Non-Traditional Christmas Lights

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It’s supposed to be a candle, but it sure looks like something else….
Going for the abstract-impressionism look….
“Yes, honey, I did as you asked. I hung up the Christmas lights!”
“Yes, honey. I untangled the messy ball of lights and strewn it up like you wanted!”
The store employee who put up these lights must be dyslexic:
Christmas lights by an atheist with passive-aggressive issues:
When you live next to a Christmas lights overachiever….
Giving America the finger: 2012 White House Christmas Lights
H/t Break

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0 responses to “Non-Traditional Christmas Lights

  1. That was awesome. I laughed more and more with each one. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Dr. E,
    I needed a laugh.

  3. “Love these!!!” keep’m coming!!! lol

  4. Love this too. The first pic is a candle. The pic is side ways. You can tell by looking at the brick wall. I really love “DITTO”

  5. Thank you Break and Dr. Eowyn for this cute post!

  6. Oh my gosh how creative! BTW-I love the snow! At first I thought I was hallucinating!

  7. Truly a LOT of good stuff here, so it’s on its way back East and internationally ASAP!


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