UPDATE: Nuclear Fallout Map is a Hoax

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Further investigation shows this map is a hoax according to Snopes.com and Weatherspace.com
H/T to my best bud, Kelleigh!

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0 responses to “UPDATE: Nuclear Fallout Map is a Hoax

  1. That stinks. 🙁

  2. Thanks, LTG and Kelleigh!

  3. Actually, that’s too bad in a way, as I was hoping it would cause illegals to glow in the dark, which would make them easier to catch.

  4. it is actully real if the rods mealted together in 2 reactors and today they did so it is not a hoex anymore we have 6 days and the wind projectory is going the way of the susposible hoax map but the map is real i have been suding since march 12th when it started and i know a few plant workers and soliders trained in nuclear warfare


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