled, chaotic times….

  2. This may well be good news. I just hope that good men and women will step up and that the majority of American’s will vote in people who can be instrumental in changing the course of our country. I hope that this means that Donald Trump might have a real chance. The only problem there is that not only do Democrats hate him–the meatheads in the Republican circle of power probably hate him even more. All I can say is . . . God Bless the USA in these struggles, As Dr Eowyn has said we are now in very chaotic and troublesome times.

  3. Great post. Change is coming. How can we tell? When the demographics of any culture or society change, revolution is coming, either incrementally or all at once.
    In my humble opinion, based on all my reading and listening, NO ONE PERSON has done more harm and injury, more damage, to the Republic, in the political sphere—in its relations and its mentality, overall—than George Herbert Walker Bush. I say this for these reasons: The Democrats will always be the Democrats, but the Republican Party, which reached its apogee with Ronald Reagan, was brought down by this Masonic member of the British-aligned Skull & Bones. (No one can understand history since Reagan without studying the subterranean activities of this mole.) We can expect the Democrats to be the political low-lifes that they are: Any filament of decency among them died with Adlai Stevenson. But to drag down the (once) better party, in a two-party system, is to sink the ship: It is called Gresham’s Law.
    Change is coming. It may take another two decades. (Although I doubt it). In the meantime, BOTH PARTIES should be prosecuted under the RICO Statutes.

    • The Democrats will always be the Democrats
      Not true. The Democratic Party and Democrats today are very different than what they were in J.F. Kennedy’s time.
      As for George Herbert Walker Bush, I have no fondness for him, but I honestly don’t get your obsession with and your attribution of all evil to that one man.

      • I agree with you about JFK. My obsession with Bush-41 is due to his long subterranean career, his behind-the-scenes activities and his allegiance. He has been able to avoid detection for this long, and because of this, I think he’s done an incredible amount of damage.
        Maybe I am wrong about his causing more damage. I suppose I have been obsessing. But in addition to being a Bonesman, he is also a member of the Carlyle Group. He has many interconnections.
        But I do agree with you about JFK: There will never be another.

  4. hopefully people are waking up to the depravity of the democrat party, republican party not much better

  5. But, what does it matter if they can all vote 5 times each? OR—-if illegals can vote? Or…(fill in the blank…..).

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