Notice to all FOTM commenters

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The ObamaOrc on WordPress’s staff (see its portrait below) is dumping almost every comment into our Spam box, even those by FOTM writers.

Please be patient if you don’t see your comment published immediately. I’ll retrieve and restore them from Spam as quickly as I’m able!


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0 responses to “Notice to all FOTM commenters

  1. Wow! I wondered why three of my comments didn’t appear! So the Obamabots on WordPress’ staff are doing this; amazing! Thank you Dr. Eowyn for explaining this problem.

    • My educated guess. The problem of dumping legit comments from our regular commenters and even FOTM writers into Spam began several weeks ago. Beginning last night, it’s gotten much much worse.

  2. I don’t mean to sound obnoxious or uppity like I am some pure innocent angel, but isn’t there a law about having nude pictures like that on a public page?

  3. We got it “E” Now if you will excuse me I must retrieve my “Mind Bleach” and Brillo.

  4. It has happened on other web sites as well.

  5. Figured this was what happened to my posts.

  6. Don’t you just want to wipe the white hand print off his ugly face?

  7. If Obama loses (praying hard!) two things will happen. 1. Crickets or 2. A total deluge of attacks screaming everything from “revenge” to “Racism” Be prepared “E” nothing may happen or you and your moderators will be awfully busy.

  8. What happened to the naked lady? 🙂

  9. WordPress sux! And so do Barrybots! If he wins tomorrow, I hope civil war breaks out!

  10. WordPress still spamming tonite, jerks.

    Yes, Dr. E was busy today! Thanks!

  11. I wish a conservative would set up a really good blog hosting site so we could tell WordPress and Blogger to go pound sand.


  12. I have a WordPress blog, (started in 2014) and my stats are unbelievably low. There is reason to believe these stats are statistically impossible, therefore fake. First, my site is a likely target for censorship. It has a “Google PageRank” of zero (0) on a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 means the highest Google search priority. The New York Times, for example, has a PageRank of 9, while Sputnik has PageRank zero. PageRank zero means Google ranks a website as “spam”. My site is a news platform, not spam. It is ALTERNATE news though.

    Second, the more often I post, the fewer views I get. For example, if I update the website rapidly all day (which a news platform needs to do), my stats literally freeze. This is statistically impossible. How could my viewers know BEFORE they clicked on me that I had posted a lot that day? They couldn’t. Either WordPress is messing with my stats, or Google is suppressing search results. But Google can’t affect my direct traffic. So I suspect phony stats.


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