NPR, PBS Employees: Country Bumpkins Couldn't Watch the News Without Us

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This weekend saw two prominent liberals in the media, NPR’s own Nina Totenberg and PBS’s Mark Shields, display the epitome of progressive arrogance while attempting to explain why their parent company should keep federal funding.
According to them, people who live out in the country would not be aware of world events without NPR being there. Relevant portion begins at 2:45:

Apparently Shields and Totenberg have never heard of the internet, smart phones, satellite radio, dish television, or that handy thing called word of mouth.
How on earth did our ancestors get anything done before NPR came around?

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0 responses to “NPR, PBS Employees: Country Bumpkins Couldn't Watch the News Without Us

  1. I’ve never seen any demographics of the NPR audience with regard to size. I’ve never listened to it and I don’t know anyone who does; but, I never listen to ANY radio on a regular basis. Getting news from radio just sounds very 1940s to me.

  2. NPR should be dismantled, ASAP. There are far better private sector news outlets delivering valuable information to America without using taxpayer funds. IMO, Totenberg is a hateful, elitist *itch who needs to go the route of Helen Thomas.

  3. These people are the ones who are bumpkins. If they would get off their dead asses and see how the rest of the country lives, they might actually learn something.

  4. Oh shut up Nina…
    If there is a legitimate demand for this product, then let the customers pay for it!

  5. Shields and Totenberg (she who wished AIDS on Repub. Sen. Jesse Helms) are not just arrogant, they are woefully uninformed. Rural or urban Americans are not looking to NPR for their news; they are going to the Internet. The UK’s Daily Mail has this story today:

    “the internet [has become the] favourite for people seeking news, a report released today said. News consumption online increased 17% last year from the year before…. US local, network and cable television news, newspapers, radio and magazines all lost audience last year, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, a research organisation that evaluates and studies the performance of the press.”

  6. Damn, I seem to recall, living out in bumpkinland once (where it was a big thing when we finally got McDonald’s), you couldn’t get PBS TV without cable because it was just a handful of commercial stations in range and radio (which sure did have news, albeit not the McNeil-Lehrer Liberal Talkout hour) was all commercial.

  7. Given the decidedly conservative political leanings of those who reside in flyover country, I doubt very seriously they are getting their ‘news’ from National Proletariat Radio, nor from the Proletariat Broadcasting Service.
    It’s time for both to sink or swim on their own.
    If they are even 1/4th as intelligent as they claim, they should be able to find a way to survive.

  8. Dave, I appreciate your rebrandings: National Proletariat Radio and Proletariat Broadcasting Service. I enjoyed some renaming CNN as Communist News Network

    • Zorro,
      CNN is flexible, as it can go from the Communist News Network to the Clinton News Network (same thing, really) to the Crescent News Network, and back again.
      LOL – And it can do it on a moments notice, too.

  9. About the only reason we get the newspaper is to wrap up the cat poop on the way to the rubbish bin


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