Now that Skippy supports homosexual marriage…

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He wants their money, of course….


Why must one display their sexuality?

I wouldn’t drink anything in that holder.

Too bad they can’t get married in North Carolina…

Nor can they!

I’ll be passing on any and all items, unless is says Nobama 2012!

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0 responses to “Now that Skippy supports homosexual marriage…

  1. Another Obama miracle, he returns to his original opinion on same sex marriage, and presto chango, LGBT products magically appear on his fundraiser website…. Any one stupid enough to be used, deserves to be. I could not with a clear conscience, vote for someone who treated me as if I were just plain dumb. Products take time to develop, manufacture, and come to market, so how long has this political stunt been in the works?

    • Good point, when it comes to scheming this man is clearly a cut above.

    • Yup, just instantly appeared, no lead time involved at all…

      • Yes, just like the “Romney kinda bullied a kid who was maybe-possibly-thought-to-be-gay” 47 years ago in high school. Just like that, the MFD (Media For Dummies) tracked down the other classmates involved, as well as the parents/relatives of the now-deceased victim…from FORTY SEVEN years ago.
        But they just can’t seem to find the people Obama associated with in his formative years, nor his college transcripts or other basic records.

        • The media lies. Obama lies. They’re like a league of thieves, lying for each other, covering each others “stories”. But ask yourself this, what if like thieves, they were to fall out of “love” with each other, and become enemies? What a fight that would be! The liberal media is becoming very desperate in defending and supporting Obama, they are already way past their credibility. I think this whole thing is getting ready to shake apart. Hey Obama, if the media helped to make you, they can break you also, would serve both parties right! The media and Obama are being exposed on a daily basis now.

  2. Perhaps Trayvon will become gay now and only homophobic haters won’t vote Democrat in 2012, eh? Think of the hoodie options on that!

    • Too funny! Sad but true, there is no level to low that this administration won’t sink to, to be reelected. I’m sure Trayvon was depressed that his girlfriend couldn’t get free contraception also, that’s why he was troubled… The whole thing is evil, the way Obama is playing groups of Americans against each other. But, what do we expect from a former professor lecturer who taught from Saul Alinsky materials.

  3. The LGBT are being played just like the Dems have been playing us Blacks for decades with the same end result.

  4. I finally appreciate the temptation on the peak of the temple….
    a free cold beer in an obama cosey or a pretty girl in an
    obama tee….
    pure thoughts….pure thoughts…so hard to have pure thoughts 🙂

  5. This WORTHLESS BASTARD SON OF A WHORE has to GO! Semper Fi.

    • Legally too. He could be impeached on any number of his deeds to date, and he could be removed under the 25th Amendment Section 4. Why one of the cabinet members or a patriot in Congress hasn’t made certain that these options are not on the table RIGHT NOW, is the real question. Could it be that they are all on the same payroll? Too many opportunities to apply both or at least one of these options have passed us by, and if this Defense Shield thingy keeps on going, then we could have left it almost too late……………………. I don’t think the Russians are playing, they really believe that it will disturb the balance of power, it would give them three minutes before their nuclear supplies etc would be history if it were used against them, which would render them rather impotent don’t you think? Put it this way, if it were the other way round, wouldn’t we be going ape sh*t too? The wretched installation is due to commence May 20th, 2012, and we are transfixed by Gay Lesbian merchandise being hawked out there by the Obama Administration. While they are all excitedly looking at the PayPal account filling up with sales of these tee shirts etc. why don’t we quickly reinstate Glass Steagall, shut down Wall Street and the Oligarchs banking casinos, which are empty anyway if JP MorganChase is anything to go by, and get Congress to start uttering credit for worthwhile infrastructure projects through a New National Bank, so people can go back to work.

  6. Wonder when Obama will come out!

    • Out of what? I had no idea he was anywhere or doing anything that hasn’t already been plastered all over the internet and most of the tabloids, not to mention the British press etc etc. The question is, when will the Murdoch scandal envelop the American Main Stream Media? The real horror is that all this talk of gay and lesbianism is causing for people to start thinking about it and that will most surely clog up the works……………….


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