North Carolina 18th State to Adopt Arizona Immigration Law

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Hey, Obama!
North Carolina has joined 17 other states in adopting an immigration law similar to Arizona’s SB 1070 that you demonizes as “misguided” and which your attorney general, State Dept spokesman, and Homeland Security secretary can’t be bothered to read.
Current count: 19 states favoring SB 1070; 31 more states to go.
From Americans for Legal Immigration PAC:
North Carolina now becomes the 18th state that ALIPAC has documented moving forward with a version of Arizona’s controversial, yet popular immigration law. Numerous scientific and certified polls indicate 60-81% public support for local police enforcing immigration law as the Arizona bill does.
NC’s Senate Joint Resolution (SJ 1349), filed by NC State Senator Don East (R-Surry), and would allow a version of Arizona’s immigration bill (SB 1070) to be filed during the short session of the NC Legislature this year. This resolution has 12 sponsors already and room for more lawmakers to add their names.
North Carolina’s legislature is currently in what is called the “short session’ where only bills relevant to the state budget are allowed to be filed. It requires a joint resolution to be passed to waive that rule.
Passage of SJ 1349 would allow Senator East to file NC’s version of the Arizona bill, which would be titled “AN ACT TO CREATE THE CRIME OF WILLFUL FAILURE TO CARRY OR COMPLETE AN ALIEN REGISTRATION
“I am proud to announce that North Carolina’s lawmakers are rising to support Arizona and 17 other states for the Rule of Law and immigration enforcement,” said William Gheen, a North Carolina native and President of the nation’s 3rd largest immigration enforcement group. “We need to send a clear message to Washington to secure our borders and a clear message to illegal aliens to go home.”
ALIPAC’s extensive national network of citizen activists helped pass Arizona’s immigration enforcement bill SB 1070 and has since worked to help carry versions of the bill to as many other states as possible.
ALIPAC’s national strategy is to encourage as many other states as possible to follow Arizona’s lead to alleviate the political antagonism directed at Arizona from the government of Mexico, the National Council of La Raza, President Obama and several liberal city councils.
ALIPAC’s North Carolina supporters are being asked to call and write their state legislators in support of Senator East’s SJ 1349, which is a version of Arizona’s immigration enforcement law for NC. Special efforts are requested to ask the chairman of the Senate Rules Committee, David Hoyle (D-Gaston, (919) 733-5734) to request the bill be scheduled for consideration in committee.

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0 responses to “North Carolina 18th State to Adopt Arizona Immigration Law

  1. My mouth is still open wide! I am shocked that the liberal fools in Raleigh running our state are doing this. Keep in mind, I truly live in the middle of nowhere, and I mean NOWHERE! We only used to have Mexicans at our local Mexican restaurant, and we know them all by name. Just last week, I see Mexicans picking up trash on our nearest two-lane county road that is not a main road. Why are they here and how could they find a job when our county unemployment is 17%, one of the worst in NC? For years we have had a nice elderly lady who would go out weekly and pick up trash along that road just to be a good citizen. Maybe SEIU got rid of her.

  2. Rule of Law… not like in North Korea or Zimbabwe!

  3. It’s about time the NC legislature got involved with this issue! They should have given attention to this issue YEARS ago, before the illegal Mexicans invaded our fine state …. and brought their drugs and scuzzy culture with them.

    • Pook— the sad thing about all of this is that the Mexicans are actually very nice, hard-working people. They are family oriented and have good values. They just need to come in the proper way. I would take them any day to chronic welfare and food stamp moochers!

  4. I have always enjoyed Hispanic and Latino people-they are beautiful people, most of whom are devoted Catholics, and these are people who are legally in this country and have gone through the process of complying with this country’s laws. In fact, I am a sponsor in Confirmation for a lovely Hispanic lady in our Parish. The real issue is, that we cannot condone and encourage a consistent and regular influx into this country of people from any nation, illegally, with their thumbs in the air at our laws and requirements. I am truly aware that INS needs reforming and more efficiency, and that is what needs to be perfected, as the system is slow and arduous. They need to improve the system. Nevertheless, people must follow our laws. There are numerous Latinos and Hispanics that have legally entered into this country. If they can do it, why not the others?

  5. Hispanics are no different from people of other countries, they just need to be here legally. I was doing some research on retiring to Mexico. Mexico requires us to have visa’s to stay in their country, and also, they require proof of income. What I mean by this, is, they require you show proof that you have $1500.00 going into an account. Why does Mexico’s president get upset with us for wanting their people to come here legally. That really baffles me.

    • Because there’s no lack of the human capacity for hypocrisy and duplicity. Politicians especially are prone to being demagogues, exploiting the people’s passions for their own ends. Mexico’s president is one. So is the Punk in the White House.

  6. All this talk on illegal immigrants brings up another topic, the fight on terrorism. I may just be a simple man, but I can’t help thinking, why do we spend all this money to send our troops around the world, and to me it seems like it is not making much of a difference. Wouldn’t it be more logical to put our troops on all of our borders, and airports, and put a stop to illegal immigrants, and terrorism, all at the same time. Makes more sense to me to fight this war on our own turf, than to be spending tax dollars on troops and equipment in other countries. They talk about homeland security, but most of our resources are somewhere else fighting this war. I don’t know, maybe I am just blind and don’t see the whole picture.

    • Good question, Robert. Our border with Mexico is a war zone; 3 counties in southern Arizona are now off limits to Americans because the federal govt deems it too dangerous due to Mexican drug lords.

  7. Yes, Mexicans are good people, the ones who come over here legally, work hard and save for their lives in this country and their children’s futures. I have Mexican neighbors on all sides of me and NONE of them are for illegal immigration or amnesty. They all worked very hard for what they have and NONE of them are on government subsistence.
    This is not about illegal immigration, it’s about chaos and allowed invasion as a diversion. Don’t be fooled, keep your eyes open and watch your state governments, the federal government is working for anarchy.

    • Servaline,
      I wish good legal Mexican Americans, such as your neighbors, would SPEAK UP! Just as I wish the good Muslims would speak up against the jihadists who are waging war in the name of their religion.
      The greatest sins are the sins of silence in the face of evil. Through their silence, they are aiding and abetting those who cynically endeavor to make all this a racial/racist issue.


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