No words, just heart…

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She will bite they said…

She will bite they said…

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    Dogs are beautiful and loving.

  2. Those are beautiful pictures. Animals are amazing. It reminds me of stories my mom would tell me about a cat she had named Toby. When ever I was left alone even in the crib as a baby the cat would lay next to me. The cat would never let anyone touch me except my mom. My mom kept a diary of those things and she read it to me when I was older. Animals are very amazing.

  3. It is true that when a new-born baby is suddenly introduced to a dog or cat there could be a negative reaction, so please consider the circumstances. If you were sleeping or resting quietly, expecting nothing, and suddenly an object is pushed into your face, a strange new thing which has unique odours and sounds, you too would be startled. And if the animal was already a bit edgy, this would make matters worse.

    ALWAYS introduce a new baby slowly, quietly, and be prepared to withdraw rapidly and safely if there’s a sign of non-acceptance. It may take several introductions before the setting works for both parties.

    After all, how awkward was your first date, even if a year later it was the love of your life?


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