Now Obama wants your beer money

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His wife spends $6,800 on a jacket, $2,000 on a sundress, $1,000 on a totebag, and an estimated $10 million of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on vacations in 2011 alone.
But the POS wants you to give him the $5 you spend on your beer.

Obama sent out a Tweet requesting that U.S. citizens contribute the $5 we were planning to spend on beer or other adult beverages to his campaign.  After all, it’s for a good cause — to “help this campaign win.” [Source: White House Dossier’s Keith Koffler]

Listen, you socialist, self-hating, composite ID’d, Teleprompter-Pavlovian excuse for a POTUS:  My friends and I are keeping our five-spots to spend on OURSELVES for beer, wine and hard liquor.  Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages takes the edge off the sad reality of your residing in the White House and ruining this nation…

Indeed, I’ll start saving in five-dollar increments from now to early November…then I’ll splurge BIG TIME on a premium bottle and share it with friends to celebrate voting your sorry butt out of office!
~Laura B.
Guest columnist for FOTM

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0 responses to “Now Obama wants your beer money

  1. The comrade Dear Ruler POtuS can have my beer money when he pries it from my cold, dead fingers.

  2. He can have my beer, after I drink it.

    • Dave got me started and you finished me off,David….lmao
      visions of him sayin’ that to bikers :
      “You want my WHAT ? Get the duct tape….”

  3. Note to self: NEVER piss off Dr. Eowyn!!!!!
    Wow Doc, you are good! I want you on my side!

  4. Try asking for donations Saturday night in downtown Atlanta.

  5. The good news is there exists an alternative solution, short of civil disobedience and revolution, to dispense with the Obama Plan. That solution is a revitalized national movement to restore constitutional integrity. That effort is now well underway bearing the Tea Party label — not a political party, per se, but the advocacy of a set of principles to restore Rule of Law.
    Obama and his ilk plan to exploit the economic crisis they are fabricating to “fundamentally change America,” but Patriots can use that same crisis against Obama’s agenda, for the purpose of enacting fundamental change to restore the authority and integrity of our Constitution.
    Our success will require a groundswell of action in the next few election cycles, and the seating of a majority of legislators who have both a firm understanding of the principles of Essential Liberty and a willingness to enact the bold and difficult legislation necessary to restore constitutional Rule of Law.
    The most important of these legislative measures are outlined in the Patriot Declaration. These include the enumeration of specific constitutional authority for any and every act of the legislature, its compliance with our Constitution’s standard for Federalism, the Tenth Amendment, and a complete overhaul of our system of taxation.
    In other words, the only way to undermine the Obama Plan is to reduce the size and scope of central government such that it comports once again with the plain language of our Constitution. In fact, this conversion to a government whose powers are, as our Constitution’s principal author James Madison declared, “few and defined,” will necessarily collapse its size.

    Here’s to many more spot-on essays!

  7. right on

  8. Desperation…

  9. ha free beer today august 5th gurnee american legion post behind the patton tank parked in front free beer and hot dogs and burgers and brats. and of course the infamous horse shoe tournament which i have one 6 out of the last 10 years. or there abouts. my dad is pretty good but he took off this weekend to go and gamble instead so anyway obamas audacity knows no limits he seems like the kind of guy who in a survival situation instead of dividing up the provisions would steal it all for himself. sort of like the roommate who eats your food in the fridge and has a coniption fit if you so much as look at his food…

  10. won not one my bad.. gubment education strikes again


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