Now’s Your Chance!

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Always wanted to have dinner with President Obama?  How about both him and Vice President Biden?  Well, now’s your chance!

CNS News reports that for only $5.00, you can enter a raffle for dinner with the president which is now a two-for-the-price-of-one deal. The winners will not only get dinner with President Obama but with Vice President Biden, too.

In an email sent out June 15, President Obama’s re-election campaign announced that in return for a $5 donation the president was offering supporters a chance to participate in a raffle to win a “casual” dinner with him at an unstated location. Four lucky contributors would win this prize.

“That’s a big deal,” Obama says of the raffle dinner.


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5 responses to “Now’s Your Chance!

  1. I would loooove to get the chance to feed him dinner.

  2. Now why would I want to pay money to THROW UP? Even if it IS a piddly 5 dollars!

  3. Patriot, you just pocket the little airsick bag from the plane, and you’ll have dinner, then politely show your true feelings while showing a little advert for the plane that brung you.

  4. dinner at mc donalds with obama. while moo moochelle eats everybodies french fries. i’ll bet she’s the kind of person that eats off of other peoples plates. anyone within reach is fair game and if it looks good from across the room watch out if she comes over to talk to you.

  5. I wouldn’t pay 5 cents, much less $5.00 – to support the campaign of those two wimps in the White House!


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