No swearing in town, I swear!

Massachusetts town to vote on $20 fines for cursing in public

Fox News: Mimi Duphily was hanging baskets of pink geraniums on antique street lamps downtown for the Middleborough Beautification and Activities Group when she noticed something else that needed cleaning up — citizens’ mouths.
“The cursing has gotten very, very bad. I find it appalling and I won’t tolerate it,” said Duphily, a civic leader in the otherwise quiet New England community, which calls itself the Cranberry Capital of the World. “No person should be allowed to talk in that manner.”

Soon, Middleborough residents who do could risk a $20 fine.
Duphily, 63, tried scolding the cursers — whom she describes as young people shouting the “F-word” back and forth — with a stern, “Hey kids, that’s enough!” Then she conferred with the Beautification and Activities Group, which informed the Middleborough Business Coalition, which then called a summit with Middleborough Police Chief Bruce Gates, who now, in his sworn role, is trying to stomp out swears.
He is asking citizens to vote at the annual Town Meeting on Monday to flush potty mouths by granting police the power to issue $20 civil tickets to anyone who publicly “accosts” another person verbally with profanity.
He isn’t targeting ordinary swears, like an understandable expletive uttered after a Red Sox loss. He said he is aiming at offenses like “profane language at some attractive female walking through town.” His officers patrol on bikes and can already give tickets for public drinking, rubbish thrown in streets and more. Cursing is another “quality of life” issue, he said.

After all, who wants to go downtown and “listen to that baloney?” he said.
I certainly agree with them in that I don’t want to hear baloney like that yet apparently this woman hasn’t heard of the First Amendment. 
One would think that the police in this city would have higher priorities.  Yet with a budget deficit of over $500,000, I guess they need to find additional revenues elsewhere.
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Ya know, GF, I told Mimi a million times not to exaggerate, and to stop swearing, as it sounds like Hell!


Government is just plain dumb. They do everything they can to remove God, Jesus, prayer, and destroy the church, and then when people start acting like animals they try to legislate morality. Doh.


“Hope springs eternal in the human breast….” and all that, dontcha know?


Or maybe Mimi could get ear plugs?