Not a cult: Michael Moore’s tree topper is Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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From Fat Man’s twitter timeline: “My Christmas Tree Topper this year. Better than an angel or the star over Bethlehem. A nation of millions stand with you…”

He also delivered some chicken noodle soup to the SCOTUS judge and streamed it live on Facebook, of course. Everyone needs to see what a caring person he is!

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

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25 responses to “Not a cult: Michael Moore’s tree topper is Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  1. A Jew on top of a CHRISTmas tree.
    So appropriate.

    • Not just a jew- after all Jesus was a Jew, but a Talmud toting Jew. Apparently she introduced Scalia to the wonders of that fine piece of literature when he was on the Court.

  2. Caption Contest:
    Ginsberg to an angry Santa “Hey Santa. What do you want me to do with this tree?”

    I was thinking ‘since when was it o.k. to impale a Jew with an evergreen’.
    Wonder if the tree has an obama head Christmas ornament. ‘A black man hanging from a tree’. But moore gets a pass?

  3. I’ve confirmed from friends I worked with conducting clinical drug trials in oncology, that Ruth’s tumors weren’t new, the are metastasis from her earlier cancers, Look for her to die soon, J.C.

  4. Granny Moore (FTM) certainly has odd Christmas tree ornaments, she is obviously trying to out do the Obama’s Chairman Mao ornaments!

  5. ginsburg looks more like some one you might expect to find in a “ginger bread” house roasting little children.

  6. Moore seriously needs a hobby or a long vacation. Can you imagine what the space is filled with between his ears?

  7. If they did find something in there is was left by the last demon who possessed
    him and not worth even looking at demonic anyway.

  8. Doc didn’t put her out, she was already (hic, hic) sleepy. Working from home with a bottle by her side.

  9. “My Christmas Tree Topper this year. Better than an angel or the star over Bethlehem. A nation of millions stand with you…”

    I doubt RBG can stand much these days, and neither can Moore without him stopping to catch his breath every 5 steps.

    You know damn well Moore didn’t put that up top of the tree. His big ol’ belly would knock the tree over before he could touch it with his hands.

  10. Where the hell do you get a ruth buzzy ginsberg tree topper. Or bobble head.

  11. This is all part of the demonic Left’s agenda against CHRISTmas.

    Last year, they promoted a Hillary Clinton Christmas-tree topper.
    See DCG’s post:

  12. I’m intending to reply to Lana @ December 24, 2018 at 9:01 am.

    Lana, we seem normally to be in agreement, but your statement is based on error which has been taught to too many of our White people. Jesus is not a jew as much as the jews and the Freemason “preachers” try to convince our people otherwise. Jesus Christ was AGAINST the anti-Christ jews, which is why they arranged for his murder.

    “Jesus Was Not a Jew”

  13. The jews have tried for a very long time, and have searched for ways in which to undermine Christianity, and it was not just any jews either, but their international banking class of jew leaders. The anti-Christ’s found and financed their primary vehicle in the end of the 1800’s.

    “In 1895 Scofield was asked to be a pastor at one of Moody’s churches in Northfield, MA. By now he had built up a “clean” reputation and was ready to be moved there to larger work.

    He seemed to have access to money above what he earned as a minister; his backers included New York Jewish lawyer Samuel Untermeyer and Union 76 oil baron Lyman Stewart.

    In 1901, Scofield was offered a membership in the Lotus Club of New York, a prestigious club in the literary circles of the United States catering to non-Christians. This was a club in which one had to be invited and have a sponsor. He settled there and listed it as his residence for the next 20 years. It was here that he presented his ideas for a new Christian Bible concordance, and was taken under the wing of Untermeyer (1858-1941)—a criminal attorney well known for his political connections, bribery and for being a fanatical Zionist agent of the Rothschild banking cartel.

    Untermeyer introduced Scofield to numerous Zionist and socialist leaders, including Samuel Gompers, Fiorello LaGuardia, Abraham Straus, Bernard Baruch and Jacob Schiff. These people financed Scofield’s research trips to Oxford and arranged for the publication and distribution of his concordance.”

    “Cyrus I Scofield and the Tribulation”

    By the way, Ginzberg looks very natural with a tree shoved up her a–. That is as it should be.

  14. “According to Jewish belief, on Christmas Eve (“Nittelnacht” as the Jews call it), Jesus has to roam through all the latrines of the world, crawling through excrement. If he hears the words of the Torah being recited, he gets a momentary respite from his torture. For that reason, to maximise his pain, Jews do not recite the Torah on Christmas Eve. They also avoid going to the toilet unless they meet Jesus there. They do things like play chess instead.”

  15. Dr. Eowyn, from my own study, it seems like the venom is born of the actions of the whore/adulteress who was divorced for “her” chronic adultery, blasphemy, etc., as such “she” loathes both the Groom, and the legitimate Bride, still believing “herself” entitled to everything the actual Bride has, and the promises made to that Bride as being “owed” to “herself”, despite having no inheritance. “she” refuses to see the error of “her” whorish ways due to “her” own narcissism, and so bitterness & venom are compounded as she rages in futility against both Groom and Real Bride.

    Its what I’ve noticed, anyway, instead of admitting guilt, repenting, and truly turning from it’s ways, what is calling itself “israel” continues to try to spit in God’s eye as it feels it is owed things, and in blind mad rage even cuts deals with the devil in hopes of vengeance against what “she” in “her” madness thinks was an unjust divorce. “she” likely thinks that “she” loves the devil and that he loves “her” because he “accepts her” and the two are similar, and the devil strings “her” along as any abuser would. (Perhaps their fake figure of lilith has become their goal/idealize image?) “she” probably won’t figure out how evil “she” has been until after she is knocked off that beast with 7 heads… will “she” find repentance & salvation then, or will it be too late?
    A pitiful figure, but ultimately the choice to be evil is “hers” alone, and “she” is responsible for “her” own actions, the only one “she” can really blame for “her” predicament is “herself”.

    Again though, this is what I observe, and I think it explains the behavior of the state-cult, to some degree at least.

    • That’s a very long time to bear a grudge for 2,000+ years.
      (Why do you refer to Israel and Jews/Khazarians as “she”?)

  16. Dr. Eowyn (sorry the reply function directly to a given comment doesn’t seem to work for me anymore, apologies.) just “she” as in general use for any given nation, although I am of the opinion that present “israel” is the “whore of babylon”, as well.

    Yes it is a very long time to bear a grudge, but then how many times over how many years did even the hebrews break away from God’s practice, and turn towards nasty things? Moses took his eyes off them for just a short time, and then even Aaron, who should’ve known better, helped them cast a golden calf, that they purposefully forsook all their jewelry to make no less, and this was while Moses was getting very relevant information from God, it wasn’t like he was missing for years. basically they decided to ditch God just because they were bored, not even remotely a good excuse. I’m not exactly sure how they can maintain such eon-long abject hatred, other than it might be maintained by devilish help, making it partly supernatural evil in it’s preservation. Thankfully people can choose to “come out of her”, so that is good at least.


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