NPR Says Obama Born in Kenya

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For someone who insists that he was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA, it sure is curious how so many people who are not members of the VRWC (Vast Right Wing Conspiracy) say that the Punk was born in Kenya.

  • First, it was Grandma Obama who said she saw with her own eyes the birth of baby Punk in Kenya. 
  • Then, it was a Nigerian paper describing Obama as born in Kenya.
  • Next, it was the Punk’s own wife, Michelle, who referred to Kenya as Obama’s “home country” in a speech in Denver in 2008.
  • Now, it’s the “progressive” National Public Radio!

Seems the Vast Birther Conspiracy is getting downright crowded. The more the merrier! LOL
~Eowyn & Steve

NPR archive describes Obama as ‘Kenyan-born’

By Bob Unruh – WorldNetDaily – April 8, 2010 

Editor’s Note: Shortly after this WND report was posted, NPR changed its web page to delete the reference to “Kenyan-born” Sen. Obama.Those crazy “birthers” are citing National Public Radio. Really? NPR?

Archives for the tax-supported organization reveal that a 2008 report described then-Sen. Barack Obama as “Kenyan-born”  and a “son of Africa.”

NPR’s promotion for the story included a brief description of West African correspondent Ofeibea Quist-Arcton, who “describes the stories that have been exciting, including the U.S. presidential race of Kenyan-born Sen. Barack Obama.”
After discussing various issues developing in Africa at the time – such as Kenya’s violent elections, the attacks in Zimbabwe and the presidency of South Africa – the conversation on the program “Tell Me More” turned to Obama.
At about 9:45 of the audio report, interviewer Michelle Martin said “a son of Africa. Barack Obama is poised to at least have the opportunity to become the next president of the United States.” She asked, “How does this campaign look overseas?”
Quist-Arcton responded by describing Obama as a member of the Kenyan Luo tribe and reporting how Africa viewed the race. “You know [the campaign] has absolutely fired the imagination not only of American people but of people in Africa,” she said. “For a start Barack Obama’s father is from Kenya. People were very excited and because they had had a failed election in Kenya, and the opposition leader Raila Odinga comes from the same tribe as Barack Obama’s father, the Luo. The joke was going around Kenya that America is going to have a Luo president before Kenya does.”
She continued, “There’s huge interest. Not just in Kenya. All over the continent. … The fact that a black man and one with African blood has managed to get this far … you know, I think has made young people sit up and listen and watch and follow the campaign and made the older generations who lived through the colonization and independence say, ‘Well, well, well. So it can happen in American too.”
To read the rest of the WND article, CLICK HERE.

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19 responses to “NPR Says Obama Born in Kenya

  1. Notice I have never referred to this hideous fraud of a POTUS from Hell as the Hawaiian commie.

  2. Unfortunately, we will never be able to prove it. Those records are either in the most secure lock box on earth or burned to a crisp.
    Vox Populi

  3. Allow me to step off my Black Helicopter, fresh out of Area 51 and adjust my tinfoil stetson for one moment and point out that this smells kind of fishy.
    Why now, why all of a sudden they want to mention that Obozo is from Kenya? The left practically had most conservative on the defensive as conspiracy nuts on this issue where even Beck, Levin, and Rush would keep away from. Now the mention of Obama’s birth place seems to be slipping off the lips of the left, even by Mrs Obozo herself.
    I think we all should step back and follow this story without “following” this story if you know what I mean.

    • Will,
      OK, I’ll bite. How do we follow this story without “following” this story? LOL

      • Glad you asked Eowyn 🙂
        As one NB poster had as his tag line “never EVER trust a liberal” we need to analyze ever angle of this admission before we find ourselves walking into something nasty. Everyone just seemed a little to eager all of a sudden to want to talk about this.
        Libs and the MSM (redundant I know) have been trying their best to make us forget about Obama’s eligibility or shame us into dropping the subject out right. Why talk now, why talk when now Obama’s 2nd term is in danger since his pols are dropping like a liberal’s college girl’s pants. Why give us more Ammo to really hammer him in the polls?
        We need to follow this story closely but not get to absorbed by it. The libs are willfully dangling this red meat in front of us and I want to know why.

  4. Why oh why is there no one in DC w/the cajones to call this guy out? Jeez, even Jon Voight has the balls to do it:

  5. The Angry White Woman

    Dang, ain’t he got a pretty mouth though…

  6. Steve,

  7. If it was proven that Obama was born in Kenya, I wonder what kind of legal nightmare this would cause! Every Order he has signed as president, including putting into law the health care bill, could be called into question. In other words, would it be possible to “undue” all of the destruction he has caused?

  8. Does anyone think that the MSM will ever cover this? I do not know what to think about his birth, but something is definitely no right, and everyone seems to just ignore it including Fox News. Wonder what they are afraid of??

  9. Joan,
    If Obama is not a citizen then everything he and this congress has done or will do is unconstitutional–it has to be reversed. If you think this guy is a nightmare right now, just wait until someone actually proves he’s a fraud. that’s when the nightmare will truly begin.
    Caustic conservative, Ron

    • Ron,
      That’s probably the reason why no one — judges, the Army brass, Congress — wants the truth to be out, although the coverup does appear to be premeditated, and broad & deep in scope.

  10. Eowyn,
    I have never been much for conspiracy theories but sometimes I wonder. I wonder who’s really pulling the strings. This guy’s vocab is “er, a,a, a, um, er…” He couldn’t speak if he didn’t have a teleprompter. I used to give extemporaneous speeches in front of business groups. I never had the pleasure of notes or a teleprompter.

  11. Steve,
    So far everything I’ve read about his guy doesn’t add up. Yet, there’s no real evidence to support my suspicions. I remember when he told a group of Muslims he was one of them, but that’s not proof of anything except his stupidity.
    Caustic Ron.

  12. To angry white woman,
    My daughter loves him…figure that…

  13. Steve,
    I cannot disagree. Evidence is mounting up.

  14. I agree with just about every comment here. I think the best meter to go with is our the gut. It never fails us. When you see and hear just how much they suddenly stand up and start calling names, maybe they protest a tad too much. It has been proven over and over with this group, whatever they accuse the right, teabaggers,tinfoil hat wearers, etc. with, they are already doing it. They know the House’s hands are tied because of the lap dog Reid, another one that should be in jail.
    I think a lot of the things they toss out are red herrings. They are doing so much behind the scenes. Just like the terrorist release/ traitor debacle was suddenly tossed out for distraction from the VA/Benghazi ceiling coming down. When that back fired, out comes yet another distraction.
    They have nothing solid to fight with. They have to push,lie, criticize, make fun of, lie about, shame, and finally calling out the poor ole Obama button to gain sympathy.
    What really galls me is he has committed every crime it takes to become impeached, misdemeanors, misconduct, spying, abuse of authority, intimidation, misuse of assets, perjury of oath, dereliction of duty, refusing to obey lawful order.etc. and yet, the left still supports him.
    Can we do it through the Senate, not unless someone flushes Reid down the toilet.
    But there is supposedly a way it can be done through the Chairman of the Joints of Staff. Will he do it? Or is he too much of a lap dog and only concerned with his future assignments? Only time will tell.


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