Now this: A Grass Ordinance

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Watch out for the grass police!

You can’t make this stuff up! Is this really what you believe our Founding Fathers envisioned for our government?

Mow your lawn, or else, in Cosmopolis, WA

The Cosmopolis City Council passed a new law on lawns. The height limit is 8 inches.  The short grass ordinance takes effect Aug. 22.  Offenders will have two weeks from receiving notice to mow.  Otherwise they could be fined up to $200 a day. If a shaggy lawn is not mowed in 30 days, the city may mow it and put a lien on the home for the cost.
Good news: After reading about this yesterday, the Mayor has decided to veto the ordinance after receiving complaints from citizens.  Still, for the city council to have even developed this ordinance was just crazy!
I understand home owner associations have rules and regulations regarding yard maintenance.  And homeowners recognize that before they decide to purchase there.  But for a local agency to demand what you should do with your yard on your private property – really?
Just how did the council plan to enforce this, with grass police?  Someone coming onto your private property with a scale to measure your grass? 
Just madness…

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0 responses to “Now this: A Grass Ordinance

  1. This is old news, Polk County, Iowa has a Weed Commissioner – in other words – the grass police. I think you get 12 inches before the tickets start.

  2. If I’m not mistaken, Cosmopolis is a little one-stop town on the Pacific coast with lots of that tall beachy-type grass. Is that right, Deb?

  3. So whats new, its a Zoning Law, the first taste of Socilizm we open heartly accepted in America. Every city, town and township has them, and little Nazi’s to run around and fine you for violating the ordaince’s, and if you can think of something your neighbor does, there is a law for it.
    In Pittsfield Twp. Mich. they had a jerk run around and ticket seniors if thier camper was in the front set back and the Twp board applauded him.
    We have no zoning here and the last time they tried 12000 of 18000 voted it down and threatened to recall them if they tried it again. Some suggested harsher measures and I think they would carry thru, too. so we can live without all that stress

  4. We have an ordinance in our area that does enforce grass heighth,. But it has to get pretty bad, and ya end up having to call if it does get that bad., My neighbor behind me had grass a foot tall, and had piles of rotted wood, along with open containers where mosquitos were thriving, rats and snakes were living. I had to call twice. This was a hazard, not just a case of someone’s grass being long. One thing you have ot consider with grass that gets to a point of being out of hand. One of those things it he value of your own property. If a neighborhood looks ratty, it affects real estate values and the ability to sell one’s house. If you live in a rathole, fine, but the rest of us shouldn’t have to put up with the rathole.

    • I get that Linda. Have a friend in real estate and if there’s a bad looking yard by a listing of hers, she’ll go talk to the owner and even volunteer to mow the lawn.
      It’s things like that, helping your neighbor, that should solve these problems, not the government. But I do understand when you’ve got a real jerk who doesn’t care on whit about their yards’ appearance, I guess there should be something in place to force them to cleanup.

  5. One excuse they give for passing this drivel is that it affects your neighbor’s property value – which is rubbish.


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