Notice to FOTM’s regular commenters

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For the last 2-3 weeks, WordPress — the host of Fellowship of the Minds — has been having “issues.”

The comments of some of our faithful regular commenters are dumped into our Spam box — even though you haven’t been banned.

I’ve even found comments by FOTM writers in Spam.

I go through our Spam box when I get on FOTM every morning, and also periodically throughout the day. When I find comments that shouldn’t be in Spam, I retrieve and publish them.

So when you write a comment but don’t see it published immediately, be patient!

I don’t know why WordPress is doing this. Hopefully, it’s just a technical glitsch, instead of a mischief-making Leftie grinch on WP’s staff.


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0 responses to “Notice to FOTM’s regular commenters

  1. I’ve been having problems. Thanks for telling us.

  2. Thanks for letting us know. I post from my laptop, iPad and/or my phone so if I have issues I blame whatever appliance I’m using! (:

  3. Dennis H Bennett

    I guess my post about how to make a quick million off Obama’s newly acquired double-panel shorts was lost!!

  4. Bill Gates’ revenge.

  5. monty pythons flying circus the RCMP singing spam spam spam spam or a group of vikings pillaging a modern day english country town raiding a small diner and singing spam spam spam spam spam spam. the food that helped win ww2 spam comes in a can turned into a dirty word now in the 2000’s spam

  6. I have to admit, I did post one comment, and it didn’t show up. I just supposed that maybe it was found to be not worthy of being included, since I am fairly new to your site. By the way, you are my very favorite site in the whole world–you bring things to the forefront that need to be known–and I dutifully pass it on to others I know. Keep up the great work, and thanks to all who submit items!!!

  7. Some time ago BNI was having issues with WordPress. It took some work for them to get back up. Also, I was reading Breitbart this morning and Facebook has censored the Navy Seals (SOS) for their comments on the Benghazi mess. Is this the beginning of censorship and the loss of our freedom of speech?

    • Grouchy, you are 100% correct. These people that do Facebook, Twitter and other social sites do not seem to realize, or do not care, about the censorship and data collecting that is going on with these sites. I agree with you regarding the changing of Alternative Media. That’s why I appreciate sites like FOTM and my other sites I go to that share the same ideology and are not fearful with putting out the truth.


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