Not Yo Daddy

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Upon hearing bi-racial Obama say “If I had a son, he would look just like Tray,” little Troy began brawling….

H/t FOTM’s Laura B.

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  2. I realize I’m already about as nutz as you can be but… WHAT DOES THIS ^ MEAN??? I’M GOING NUTS HERE, GUYS!!

    • hmmmm…what do you THINK it means… lol’s
      welcome to the funhouse : do you drink coffee ?

    • Thanks, always wanted to know but was afraid to ask!

      • You guys aren’t the only ones…all I could think of was those scarves rich British guys wear under their smoking jackets as they puff on their pipes. Finally I know…

    • TERRY!! *running up w/ big hugs* Thank you! For both the definition and for the honor! *grinning ear to ear* Unfortunately, I lost where I posted this question, to look for any answers, and I found it when I was Googling the letters – it brought me here! 😀 Thanks, folks, I really AM honored. I love coming here. <3

  3. Heaven forbid… a chip off the old block


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