North Carolina fire department loses funds over Confederate flag

uwharrie volunteer fire department facebook photo

Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department photo from Facebook

From Fox News: A fire department in North Carolina stands to lose at least $19,000 because of its refusal to remove a Confederate flag from its property. 
The Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department has been flying the Confederate flag in front of the fire station for years. Firefighters say it represents history and heritage, not racism. 
“The flag is not hurting a thing,” Lee Hudson, with the Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department, told WFMY. “We are not a racist department. We are not in any way. Members or the department as a whole.”
Montgomery County Commissioners (click on link to contact them), however, disagree.
“The Board of Commissioners stated their position, that they did think the flag was inappropriate and requested for the fire department to take it down,” Montgomery County Manager Matthew Woodard (click on link to contact Mr. Woodard) told WFMY.
The Board of Commissioners sent firefighters a letter last week saying that they will withhold funding for the department until it takes down the flag.
The Charlotte Observer reports the Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department gets $19,000 a year from Montgomery County, plus $400,000 annually for fire trucks. The department was organized as a non-profit corporation in 1983.
Firefighters said they do not plan on removing the Confederate flag any time soon.
“We would love to work with the county and for them to support us,” said Hudson. “But, we’re not going to move on the issue of taking down the flag.”
I found a GoFundMe page for the volunteer fire department. From the page:
“Uwharrie Volunteer Fire Department is a small rural fire department located in the middle of the Uwharrie National Forrest.  We have served our community and surrounding communities since 1983.  The departments volunteers have families, jobs, and are active in local churches.  We have 3 fundraisers per year to obtain the necessary funds to provide first response operations to our community and surrounding fire districts.  The restriction the county has placed on our funds makes the burden that the volunteers carry that much heavier.  All donations received will go towards continued operations, firefighting equipment and turn out gear for the volunteers.  The UVFD has always been heavily supported by its community and would like to say thank you for all of your support.  The support the Fire Dept. has received during the recent days has been overwhelming and encouraging not only from our local residents but those from other states as well.
We will continue to serve our community regardless of the restrictions placed upon us.”
If you’d like to donate, go here.

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Dr. Eowyn

I just sent a tweet to Pres. Trump about this. If you twitter, please send one as well.


I sent Mr. Morris a long letter, trying to educate him on the history of his area. Hope it helps!


I’ll be dam, my son is a fire fighter-first responder, these gentlemen lose their own lives to save the life of others, what they endure when babies are found dead, and when they find a burn body inside the trunk of a car, they take with them forever. These GENTLEMEN know not confederate flags but only our American flag. To deny funds is criminal. MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS YOU CAN ALL GO TO HELL! And when you need the firemen, they’ll be there to save your stinking ass in less than a minute.


These are despicable people. The people who live in that town are the ones who are put in danger by funds being withheld. It’s not about race; these firemen put their lives in jeopardy for anyone who needs them.
I’ll gladly donate to them!


Maryaha, thank you. I’ve seen grown men cry when a buddy perishes in a fire, or if they lose a pal for natural causes, they go to church and participate in retreats, so moving. They share this special kind of bond, blacks, whites, there’s no color here, for 24 hours, they think, they act as one body and they believe in God.


Go to the page and donate. They can raise that money in no time. Paypal — easy peasy.


Just some flag stories: Since both my husband & I come from the East coast, here in CA—with our neighbors waving the Mexican flag on their homes, cars, during “protests,” etc, we’ve often considered flying the flags of our respective cultures….My husband’s grandmother was a Polish immigrant who married a Maltese merchant seaman….his father is Scott-Welsh descent from “Grandfather Mountain” area of Carolina….and I am a total mishmash of British Isles, German/Austrain, Swiss, Swede, Dutch, Dane, Finn, with one late Northern Italian thrown in. If we were to fly the flags of our “cultural” upbringings between us….we’d probably post the… Read more »


How very “Soviet” of them. Rewriting history, an old despotic fave. This is both ignorant and arrogant at the same time. The War of Northern Aggression was not about slavery. It was not a “civil war” because the South did not seek to take over and rule the entire country.
So now these modern communists are attempting to shame others into their accepted version of reality. What intolerant, reactionary, ignorant jerks.