Noah vs The Jim Bakker Show

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When Noah heard from God that a great flood was coming…


…did he first try to make a fortune selling life preservers before the rain started?


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0 responses to “Noah vs The Jim Bakker Show

  1. It’s really quite astonishing that, despite Jim Bakker’s sex scandal and imprisonment for accounting fraud, he managed not only to resurrect himself as a televangelist, but dupe countless people. Americans must really be stupid.

  2. Doc, I think Americans cornered the market years ago on Stupidity.

  3. Jim Bakker is a money changer and like Jesus whipped the money changers at the synagogue … Bakker will get his whipping…in hell!!

  4. And Jimmy Swaggart is alive and well after his sleazy encounter. What a world!

  5. Bakker and Swaggart were like the ultimate tag team for disqualifying the Christian voice from American public opinion for at least twenty years. And now they are back. I hope Swaggart has reformed.

  6. The difference between the people of Noah’s time and now is that there were only eight souls who had pure geneology. Today there are many true Christians who will share the boat ride.

  7. Someone made a comment a while back ” Last I looked God didn’t need any money ….. but man did” …. someone posted the houses cars and even planes/jets some of the top tv preachers owned while some of their (Fleeced) flock struggle


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