No Words are Necessary

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We all receive emails of photos that grab the heartstrings, the special photos that capture moments so universally understood — no words are necessary.  My friend, Kelleigh, recently sent me these.   Enjoy!

H/T to the wonderful unknown artists who produced these remarkable  photos. 


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  1. AWW! What a beautiful way to wake up this morning, thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Luvs these pics!

  3. How many readers recall “The Family of Man”, the great photographic collection that toured the world in the 1960s? All B&W if I recall correctly, but just as powerful beyond words as these newer ones.

  4. Thank you. There is good in the world. Surrounded as we are with stupidity and debauchery it is calming to immerse ourselves in the peace of hope, love and companionship.

  5. With all the horror in the world, sometimes I just can’t take it all. And then I see things like this and remember what it’s all about. Thank you so much for posting these joyful pictures


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