Not a conspiracy theory: Congressional bill HR 2977 sought to ban chemtrails as a space weapon

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If you search for “chemtrails” in Wikipedia, you won’t find an entry on chemtrails. Instead, you are directed to the entry, “Chemtrail conspiracy theory,” which begins:

The chemtrail conspiracy theory is based on the erroneous belief that long-lasting condensation trails are “chemtrails” consisting of chemical or biological agents left in the sky by high-flying aircraft, sprayed for nefarious purposes undisclosed to the general public.

If chemtrails are merely a figment of imagination by loony, tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theorists, why are chemtrails mentioned in a Congressional bill, HR 2977 – Space Preservation Act of 2001?

According to HR 2977, since Congress, in section 102(a) of the
National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958 (42 U.S.C. 2451(a)), states that it “is the policy of the United States that activities in space should be devoted to peaceful purposes for the benefit of all mankind,” the purpose of HR 2977 is:

To preserve the cooperative, peaceful uses of space for the benefit of all humankind by permanently prohibiting the basing of weapons in space by the United States, and to require the President to take action to adopt and implement a world treaty banning space-based weapons.

To that end, Section 3 of HR 2977 states:

The President shall–
(1) implement a permanent ban on space-based weapons of the United States and remove from space any existing space-based weapons of the United States; and
(2) immediately order the permanent termination of research and development, testing, manufacturing, production, and deployment of all space-based weapons of the United States and their components.

Among the space-based weapons that HR 2977 wants the United States to ban and remove are “exotic weapons systems” that include chemtrails. Section 7 (2) of HR 2977 states:

(B) Such terms include exotic weapons systems such as–
(i) electronic, psychotronic, or information weapons;
(ii) chemtrails;
(iii) high altitude ultra low frequency weapons systems;
(iv) plasma, electromagnetic, sonic, or ultrasonic weapons;
(v) laser weapons systems;
(vi) strategic, theater, tactical, or extraterrestrial weapons; and
(vii) chemical, biological, environmental, climate, or tectonic weapons.
(C) The term “exotic weapons systems” includes weapons designed to damage space or natural ecosystems (such as the ionosphere and upper atmosphere) or climate, weather, and tectonic systems with the purpose of inducing damage or destruction upon a target population or region on earth or in space.

So-called conspiracy theorists have been conservative in their “paranoia”. As listed above, chemtrails are not the only “exotic weapons systems” that HR 2977 seeks to ban and remove. There are others that are even more lethal, including:

  • Psychotronic weapons that manipulate human behavior with the use of subliminal, either sound or visual, messages.
  • Tectonic weapons that induce earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, or other seismic events.

Introduced by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) nearly 18 years ago on October 2, 2001, HR 2977 has no co-sponsors. Not one.

The bill was referred to the House Committee on Science and the Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics. On April 19, 2002, the Department of Defense gave the bill an “unfavorable executive comment,” which effectively killed the bill (see “Actions“).

It is said that in 2002, Rep. Kucinich told Columbus Alive, a free news weekly serving Columbus, Ohio, that they should speak to the Pentagon regarding an “‘ongoing program’ called ‘Vision for 2020’” which was “X-files stuff.” Kucinich claimed that the U.S. Space Command has specific plans for the complete “dominance” and weaponization of space under a program called “Joint Vision for 2020.” A search for “Dennis Kucinich” on Columbus Alive, however, yielded no such article.

But the United States Space Command indeed does have a publication called Vision For 2020. For the full text, click here.

In the video below, a chemtrails pilot speaks out (h/t Maziel):

See also “Not a conspiracy theory: U.S. government has engaged in weather modification since 1953“.


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39 responses to “Not a conspiracy theory: Congressional bill HR 2977 sought to ban chemtrails as a space weapon

  1. It’s time to ban chemtrails on Earth! And no, they’re not a conspiracy theory; they’re part of a geoengineering plan, These planes can be seen criss-crossing our skies, laying thick trails that quickly spread, making a (rarely seen) clear, blue sky overcast and ugly. The chemical particles don’t stay up there; they drift down, poisoning our soil, vegetation .. AND US. C’mon, lefties, the sun doesn’t need dimming.

  2. Good article Dr. I have a physicist acquaintance who has ridiculed me over this issue. I would send this article to him if I still has his email address. He said if the government were doing something like this HE would know about it. Right. We see each other often on walks in the open space where easily on any given day there are chemtrails over our heads, but he can’t distinguish between them and normal contrails. You would think a physicist might observe something like that and ask himself a few questions about the anomalies. So much for higher education. It seems in most cases it either breeds dumbed down leftist idiots, or the other kind- elite eggheads who think they already know it all. My brother in law with a masters in economics and accounting from Stanford fits into the latter group too. He and his brilliant wife looked at me like I was from outer space and then derided me to the rest of the family as a tin foil hat wearer when I asked him if he knew the Federal Reserve was not Federal, but privately owned. How DARE I !

    • Astonishing, the WILLFUL ignorance of your brother-in-law and your physicist acquaintance.

      The Federal Reserve is a mixed government-private entity. From Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System:

      “parts of the Federal Reserve System share some characteristics with private-sector entities…that broadly represent the public interest.”

      Wikipedia: “Thus, the Federal Reserve System has both public and private components.”

      • LOL… WILLFUL ignorance! Boy have I experienced a lot of that ! I find it so stunning and bewildering because I love learning and I love truth, but alas I have found to my bewilderment and consternation that there are many who love their dark caves.

        To tell you the truth Dr. E. I don’t completely trust Wiki. I wonder if they mean by mixed private and government the fact that the President appoints the Chairman of the Reserve? As we know that person is always Jewish so I think they are given a list of candidates to choose from just like we are given a choice of politicians to choose from that are already preselected by the same PTB. I have also read that Wiki is heavily censored and controlled by you know who. Have I looked into that myself? No, but what are the odds it is true? I would say pretty good, and considering that potential I don’t trust Wiki to tell it like it is with the Fed either. The bottom line is we have a private group of people who print money out of thin air and charge our government for something it could, and should do itself. That is how we find ourselves hopelessly in debt as a country. If you haven’t watched “The Money Masters” I highly recommend it.

        • There is NO DOUBT about the “Fed” not being federal. They are as “federal” as Federal Express. The Jekyll Island meeting happened. The bill it produced was voted into law.

          We do indeed allow them to manufacture fiat “money” out of thin air and charge us interest for the use of it. Worse, we let them “lend” it, at interest and only hold a small percentage, as in “fractional lending”.

          Every school kid should be taught this. This was the scam to end all scams. It is VERY real. It is also why we are at war with countries that refuse to be in debt to the central banks.

          There is nothing mystical about it, it is all totally controlled.

        • Having read on the US Federal Reserve system, its mixed private-“public” (i.e., government) nature refers to (presumably) government oversight (via executive appointments of the Fed’s governing board) of the privately-owned banks that make up the Reserve. My understanding is that the Federal Reserve is quite unusual among Central Banks (which the Federal Reserve is) in that the Fed is not government-owned. As an example, the first Central Bank of the U.S. was founded in 1791, the Bank of the United States, by Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton. It was wholly owned by the US government, although shares were sold and owned by the public, including even foreigners.

          • Yes, absolutely. The US had the Bank of the United States until Lincoln abolished it. We know what happened to him. There was another central bank, state-owned, that Jackson eliminated. He met the same fate.

            The Bank of England is “government-owned”. But, as is the case in these matters, that is hardly true. It’s rather the other way round. Just like here, the Rothschilds control everything, they let their agents pretend to be “in charge”.

            Also, the “Fed” is linked to these other state banks in ways that make them impossible to separate. This truly is “kabuki theater”. Just like the Libor scandal, it was all contrived. They meet every day in London to set the price of gold, for example. How? However they like.

    • It’s hard isn’t it? Many times those with “credentials” are the least observant, on purpose. They devote years to getting the degree they seek and with it comes “respect” they are afraid to put at risk. It is easier to do that and then bask in the afterglow.

      I don’t WANT to believe in chemtrails either. I DO know that, when I was a kid, I spent a lot of time looking up and didn’t see persistent chemtrails in the air. I DID see vapor trails from time to time and those dissipated very rapidly.

      I also have trouble with two elements of this. One is that it would be enormously expensive, and the other is that many pilots would observe this. It is hard to imagine that pilots would not report it.

      But, as we know, it is impossible that many living in Newtown, Connecticut don’t know that SHES was a hoax, but they aren’t talking either. So, I have to assume that people are even more disappointing than even I give them credit for.

      As to your brother-in-law, people who study economics and don’t see what an utter fraud the federal reserve is are truly dumb. I have literally laughed at people who have told me that they had a PhD in Economics. What a silly idea.

      It should be made a branch of Linguistics. Really all they do is invent obfuscatory terms to hide imaginary Juju that doesn’t exist. The whole thing is TOTALLY controlled. Nothing mystical about it.

      So, one part of me resists the chemtrail issue. Another part of me can’t deny the evidence of my own eyes. So, looking up, there they are. Most of those ARE NOT vapor trails.

      • I wish I didn’t “believe” in chemtrails either because in this case ignorance seems to be bliss. Poisoning the air and the planet? It’s a pretty nasty reality to swallow. But it is not a question really of believing. I know something is wrong because I can see it with my own eyes. Like you, I am a life long observer of the skies. I used to lay on the grass as a kid and look up at the sky, and see those pencil lines flow out of jets and quickly disappear too. So in the mid to late 90’s when Clinton was still in office I started noticing them on my own when I walked. they were not the normal contrails anymore They billowed out and dropped down like frosting on a cake. It was only a couple years into witnessing these until the subject came up on Art Bell’s show and he started having guests on talking about it, and receiving a lot of calls from people across the country. Now these many years later, there is so much information out there. Geoengineering Watch is a good website. Thre is no denying something is terribly wrong. For one thing there are air traffic control laws they prohibit more than so many jets flying in a certain airspace within a 15 minute period of time. With jets that are laying chemtrails, this law seems to be ignored as jets are flying too close to each other in time and space laying down these grids.These trails are full of Barium, aluminum and polymers. There are papers written by Edward Teller describing what is going on now. The theories have evolved on why they are doing this, from weather modification, to changing human biology into a synthetic lifeform. We may not know exactly why, but we know they are there and they shouldn’t be.

        • As far as the secrecy, that is a non issue. There are websites like Pilots for 911 truth, but what difference has it made? Threats of losing ones job, or worse if they talk can do wonders for shutting people up. It worked in the JFK assassination and 911. Why not for chemtrails? IT seems that the bill referred to in the article above is proof the gov is up to something. It is just like the subject of weather wars. People say, oh they can’t control the weather! Then why did the US and Russia sign a treaty in the 1970’s agreeing they would not use weather war against each other?

          • There are also web sites like realclimatescience scientifically proving NOAA cooks the reporting temp data, estimating fully half the stations with fabricated temps that, you guessed it, correlate 100% with CO2-based AGW. This is fraud designed to further UN Agenda 21/30. Just yesterday it was all based on a cartoonishly oversimplified understanding of the weather-producing, lower layer of the atmosphere, the troposphere. The FAA’s excellent (free download) book, Aviation Weather, shows the half guesswork relied on in making those abstruse surface weather maps from ridiculously isolated data. Dr Tim Ball has graphics showing the obviously inadequate number of actual atmospheric observations from all sources on which this globalist hoax passing for science is based. Your physicist gasbag friend is undoubtedly talking through his hat. Moreover, none other than Nature magazine runs a site on the irreproducibility (ie, dishonesty) of the peer-reviewed scientific literature over the past few decades, weaponized to bring about the JWO. When that fraud gets his wish, with a little luck he’ll end up in the Stalinesque scientific gulags described by Solzhenitsyn in The First Circle, as much an insufferable, pretentious tool to commies as he is to us.

      • Lophatt, one of the chief sticking points for me about the Chemtrails stuff, and this is not in regard to believability, but in regards to actually doing something about them, is that for all the parroted data about the chemtrails, it seems no researcher *ever* takes time out of their day to actually track any of the planes to their point of takeoff & landing, to establish what the planes look like, if the sprayers are affixed to passenger jets or if the planes are speciality items, to establish if they takeoff & land at military bases or commercial airports, what re-loading system for the spray the planes have, etc. All this is info that could be gotten, but never is, even alex “infiltrated bohemian grove” jones never goes this far for that, much less more independent researchers, and I am left wondering Why exactly is that the case? Why do researchers seem stuck in “inform only” mode and seldom seem to do solid P.I. with regards to such things?

        The chemtrails aren’t the only example of researchers apparently not getting their ducks in a row by and large, so to speak, (And by the following I don’t mean to suggest it isn’t legitimate, on the contrary it obviously is, but steps could be taken to prove it to be so, and yet they are not, ever, it would seem, for some reason.) the persistent thing about shackle-bearing boxcars and guillotines circles the ‘net every now and then, and never turns up anything legitimate… I myself tracked some of it back to the “Motherboard” B.B.S. run by one Linda Thompson (now deceased, allegedly.) and still have no proof of such things. Same goes for the FEMA camp list that similarly circulates every now and then, I have relations around some of the listed areas and those that they are near are decidedly not even existent or functional (that is to say, they’re muddy ruins of pillboxes for training, etc. generally). In both of these cases it seems these things were disinfo to dissuade and discredit other things, and if even I could track it back further than snopes, why can’t these things be nailed down as bogus disinfo by the research community at large? Disinfo of that level and bigger does happen I should add, disinfo agents like bill cooper despite using language that would suggest he was Christian, promoted belief in aliens & UFOs as well as gnosticism, disinfo agent eustace mullins similarly promoted gnostic false doctrines which are incidentally the same ones held by the kkk, “christian identity”, and other judaizer anti-christian cults, and disinfo agent juri lina loves to take digs at Christianity in particular while also promoting astrology as if it were legitimate (and suggesting its the reason why the devil worshipers get ahead, saying they do their astrology “right”, such flagrant disinfo.) then theres the rest of them that promote various stuff that tends to lead back to gnosticism, which seems to chiefly recruit in the “conspiracy” etc. circles, and be used to bait peopel away from Christianity entirely (same goes for tom horn and steve quayle, both disinfo agents as well, I should add.)

        In this age when many people have spyboxes on them in the form of their telescreens/cellphones it seems that information is even more tightly controlled than before, which I find bizarre. Wheres the private investigation? Where are the Dick Traceys, Matlocks, & even Punishers out there exposing things, and why does it seem to be the same old data just gets rehashed, recirculated, and seldom added to or updated? Dr. Eowyn and others here do well in the respect of investigation, its just a shame the research community at large seems reticent to follow that example, allowing disinfo to flourish, and seeming to discourage active truth finding (like independent investigation, such as following a chemtrail plane back to it’s landing place, etc.) leading me to wonder just how much of it is truly legitimate.

        • Those are all good points and good questions. I would add SHES to the mix. A good “private eye” is needed.

          Maybe a starting point would be to acknowledge that the world is not as the authorities describe. If we can agree to that, there is much to discover.

          I have virtually had to “unlearn” most of what I learned in school. I don’t regret that, in fact I’m grateful I’m not trapped in a lie.

          But, basically your question has to do with proof. I too am by nature a skeptic. That’s not a bad thing. Many, if not all, of the things you mention are obviously not as people would have you believe they are.

          I have seen pictures of the outside and inside of various aircraft purporting to be aerosol spraying rigs. They certainly DO appear to be setup that way. That does not mean they are for chemtrails, but they could be.

          I would imagine that most of these aircraft are chartered and probably fly from smaller airports. I have seen a couple of videos from people trying to track these planes down. The did locate one outfit that claims to have government contracts for spraying to induce rain.

          My common sense tells me that it would be next to impossible to keep something like this quiet for long. Obviously I’m wrong about that. SHES is the same thing. My “common sense” tells me someone would talk. Still, we live in an age with laws that allow them to issue letters that are essentially gag orders, etc..

          As a general statement, I think they like the idea that many will simply deny the obvious because it IS difficult to prove. Even proving the existence of something does not necessarily prove its use.

          I think headway could be made but it would require some VERY secretive effort. Obviously you can’t plan on the internet. Every other form of communication is subject to surveillance. Any “group” would be infiltrated.

          Given all that, it is STILL possible to find things out. Once that has happened extreme care must be taken to release the information. That is what Wikileaks is going through.

          To me it is not as disheartening if we just admit that we live in a police state and go from there. If we persist in believing this is a free country we’ll not only be disappointed, we’ll be insane.

          We live in a fascinating world. Many phenomena are difficult to explain, but they are clearly there. I think its exciting to try to find answers. I understand that we may NEVER find answers for some of them.

          As you said, there is a ton of disinformation out there. There is hardly a day that passes without my running into something that I DO know about that is expressed completely wrong. There is no shortage of ignorance and the ignorant do not want for followers.

          Lastly (whew!) I don’t know what to do about things being “discredited”. That implies some pretty heady authority. I know that some things are not to some people’s liking, but that doesn’t make them “discredited”. That only works with followers of people who make unwarranted pronouncements.

          Remember, not knowing is OK. Life is for learning. If we’re lucky we may come to know a few things along the way.

    • Lana, get the book “The Creature From Jekyll Island” for your brother in law. Although, he probably wouldn’t read it.😏

      • Maryaha . . . I read this book years ago . . . frankly, I was shocked and dismayed at what I learned. Thus leading me to believe that President Woodrow Wilson should live in Hell through out Eternity. He surrendered to a private agency the ability to privately make money off the management of the US Dollar.

      • You’ve already got it Maryaha. When I asked him about his knowledge of the Federal Reserve I handed him a DVD on the subject telling him that he may find the material interesting. I can’t remember if it was the Money Masters or what, but it was in that vein. To my knowledge neither he or his wife watched it because it was a month or two after that that I heard the negative feedback….” Lana and her conspiracy theories”
        Oh well….

      • I’ve read it too. Very good.

      • Adding a link to a PDF of the book: I should note while is a pretty decent exposer, such as exposing the nephilim judaizing garbage, for whatever reason they themselves do seem to fall for the flat earth psy-op malarkey (which comes from the same background as the nephilim stuff etc. apparently, and the flat earth stuff has been used to make Christians look like idiots.)

        So be sure to keep your wits about you as you read, with a grain of salt as they say.

    • Lana . . . God Bless you, hold your ground. Anyone who thinks the Federal Reserve is part of the US Federal Government should should look it up for themselves.

      Here in Portland, OR on any given sunny day you can bet your bottom dollar that we have chemtrails criss -crossing our sky. I find it rather alarming that there is a complete lack of concern on the part of our Congressional leaders to question chemtrails.

      • Thanks Auntie. To tell you the truth, I don’t’ get into this stuff much anymore with most people unless they seem interested. The family members I mentioned are actually my husbands sister and her husband. Do to other issues we just stay clear anymore. As many will attest, just because you are family doesn’t mean you have anything whatsoever in common. In this particular case my mother in law is a certifiable malignant narcissist who deliberately sows dissension and division between the siblings with the above sister in law being the golden child- the one who mirrors mom’s ego perfectly- That should give you an inkling.

  3. Wow!

  4. I don’t find the video “Secret Chemtrail Pilot Speaks” very credible. I can believe them telling pilots and crewmen that they are part of some defensive operation, I just have trouble with some of the language that I know Air Force personnel don’t use.

    I don’t necessarily buy the undersea operation, at least as described, either. But, something is happening. I have often wondered if they couldn’t “align” these streams through the use of HAARP or similar technology. In other words, electronically.

    There are some sites that claim to track weather modification that show what appears to be human, apparently electronic, interference. It would not surprise me to find that they are manipulating weather, but I would be less surprised to find that there was a military purpose.

    It has also occurred to me that just like putting Fluoride in drinking water, perhaps these chemicals have an effect similar to Lithium on the populace. What seems obvious is that there is definitely a reason for doing this.

    Few people are as observant, generally, as pilots are. They would instantly notice airplanes with trails. They also know the mechanics of vapor trails. I have personally watched them being applied right through the middle of a military no-fly zone. Obviously, any other pilot or radar operator would know they were there.

    It is more than a little insulting to realize that they do these things to us without our knowledge or permission. Doesn’t this beg question of the whole “democracy” argument?

    • I wasn’t impressed with that video some time ago when I watched it, either. I’d be interested to see a comparison of possible chemtrail patterns with the published flight routes for jets on aeronautical charts, which in the latter case are like rays emanating from airports and not the supposedly telltale checkerboard of chemtrails. Also, some checkerboard patterns appear to made from lines at the same altitude, which would violate airspace vertical separation rules. And a jet climbing out vertically traverses various atmospheric layers affecting the presence, intensity, and persistence of contrails, distinguishing them from chemtrails. Is this all obvious?

      • Yes. I mentioned above that I often wonder if these lines aren’t aligned by electro-magnetic interaction of some kine. Where I was working before I retired was a “no-fly zone” (some military aircraft came through, but rarely}.

        The commercial flight routes were always the same. Some from the West, others from the North. They always traversed a narrow band. Still, the trails were checkerboard patterned. I sometimes saw planes laying these down in West to East lines. Occasionally I saw one coming down from the North and heading Southeast. Still, the fully formed lines were checkerboard patterned.

        So, in that sense, not only are they not accounted for by “contrails”, they aren’t accounted for by observed air traffic either.

    • I know a couple of pilots (father and son; son is a commercial pilot), and they tell me that I’ve fallen for an Internet hoax, and that they’re (the chemtrails) are just “persistent contrails due to ice particles in the air,” or something similar, and then laugh at my ignorance.

      I grew up in the 70s and 80s, under a direct fight path to LAX in Southern CA, with an in-ground backyard pool, and a dad who sailed: we watched the sky. I don’t claim to know WHAT’S going on in our sky or who’s doing it; what I do KNOW aid that today’s skies are far different today than they were then, and there are fishy government documents no one’s willing to address.

      • I’m a little older. I grew up surrounded by Air Force bases where they flew constantly. In addition, there were two commercial major airports and a half-dozen smaller ones. My father had a pilot’s license and we flew all the time.

        Anyone who has been around pilots can attest that they are weather obsessed. They are very good observers. In addition, one of my room mates in college had his undergraduate degree from the University of Alaska and had his own plane. We flew everywhere and he let me pilot that all the time.

        That said, in spite of the snarky comment by your friend, how does he account for the lines? As I said in my first comments, it isn’t that I WANT to believe this. It’s hard to argue with the evidence of one’s own eyes.

        I have offered a few possible scenarios for them. I can’t deny that they’re there. They ARE NOT contrails. When you have contrails they disperse rapidly and are always at roughly the same altitude. Planes fly into the airspace where the conditions are right for them and then out of that space.

        I have an open mind about this. Something is happening. I am less inclined than others to think it has to do with weather. I am more inclined to think it has to do with the transmission of electrical signals. In some fashion they are making the entire sky an antenna.

        With the information I’ve read so far I can’t be convinced of a particular theory. If the military patents something for “weather” you can bet your bippy it has other uses. There are few things in life I’m more certain of than the fact that the military does not do pure research. There are grants for that, and those are not “pure”. They are designed for a purpose.

  5. The scariest chemtrail evidence to me is the people who have Morgellon’s disease. I heard about it first on Dr. Stan Monteith’s program, and looked it up to see what it is. It truly scared me.

    • Yeah, I’m unclear on the relationship between Morgellon’s and this. I’m not saying there isn’t one. I wondered about “nano-fabrics”. From my old biology day looking at “semi-permeable” membranes and the like. When these things get down to that size, I see no reason why we couldn’t absorb them through our skin.

      Lately I’ve been looking at the California fires, mostly the “Camp Fire” in Paradise. Very strange. Very DEW looking, not to mention the loss of life that they’re not talking about. MANY “went missing” (can you say ‘deconstructed”)? The numbers run from around 40 into the thousands.

      That’s the trouble with a government that uses its public like cattle. Once they start, and get away with it, it will never stop.

  6. There are many secret horrible weapons afoot in our world today . . . look at what has happened in Cuba to both our Diplomats and some Canadian Diplomats–they have developed severe neurological and brain injuries. Another thing I question . . . when looking at some of the fires in California, particularly in the built up areas–you will see houses, buildings and vehicles which have been reduced to nothing by cinder . . . YET there will be vegetation, trees, shrubbery which stood right next to the buildings and they have not sustained any damage from the ravaging fires. We do indeed live in troublesome times.

    • Yes, exactly. It’s another one like the chemtrails. They can scoff all they like, simply looking at it tells us it isn’t what they say it was. “Forest fires” burn trees and shrubbery. Here you have melted cars (like 9-11) and untouched vegetation. Also, it hops from house to house and totally misses some. How would that happen?

      If you look at scalar wave technology there is evidence of similar results. The heat is actually a byproduct. It is produced by the “disassembly” of molecules. So it isn’t the heat that causes the destruction, the heat is merely one signature.

      There were videos of metal guard rails with flames coming out of them and the wooden supports were undamaged. Just like putting metal in a microwave oven.

      • Deplorable Patriot

        Yes, I’ve seen guard rails(wood) where the only place that was burning were where the bolts were. Same on the road signs. There wasn’t a flame on the ground anywhere near. In Santa Rosa they brought in the National Guard and took over. Fenced off areas where fire had been. Wouldn’t let anyone in burn area until they checked every single home. I’m told that the people that died looked like their bodies exploded before the got charred. Some friends of mine told me that their power went out for a second, and then came back on. Within seconds their whole home burst into flames. They only had time to run out the door. Nothing was on fire outside of their home. They lived out in the country. When the power shuts down, there is no backup, like some places in the city. It stays down. Energy weapon took their home out. Personally I think burn people out. Some places they won’t let you rebuild. Replacing the population with their own. Although the fires were everywhere, I bet the people that suffered the most, lost their homes, were conservatives. Any democrat or liberal caught up in the fire were collateral damage. That’s how democratic socialist operate. Replace private ownership with social ownership of the means of production.

    • Deplorable Patriot

      Yes, I’ve seen guard rails(wood) where the only place that was burning were where the bolts were. Same on the road signs. There wasn’t a flame on the ground anywhere near. In Santa Rosa they brought in the National Guard and took over. Fenced off areas where fire had been. Wouldn’t let anyone in burn area until they checked every single home. I’m told that the people that died looked like their bodies exploded before the got charred. Some friends of mine told me that their power went out for a second, and then came back on. Within seconds their whole home burst into flames. They only had time to run out the door. Nothing was on fire outside of their home. They lived out in the country. When the power shuts down, there is no backup, like some places in the city. It stays down. Energy weapon took their home out. Personally I think burn people out. Some places they won’t let you rebuild. Replacing the population with their own. Although the fires were everywhere, I bet the people that suffered the most, lost their homes, were conservatives. Any democrat or liberal caught up in the fire were collateral damage. That’s how democratic socialist operate. Replace private ownership with social ownership of the means of production.

      • DP: I’ve seen accounts like yours which should trouble us.

        My question is: PG&E has declared bankruptcy because the utilities company faces multi-billion$ lawsuits that claim its failure to properly maintain power lines led to the devastasting fires in Northern California. If there is credible evidence that the fires were caused by energy weapons, one would think that PG&E would dispute the lawsuits by pointing this out.

        • It’s nothing for them to declare bankruptcy. Somebody has to take the fall. But, believe what you like. Looking at it definitely doesn’t make me a believer in the forest fire theory.

          Just like the lines in the sky, the evidence that this isn’t a normal fire is everywhere. The rest is speculation. The cars look just like those on 9-11. Same effects. Bathtubs gone, countertops gone, stoves gone, trees just fine. Even those right next to the houses.

          The reason the people are “missing” is because they’ve been sublimated. They are GONE. Their melted cars are there next to their sublimated houses. Where did they “go”?

          This is another one that I didn’t WANT to believe. After looking at it long and hard I know it was no “normal” forest fire. The reason things melt in strange ways is that the heat is merely a byproduct. It isn’t the causative agent. The things that are made from molecules that vibrate rapidly are destroyed more readily. That isn’t how fire works.

          These were scalar events. The molecules became excited because they were bombarded with scalar waves. The bonds of the materials were broken. That produces heat, but more importantly it “deconstructs” whatever the material is.

  7. Go to and watch some videos. Dane Wigington has spent his life looking into chemtrails and other such phenomena that is dangerous to our health .. and to the planet.

  8. If you have watched the video, please tell me, how you can trust the military? I spent 12 yrs, i don’t

    • I know I don’t either and I spent time as a soldier and worked for them for forty-five years. To me this isn’t about “trust”. I simply don’t buy the Air Force alleged “pilot” referring to himself as a “soldier”. Further, the discussion of pay and being so “elite” is off-putting too.

      I simply don’t believe THAT. It could just be bragging but I doubt it. I have met countless guys (and girls) who were in the military that would like you to see them as Rambo or Rambette. I never met a Navy Viet Nam vet who didn’t try to tell me he was a river boat pilot or something that required bayonets in his teeth.

      Having been through all that I know bunk when I hear it. I’ve said here many times that I have little (or no) faith in claims of “insider knowledge” when it comes to military or government stuff. I don’t know everything but I’m fairly savvy about such things.

      Too many people have some silly notion that the military does pure research or that they are left to do whatever they think necessary. Both of those propositions are ridiculous. They do what they are told to do. They focus on their next promotion, period.

  9. Cough, cough, cough, at about 4:00 p.m. looks like, cough, cough, cough, Daytona racetrack up above the dusty skies.

  10. The small country I work in used to have pure blue skies until after the PM attended a paris accord, then came the streaks, haze, white residue..


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