Now liberals want white business owners to be PC: A "Hip-Hop Brunch" Menu is Problematic

The Stranger: People love the food at Fremont’s RockCreek. Former Stranger food critic Bethany Jean Clement wrote that Chef Eric Donnelly’s food “makes you happy to be alive, right here, right now.” I have friends who rave about their brunch service as well.
Earlier this week, I got a press release announcing RockCreek’s new “Hip-Hop Brunch” series, which will be held the last Sunday of every month “and include a live local DJ and awesome MC-inspired dishes.” But I had trouble getting past the first menu item, which made me cringe:
NWApancakes with Nutella, walnuts, and crème anglaise
This one got me too:
Public Enemy #1ham, turkey, Swiss, raspberry jam, and pancakes
There are other more innocuous-sounding dishes like the “Biggie Smalls” (a short stack of pancakes with braised bacon), but I had to look at the press release three times before I could read beyond NWA.
At a time when many black businesses are struggling to hang on (see the recent closures of the Central District’s Philadelphia Fevre and Catfish Corner) and black youth are being killed for being black, it’s painful to see white-owned businesses try and make money off of black culture. It might be fun (and even funny to some) to turn an abbreviation that stands for “Niggaz Wit Attitudes” into “nutella, walnuts, and crème anglaise” or call ham and pancakes “Public Enemy,” but these hiphop names were born out of real political frustration in the black community in the 1980s over things like racial profiling and police brutality—problems that continue today. It’s a privilege to be detached enough from these meanings to repurpose them for a brunch menu.
I doubt that Donnelly and his staff at RockCreek had any intentions with this menu beside a joke, or maybe a tribute to the music they like. But it reads as ignorance more than a tribute. I reached out to Donnelly through his PR company to get his side, but didn’t get a response.
pc police
Here’s the full menu:
NWApancakes with Nutella, walnuts, and crème anglaise
Southern Playalisticfried chicken with jalapeno corn cakes
Biggie Smallsshort stack with braised bacon and sunny side up eggs
Funky Homosapienpancakes with Bananas Foster and candied walnuts
MC Solaar (reppin’ France!)—Mornay sauce, ham, onions, and poached eggs
Public Enemy #1ham, turkey, Swiss, raspberry jam, and pancakes

Plus, drink specials:
Brass Monkeycrushed orange, ice, lime, and lager
Gin & Juicegin…and juice, orange and grapefruit Ricky
Purple Drankvodka and ‘purple’ bubbles
Beer & A ShotMontucky Cold Snacks beer & O.G.D. shot’ Jason Rantz did speak with Chef Donnelly from RockCreek who said the vast majority of customers “have been so excited about it.” He criticized The Stranger claiming “they’re really trying to pin me as some kind of racist or somebody trying to profiteer from the black community in some kind of way, which is so backwards because I feel like hip hop is not only stemmed from the black community, but represented by every community and is all over the globe.”

But Chef Donnelly says the hip hop brunch is a positive thing. “This is actually a celebration of struggle,” he told the show. “[It’s]a celebration of rap and hip hop music and hip hop culture in a different way.”
As Mr. Rantz noted, The Stranger is published by Tim Keck, who isn’t black. I guess Garbes is helping this non-black owned business make money off of black issues.”
Hey Ms. Garbes (the offended Stranger author): Don’t like their menu? Don’t eat there!

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5 years ago

Well if this was a real PC hip hop menu it would have FTP: Bacon, Black Grievance Industry(BGI): Burned White Wonder Bread toast, etc…..

5 years ago

Too bad, they didn’t think to name something after Al Sharpton who no doubt is about to pay them a visit. Word to the mother owner, get your checkbook out. Oops, my bad, I suspect that Al would prefer cash. You know, with the IRS thing and all.

5 years ago

This is so beyond stupid, seems people have to go out of their way to try to find fault now. They are just damn WORDS people….get the hell over it. This also made me laugh, “it’s painful to see white-owned businesses try and make money off of black culture.” Why? Is that right just owned by the blacks like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama who have rode the race card to riches? We, as a country, are PCing ourselves into dangerous territory where there will be no dialog anymore for fear of offense. I call bullsh** on it all.

5 years ago

Even Abe Lincoln in his memoirs feared that integration would not result in negroes being lifted up but them dragging the white race down to their level, which seems to be happening right on schedule as the elite have planned.
One of the many reasons I no longer watch MSM mind control TeeVee is the level of ghetto/jungle class negro worship has reached science fiction levels. I am beyond sick and tired of hearing (c)rap and hip hop, twerky excuses for music wherever I go.
Yes I am UN-PC

5 years ago

Um, are there any black people actually involved in this thingamabob… or is it just progressive left/liberal white people having poltically-corrrect “issues” about it? (Sorry, thought I’d ask the obvious question about it.)

5 years ago

I have an idea-Why don’t we start calling “Progressives” “REgressives”,since they seem intent on dragging the US back to the “bone through the nose” segment of the past?