Note to gun control fanatics: check the facts

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Note to media: Despite horror, Americans are safer

Human Events (By: David Harsanyi): Listening to the crush of media coverage and the sickening politicization of the murders in Colorado, we should not let it escape our attention that despite all the violence and sadness brought on by this event — I lived in Denver for years, and I’ve taken my children to the Aurora theater, so I get it — most of us live in a far safer place than our parents.
All day, I’ve watched television pundits talk about the country as if we were saturated in non-stop violence. The simple fact is that over the past decades we have become a more peaceful place. Steven Pinker’s fascinating book “The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined” is a macro view of this historical worldwide trend, but during my lifetime, crime rates and gun violence have fallen – dramatically.
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 1993, the United States hit an ugly peak with 13,981 murders by hand gun. By 2005, the last year the study is available on the site, the number was 8,478. Death by other guns also decreased from 3,094 to 2,868 during that time.
In 2010 there were 14,748 “murder and nonnegligent manslaughters” in the United States. That’s the lowest number since 1969. Even during this recession, crime has kept falling for the most part, and baffling experts.

Nothing can stop a sick person bent on murder. But all the scaremongering about guns and crime doesn’t reflect reality.

I know facts, and our Second Amendment right, mean little to liberals now screaming for more gun control. Instead of blaming the person that pulled the trigger, they blame legal gun sales, Rush Limbaugh, and the TEA Party.  Pathetic.
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0 responses to “Note to gun control fanatics: check the facts

  1. In truth, being a left/liberal wacko– the Unabomber, the guy who shot Gabriel Giffords and, now, the Aurora shooter– would be seem to be more of a problem (and the Unabomber didn’t even use any guns).

  2. Excellent, DCG! Not that facts matter to the Left, but at least now we’re armed with facts to counter the cries for gun control.

  3. If you can handle the the truth,here are a few more facts :

    …connecting the dots

    • sorry,
      that should have been the Dark Knight Massacre Special…
      but then I only wanted the linky,too,sigh

  4. Reblogged this on Political Ness and commented:
    Lots of stuff to figure out here.
    And I love that graphic. 🙂

  5. So much for gun control. Aurora, Colorado, already has strict gun laws:
    A lot of good those laws did for the 12 people killed and many others injured by James Holmes.

    • edward oleander

      That’s why we libby folk want national gun control changes. Local strict laws are good and all, but if the next county or state over has easy access, then nothing is helped. I can only repeat what I’ve said before, most gun violence is committed with guns that were originally purchased legally.
      I would suggest only two laws need to be enacted. One to close the gunshow loophole, which allows creeps to buy guns as well as legit people, and a law to make it a crime to let your gun be stolen. If, as Fogey suggests, 99.95% of owners are responsible, then it’s only a few ‘tards who will ever be inconvenienced by such a law.
      Okay, i realize my second idea is goiofy. It’s purpose was to emphasize that cutting down on gun violence means keeping the crims from getting the guns. Outside of laws that heavily impact ALL guns owners, I haven’t come up with workable solutions there.
      How does the group think we can limit criminal access to guns? If your answer is “enforce current laws,” please note which laws you mean…

      • Ed, in my opinion, I don’t think you can. A criminal who wants a gun will get a gun. Gun laws only affect responsible citizens, because they’re the only ones who follow laws. As I said, just my opinion.

      • We could add 100 more laws and it won’t stop a criminal from getting a gun. Always a black market for that.
        IMO, we need stricter punishments for gun/violent crimes. Earlier this year a convicted felon was given just one year for leaving her gun around the house. Her young son took it to school and accidentally shot a schoolmate. Then there was Maurice Clemmons who killed the Lakewood Police. He should never had been out of jail. Carrying a concealed weapon without a license is only up to 90 days in jail. A Class B felony starts out at just one month in prison, with the possibility of 43 months. Too much plea-bargainning allowed in most cases.

  6. Laughing my a$$ off @ “bat-ears”. I’m glad I was reading my tablet and not my computer or there’d be iced coffee in the keyboard! (As well as the moustache). Now all I need is Windex.

  7. Could you imagine the indignation and outrage if congress and the President had proposed gun control back when we were fighting and defending ourselves against the Indians, our officials would have received a bloody serious education.

  8. Too bad the owner of the movie theater didn’t allow guns, someone could have shot and stopped the maniac before he killed everyone 🙁

  9. Answer this question. 
    How many movie patrons would have been shot if responsible citizens had side arms? 
    None, because no one would attempt such a stunt knowing they would get shot.


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