North Korea dictator Kim Jong-Un brought his own toilet to summit with Trump

That sounds like a joke. But it’s not.
President Trump will meet with North Korea “rocket man” Kim Jong-Un in a historic, unprecedented US-NK Summit tomorrow in Singapore.

Mark Moore reports for the New York Post, June 11, 2018:

North Korean despot Kim Jong Un is so anal about thwarting spies that he brought his own portable toilet to the five-star hotel where he’s staying in Singapore for the summit with President Trump, according to a report.
The toilet, which will deny “sewer divers insights into the supreme leader’s stools,” arrived in a transport plane ahead of him that also carried special food and his bulletproof limousine, the South Korean website Chosun reported Monday.
Kim, whose trip to the summit with Trump is only the third time he’s left North Korea since assuming power in 2011, routinely uses a portable john that accompanies him wherever he goes.
Lee Yun Keol, who served in a North Korean guard unit before defecting to South Korea in 2005, said the country’s leader always travels with a person to keep his bodily functions away from prying eyes.
“Rather than using a public restroom, the leader of North Korea has a personal toilet that follows him around when he travels,” Lee told the Washington Post. “The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind.”
​Kim was so paranoid over fears that his plane would be shot down that on his trip to Singapore, he used an elaborate ruse involving three planes taking off an hour apart from each other to keep potential spies from seeing which aircraft he was on, Chosun reported.
And instead of traveling the usual Pyongyang-to-Shanghai-to-Singapore route that takes a little more than six hours but that includes sea routes that could leave him vulnerable, he opted to fly through Beijing.
That route extended the trip to 10 hours.
“Tension was very high in North Korea, hence the secrecy,” Chosun reported, quoting a source.
The leader of the Hermit Kingdom and his delegation are staying at the ultra-posh St. Regis Hotel in an upscale shopping district in Singapore.
Reports said he’s staying in the Presidential Suite on the hotel’s top floor that contains hand-painted silk panels and a baby grand piano.
The suite goes for up to $9,000 a night.

Please say a prayer for President Trump — that tomorrow’s meeting with Kim will be productive and fruitful.
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P.S. I just remembered my post of May 15, 2018, “Hillary Clinton directed U.S. diplomats to spy on and gather DNA of foreign officials”. Perhaps there is a good reason for Kim bringing his own toilet after all.

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Maybe he’s afraid of one of these…comment image

Joe Magil

George W, Bush did the same thing.

Auntie Lulu
Auntie Lulu

I agree with you Dr Eowyn, I do pray that this meeting will be fruitful. I further pray that angels will attend our President, and that he will not be taken in by the North Koreans if there is any attempt to bully or mistreat the American delegation. I don’t know precisely what went on in the recently concluded summit up in Canada. I have very strong feelings that starting with the close of WWII, when the USA was shoveling out monies to repair both the economies of other nations and their infrastructure . . . there was a mindset… Read more »

True George

Kim has good reason to use protocols while travelling. The media doesn’t say that the Secret Service is on the ground way before the POTUS comes and they will probably block off the building where he is staying…..

Jackie Puppet

I know a few people who absolutely refuse to use the bathroom at work – not cause they’re worried about spies, but they feel the bathrooms are still too dirty, even with sanitation workers on staff – they’ll wait until they get home.
This is just a step beyond that.


and a prayer that Kim will see the light and become a kinder genteler leader, lifting up his people instead of holding them down, that all should thrive and flourish.
And wouldn’t it be great if this is just the start of more nations starting to respect, learn from, and be friends with each other, while at the same time retaining their autonomy.
I wouldn’t want a one world order but I would like to see one world IN order.

Canadian Wildflower

I certainly hope Trump won’t insult Mr. Kim and North Korea like he did Trudeau at the G7 Summit! Trump can be so crude! Though I’m no fan of Trudeau, I think Trump could have paid more attention in “Manners” and “Diplomacy” classes!


“The leader’s excretions contain information about his health status so they can’t be left behind.”
Yeah, his ‘excretions’ would readily prove that he’s full of sh@t.
The eccentricities of being such a buffoon would diminish any possible benefit to holding such a position. IMHO


This just happened: Trump And Kim Sign Joint Agreement As Historic Singapore Summit Closes.
OMG! History has been made. Thank you President Trump!

Steven Broiles

If Donald Trump can actually pull this off and calm this rabid dog down, it would be a most valuable achievement, undoing some of the damage President Truman wreaked upon the world. But I am confident that John Bolton & Co. will do everything they can to sabotage it.
(At this point, I don’t see what harm could be done if Trump advertised cabinet positions in the New York Times—anything would be better than a lot of the men he’s stuck with!)


John, Loo, Head, etc.
I cannot vouch for the veracity of this article, but it’s a bit fun and after all, indoor plumbing changed everything, didn’t it?


I just read that VP Pence spoke w/Otto Warmbier’s family on Saturday before the summit to reassure them that Otto and what happened will not be forgotten. The family supports Trump in this effort.