Non-pilot to be new commander of US Air Force in Pacific

The POS’s destruction of the U.S. military continues, and Congress will not do a thing to stop it. Why? Because the new commander-nominee is a woman.
If a woman wants to be Commander of USAF Pacific, all she has to do is to be a career combat pilot. But Lori Robinson is not. Her nomination is rank politics — the Left’s ideology of Affirmative Action over competence and training.

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0 responses to “Non-pilot to be new commander of US Air Force in Pacific

  1. To Obama: experience doesn’t matter, sexual orientation does. Which is how he became POTUS as a junior senator…no experience and sexual orientation that aligns with ~2.3% of the population.

  2. I have decided to do dentistry. I have been an assistant in the past but I figure what the heck, if she can do something like this so can I. 😷I’ll just learn as I go and pray no one gets hurt in the process. What a jackass Obama is.

  3. Non-Rated Ops at least… but those are still the folk who mis-identified and directed the shoot-down of two U.S. Blackhawk helicopters the Iraq No Fly zone in ’94.

  4. More religious BS from the crazies on the right – pure hatred.


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