Nuclear reactor accident kills 1, injures 8 in Arkansas

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Arkansas Nuclear OneArkansas Nuclear One in Russellville, Arkansas

ENENews reports April 1, 2013, that the Arkansas Nuclear One nuclear reactor in Russellville, AR – operated by Entergy – suffered an accident yesterday which killed one and injured 8 workers.
The plant vented steam to cool the reactor. Air detection teams have been deployed to the area and determined there’s been no radiation leakage, but local residents are worried.
One employee who works at Arkansas Nuclear one said that it is the worst thing that has happened in his 30+ year career at the nuclear power plant. Top officials of Entergy, including their CEO, are being brought in with their emergency response center to help assess and handle the situation. Site Vice President Jeremy Browning assures the public that they are safe: “The fact is the building, the plant, is in a very stable configuration. […] the structure is stable.”
The Courier reports that the area surrounding Arkansas Nuclear One was placed at emergency Level 4 because of the potential for local impact, but no call to evacuate was issued by the Arkansas Department of Health. Despite that, some evacuation signs were posted throughout the community today showing emergency evacuation routes.
KARK: reports that many people who live near the nuclear reactor are concerned about what happened. Daniel Millsaps says he’s scared that the plant might be dangerous: “It’s terrible. It’s sad. I don’t know what to think. It’s scary. You never know when that thing is going to go off, or when you’re going to have to evacuate.”
Watch the KARK broadcast here

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Coincidentally (or not), 40 miles away from Arkansas Nuclear One on Friday (March 29) evening before the nuclear accident, an ExxonMobil pipeline near Little Rock ruptured, resulting in a major (nearly 500,000 gallons) oil spill.
KTHV quoted a resident as saying “We could see oil running down the road like a river.”

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0 responses to “Nuclear reactor accident kills 1, injures 8 in Arkansas

  1. Now that is scary stuff. Russelville Ar is less than 200 miles from me as the crow flies.

  2. I say burn coal to generate energy, Build hothouse market gardens all around and pump the CO2 directly into the hothouses, because plants love CO2, they thrive on it…….

  3. According to the local Arkansas News last evening, it was reported that one person was killed, “Reed Walters,” and three people were injured. The local Ch. 5 news further reported that this occurred as a result of an accident when a piece of equipment fell on the victims; but, that this did not occur in a radiation area, with no risks to health or public safety.

  4. hogster the accident could ave happened at a coal fired plant this is on the steam side this type of plant keeps the radioactive liquids separate from the clean side . I grateful that we were not introduced to electricity buy the electric chair cause person of your educational background would have us use candles

  5. The victim was WADE Walters, not Reed. The plant didn’t vent steam due to the accident. We call it a “cloud maker” because it vents steam all of the time as part of it’s normal operations. The plant was in a power outage at the time of the accident for routine repairs. It was during these repairs that the accident occurred Sunday morning. This also had absolutely NOTHING to do with the oil spill. I live in Russellville, and have not seen any additional evacuation signs since the accident. And, frankly, evacuating when you are within the “inner ring” (5 mile radius around the plant) would be futile if the plant blew. In actuality, the data shows that fewer people have been killed by nuclear power than by any other kind of power. And, this accident really had nothing to do with the safety of nuclear power, but rather of the heavy lifting equipment being used. Just sayin’


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