No worries kids, you're safe: Student suspended for drawing of stick figure holding gun

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wral photo

The drawings of a young, suspended teen boy/WRAL photo

No need to wonder if the FBI is doing their job.
No need to wonder if any troubling behaviors gave local Florida law enforcement plenty of opportunities to investigate and arrest the Parkland shooter — and even take away his guns — long before he shot up Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
Worry no more! School administrators are now concerned about a young boy’s drawing of stick figures.
From WRAL (Sampson County, NC): A middle school student in Sampson County was suspended over a doodle that showed stick figures holding guns and knives.
The incident happened several weeks ago at Roseboro Salemburg Middle School and the father of the 13-year-old boy said he can’t believe his son received a two-day suspension for what he calls a harmless picture.
“I see a guy in a race car souped-up. I see a tower that he built. I see him holding his gun, he’s a deer hunter. I see him with a magician and I see him as a Ninja Turtle,” James Herring said. “[He’s] just expressing himself, nothing violent.”
Herring said his son does have access to weapons that he uses for hunting, but they’re kept under lock and key. He said his son is not violent and wasn’t having any emotional issues when he made the drawings.
Herring said he was shocked when the school called and said his son was being suspended. “When I see that, I see a normal 13-year-old boy. I drew pictures like this, any other person of his age drew drawings like this. It’s nothing to get expelled from school for,” he said.
While the seventh grader has returned to school, his father is wondering what type of message the school system is trying to send by suspending his son.
“Due to everything happening in the nation, we’re just being extra vigilant about all issues of safety,” said Sampson County Schools’ Superintendent Eric Bracy.
While Bracy wouldn’t talk about the specifics of the suspension given to Herring’s son, he said punishments for students for a variety of offenses are outlined in the student handbook.
“There are some things that list possible threats or things like that. We’ve got category one, two, three and four, which sort of grades potential incidents and the level or seriousness,” Bracy said about the punishments outlined in the handbook.
Herring said his son’s drawings were made before the shooting at a Parkland, Fla. school that killed 17 people.
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0 responses to “No worries kids, you're safe: Student suspended for drawing of stick figure holding gun

  1. This is child abuse. The parents should sue Roseboro Salemburg Middle School and the school district.

  2. Well, not to put too fine a point on it……. WTF! Whilst the kid is not an artist, I recognize the appeal. I guess they would have hung me!
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. When children can see on television and film, one after another movies where the good guys utilize guns to take out the bad guys . . . yet these insane educators crucify a 13 year old for drawing stick figures holding a gun. The father of this boy admits that the pictures were created before the shooting in Florida. There will be little wonder if this generation of students, and those who follow have severe emotional disturbance due to the goofy way that educators interact with them.
    It is ludicrous that when the local police, and the FBI, and the school officials in Parkland, FL failed to do their due diligence, yet we have everyone and their cousin pouncing on poor young people, for the sin of being young, and doing the things that young people do.
    I certainly do agree with Dr Eowyn, the parent’s should take these educators to court.

  4. Stupid bureaucrats with no sense (when they’re not raving left/libtards) run our schools.

    • Anonymous . . . . Amen to that! When I read my voter’s guide each and every election, in pursing the various kooks who are running . . . it comes down to “which candidate will do the least amount of damage,” and that’s who I vote for.

  5. Imagine, insulting all those academic snowflakes and making them run to their safe space. Sue the bastards.

  6. As much as I hate to say this my son was suspended from grade school for something similar. He took a eraser top off of a pencil then took a larger eraser that was square he used staples to make arms and legs and use the top part as a head.
    The school called us and suspend him and my wife went down to talk to them they said it was a weapon. By the time my wife got through with the guidance counselor the principle did not what to talk to her but they put my son right back into class not sure what she told them she refuses to tell me but it had something to do with me coming down to talk with them.
    Sad story but true we home schooled till the 10th grade after that.

  7. I feel safer already.
    (Shoots self in head.)
    You know, I heard a term recently that sums this insanity up perfectly: anarchotyranny. It’s not a new term, apparently, but it’s new to me. It’s when real crime go unpunished, but when you COMMENT on said crime, THAT’S a punishable offense. What is happening to Count Dankula (and his Nazi-saluting Pug) is a perfect example. Or the kid in the instant case.
    (Shoots self in head without missing this time.)

    • Yes, another version is when they punish someone for something that is NOT a crime, it just is irritating to a group or person. If nobody raises a fuss, its now a precedent.
      That’s like “hate speech”. What exactly is that? It’s speech somebody doesn’t like.
      Some of us (including me), have a handicap when dealing with things like this. We expect civil, respectable behavior. Dealing with people for whom ethics or morals have no meaning places us at a disadvantage.
      For these savages, the end truly justifies the means. They do not think in terms of “right and wrong”, only what they want.

      • You nailed it.
        Ol’ Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals; what a playbook that is. With that and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, any old psychopath can rule the world. But while Alinsky ostensibly divides us all between the “haves” and the “have-nots”, what he really means is (a) those of us for whom the end ALWAYS justifies the means, and (b) those of us for whom the end NEVER justifies the means. (The “SOMETIMES” people fall under the former, they just don’t realize it yet.)
        The column (a) people must laugh at us column (b) chumps who actually try to live by the non-aggression principle and the Golden Rule (nearly the same things). Maybe we’re the meek who shall ultimately inherit the earth. Fingers crossed.

      • lophatt . . . I agree with you completely, you and I, and all the other conservatives out there are at a decided disadvantage when trying to deal with the uncivilized libtards. You cannot deal with folks who are unable to reason, but who only deal with “their feelings about things.” This is nonsensical to the extreme.

    • Yup, “anarcho-tyranny”– allowing lawlessness in order to crack-down on folk (usually law-abiding) one doesn’t like in the name addressing said lawlessness… see today’s Britain:

  8. I look at it this way: The school did the boy a favor. This is yet another example of liberalism being a mental disorder and school normalizing and institutionalizing mental illness!
    Seriously: The state should GET OUT of the education of children and leave it to the parents and the churches. You Know, the state hosts and funds mass education, and it would have us think that it is normal. Nothing could be further from the truth. PUBLIC EDUCATION IS A CULT.
    That’s Right: Public education is a cult, and it’s very cleverly disguised. It runs under the cover of “secular humanism,” and it is anything but human. This is because the Power Elites want us all dead, followers of the (proved false) paradigm of Malthusianism. This trickles on down to the rats in the school basement! Public education cranks out nothing but clones and drones! (And many of them are Ritalined up!)
    Think public education = Think Al Gore!
    Get it?

    • Steven, you are absolutely, 100% correct.
      I didn’t always think like that; however, by the time my own kid started middle school (7th grade for us), it had become abundantly clear to me that there was definitely something rotten in Denmark, and I got him the hell out of there. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner.
      My boy will be 21 in the fall. He’s been working at the same place (rock, gem, and jewelry store) since he turned 16, and even got his gemology certification by his 18th birthday (aced all five of the classes, and they weren’t easy at all). Though gemology is his passion, he wants to have a profession that will enable him to support a family, so he’s been trying to find a suitable path. Geology was in the running, but he doesn’t want to travel. He has finally settled on psychology, though he knows it means a MINIMUM of seven years, and more likely eight to ten years of formal education. He would make an amazing therapist, and I think he would find it to be an immensely fulfilling career, but I shudder to think of him being exposed to the poison that comes from the social “sciences”. He has, thankfully, the protection of the full armor of God (though not religious, that young man is DEVOUT). He is also armed with the knowledge of the vast brainwashing scheme that is imposed upon us all (after all, he has ME for a mother), which I think offers a deal of protection. He also knows that if it’s too awful, he can (and will) go to a trade school and learn something truly useful, like electronics or welding.
      Oh, this damnable system! I am so over it…and yet we’re still forced to play its game.

    • Steven, I’d add that it’s exclusively the state that licenses and so covertly sanctions the constant streaming of the most extreme depictions of violence imaginable in pre-teenage and early teenage boys’ TV programs. Our little guys are saturated with robot killers possessing massive fire power and super heroes who zap/incinerate their enemies at will. If they watch the news with the folks, they learn there can’t be too many “kills” in America’s military operations, and that if you want to grow up to be a hero, you’d better suit up in the latest Army killing gear. Movies they watch depict humans torturing or massacring other humans with realistic accuracy. And how about the virtual apotheosis of an evil madman in American Sniper, to the point even women were singing this cowardly dirtbag’s praise?
      Where are the Republicans and Dems demanding that the heads of Hollywood and TV studios be publicly displayed on pikes, as they should be if the government as it claims uses violence for the greater good? As for Dr Bracy, he’s just keeping his head down, I’m guessing, having a wife and three kids, knowing that the new duty of care for educators is of the North Korean variety and has almost nothing to do with safety in the schools.
      The blatant brainwashing about gun drawings being Orwellian doubleplus ungood crimethink is so utterly laughable considering what these little guys see on gov-licensed TV that it probably inadvertently teaches the commonsence civics lesson that the US federal government is the illegitimate, hostile entity it appears to be.

    • Steven . . . . It is little wonder that you could not stand being in any of the school systems any more. You see right through the BS, and I cannot imagine that you would willingly teach such nonsense to your students. I agree, in today’s schools . . . far too many student’s are forced into taking Ritalin. Although, there are some things that will be denied you as an adult if you have ever taken Ritalin, such as getting a pilots license. So, here children’s futures are piddled away by “well intentioned” (SARC) adults in the school system. Frankly, I think things were better when students had to fear getting a butt whippin’ if they got too far out of line–rather than dope them up, and perhaps permanently change their brains.

  9. Oh yes, they’re jumping right in and limiting everybody’s choices, as usual. “They” will determine what is “permissible”.
    Today I read that Washington State has made it “illegal” to treat gays for queerness. That’s right, not that I think there’s much science to psychology to begin with, but obviously The State knows better.
    So, just like the proven science involved with “gender”, their “theory” that “identification/attraction” is a “choice” is to be mandated by law. Apparently, we no longer have any say in this. I don’t recall asking for this.

  10. Kevin J Lankford

    “………….just being extra vigilant about all issues of safety”? If these teachers and administrators were sincere in their commitment to the students and their safety they would surely have the curiosity and means to investigate beyond the official and media narratives of these crisis events.
    Even more, I find it hard to believe that most with in these schools where these events take place are not aware of exactly what is going on, as the ‘crisis drills’ are announced and scheduled before hand. There must be some one some where who has refused to cooperate.

    • There can be little doubt. It is probable that not all of the faculty is aware, but certainly the administration are willing participants. We are living in the “compliance age”. Nobody wants to be labeled as a “non-conformist”.
      We must demand that we are left alone by would-be authorities overstepping their mandates. It isn’t up to them, or their owners, to decide what is “best” for us. They are supposed to work for us.

    • There may be someone out there who doesn’t cooperate, but that person is most likely in the unemployment line, and probably blackballed from getting another teaching job anywhere near that person’s home. Unless that person can financially afford the risk, or can fall back on a different career path, there won’t be many whistle-blowers calling out BS.

  11. If the kid draws 5 or 6 stick figures holding guns,and eats his sandwich to be shaped like a gun,THEN holds his hand in a gun shape,just IMAGINE the violence he could wreak on society!!!

  12. OH-something ELSE-they need to outlaw COFFEE MUGS-the loops we put our fingers in when we pick them up is shaped JUST like an AR15 TRIGGER GUARD!!!

  13. Not even close to being legal– not to mention they suspended him for “disrupting the educational process” they decided to do.

  14. WHAT! I am a middle school teacher and I can testify (in court—at the Supreme Court—at a Congressional Hearing…WHATEVER) that all middle school boys eventually draw a stick figure with a gun—shooting hyphenated dots to show bullets….AND OY! They also draw male penises and scrotums all over my desks, in books….whatever…..I call them “self portraits” and ask to whom they refer–aloud—when I find them…….which usually brings a laugh…b/c I want a LAUGH instead of the power-model they were meant to be…instead of the public harrassment/humilation/power play they might symbolize to my little girl students who have to suffer this crap day after day from their young male co-students…..
    You guys have to get a life…or at least a decent school psychologist to explain things to you……

  15. Well, I for one, am very happy the schools are on top of this and we are safe from rubber bands, staples, pop tarts and erasures and pieces of cardboard cut into the shape of guns. Because we have nothing else to be cautious of, right? And by all means putting in school leadership that can’t even handle a small and simple discipline problem. I mean, it is very important to call the parents and the police to handle these crimes and periods of suspension.
    Never in my wildest dreams would I ever think it would get to this point.

  16. Let me get this straight …….A kid who draws stick figures holding a gun is more dangerous than a another kid who had the cops called out to his house on 34 occasions ? Or had fellow students see something /say something …( thanks for that brainstorm Napolitano ;……..F.B.I., Broward Co. Sheriffs Dept . ……so much for due diligence .)I may not be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree , but 34 calls to the house and fellow students saying something should out way ( by a pant load ) some child drawing a stick figure holding a gun .

  17. Clearly, the cops felt the school should handle discipline about young kids saying unsubtatiated stupid stuff instead. (School people seem to be driving such involvement out of hysteria or “an abundance of caution” whenever anything related to guns, shooting, etc. comes up.)

  18. When are writing instruments going to be banned so kids can’t draw those mean old guns that kill people?
    Pens, pencils, chalk, and markers are so-o-o-o archaic, 20th Century – “it’s 2018, people!”


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