Nobel Committee Rescinds Obama’s Peace Prize

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Obama Forfeits Peace Prize

By Robert S. Becker – June 26 2011 – Information Clearing House

Stuck between shame and chagrin, the Nobel Peace Prize Committee has for the first time in human history reversed a past prize selection. With high drama this week, the Committee notified President Obama his misguided 2009 Prize has been formally rescinded, requesting the $1.4 million payoff be returned.

“It’s not about the money,” conceded a press release, “we have a sacred obligation to protect the honor of humanitarian-arms maker Alfred Nobel. Plus, there’s the reputation of renowned peacemakers like Henry Kissinger we need to treasure. Sadly, we are forced to conclude that since his ’09 award ceremony Obama has qualified as nothing less than the world’s greatest, pre-emptive warmonger. Frankly, outgunning Bush, with three new discretionary wars, contradicts humanistic notions of peacemaking. We are chagrined that, after the fact and in only two years, our winner doubled his war production. It’s this reversal that triggers ours, despite all the office wall signage we have to change.”

Apparently, killing civilians with unmanned predatory drones in Pakistan, Yemen, and Libya pushed the Committee over the line. “Unlike Obama or Bush, we at Nobel admit blunders,” explained Bjorn Bjorn, “Obama’s soaring rhetoric carried magic dust because we, too, got enthralled by demonstrably empty promises. What were we thinking? Instead of ending regional violence, Obama has notched his military credibility, again and again. Our worst fear is that our Prize provided cover for new assaults, thus deflecting anti-war outrage. The only good news is the Afghan surge wasn’t a prelude to striking Iran.”

Historically, Nobel choices have incited strong reactions, Bjorn continued, “like selecting hard-line, Vietnam cold warrior Henry Kissinger. But never before have we honored a leader blatantly wedded to pre-emptive bombing of civilians in non-attacking countries. What’s the underlying Obama credo, “All we are saying is give war a chance”?


Alas, the above is SATIRE. Ha Ha Ha Ha

But if those Norwegian socialists on the Nobel Peace Prize Committee have any shred of moral integrity, this should be real instead of satire.

It was bad enough that the NPPC awarded the Peace Prize to such non-pacifists as Yassar Arafat (1994) and Henry Kissinger (1973), and swindlers such as Al Gore and the UN’s IPCC (2007), but giving it to Obama 8½ months into his presidency takes the cake.

Congrats, NPPC, for utterly trashing the meaning of “peace” and of “prize”.

H/t beloved fellow and brave Microsoft whistleblower Tony Whitcomb.


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14 responses to “Nobel Committee Rescinds Obama’s Peace Prize

  1. No fair Eowyn!
    I was suspicious when I saw the stupid picture…but for a fraction of a nanosecond…..the world made sense.
    Sadly, everything reverted immediately back to its’ crazy making up is down, down is up “normal” reality.
    I hear POTUS is about to take off for another Martha’s Vineyard vacation…I guess M’s 800K African vacay last week wasn’t quite enough…
    More golf!!!!!
    do I sound bitter? You betcha.

  2. You almost stopped my heart with joy!

    Shame on you.

    • Ditto! I only now came across this and, just as did May’s, my heart leapt up, foolishly believing a measure of sanity had returned to Obamaland. And while I’m 200% in support of all that you wrote, really, such a naughty Eowyn you are on this! What about those of us w/a pre-existing heart condition? Good thing I was sitting in front of my computer when I read it….

  3. Too bad Norwegians don’t have enough of a sense of humor to call everyone back into the hall, summon the committee from Stockholm, and rescind the award. Aspirational Peace Prizes never work right when the recipient is a marionette rather than a master…

    • A wonderfully witty –albeit painfully true– comment! From my POV, it’s impossible to write off the Obamamama too much. After all, how much can one say about a zero-man, a human vacuity, not even a bag of hot air, just emptiness. Bill Clinton also showed this defect. During his first campaign he took time off to return to his home state to ensure that Ricky Ray Rector, w/an estimated intelligence of a four year old, was executed in spite of world-wide pleas to let him be imprisoned for life. Too bad Clinton wasn’t imprisoned for life instead!

      [“Rector seemed incapable of understanding his pending death sentence. For his last meal, he left the pecan pie on the side of the tray, telling the guards who came to take him to the execution chamber that he was saving it “for later”.”

  4. oh, you had me going for a moment 🙂

  5. Remember the Anti-Christ will come as a man of peace. The peace prize gives Obama a carte blanche to invade any country he likes thus getting HIS agenda across to a gullible public. Any one notice how none of the “anti-war brigade” or “anti war movements” are protesting against the war in Libya, the one soon to start in Syria and the one destined for Sudan. Obama the darling of the Left. God will sort him out and then we will have real peace. God bless you all and take care. remember the good guys always win in the end. Amen.

    • Good grief, Lone. I’d forgotten that we are warned that the Anti-Christ will come as a man of peace.

      Now Obama being given the Nobel Peace Prize has gone beyond being ludicrous to being sinister…. 🙁

  6. More good news, the anti-Semite/Israeli flotilla of the Left sailing from Ireland has been sabotaged in Turkey. Who said there is no God?

  7. Sorry for the satire post, folks.
    Obama is a fraud

    All I can say in my defense is that when I first read the article that Tony had e-mailed me, for a second, my heart leapt, too, before sense was restored. LOL

  8. Eowyn, I was about to say you made my day until I read the entire post! I love the art work and the titles! Ingenious! Those idiots who awarded O the prize instead of many other enduring and living martyrs, will never admit they are wrong because of narcissism! And yes, dear Sister, the Anti-Christ according to the Book of Revelation is to come as a man of peace, enthralling the whole world with himself! I thought of this when O was elected president (Oh, I mean King). But gladly, O doesn’t have the intelligence to be an Anti-Christ as he is a puppet. This is my analysis.


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