No Speak English, No Service

Sign At Local Eatery: No English, No Service

From, for patrons at a Lexington, North Carolina diner, it doesn’t get much clearer: if you don’t speak English, you won’t get service. A sign, posted on the door at the Reedy Creek Family Diner off Highway 150, warns guests that the staff is only prepared to converse with those who speak “American.”
The sign reads: “God bless America and all who those who protect and serve our great country. We only speak and understand American.”
Besides American English, the “No Speak English, No Service” phrase was also translated into French, German, Russian and Spanish.
About a month ago the restaurant owner Greg Simons said he posted the sign after he and his wait staff were put into an uncomfortable situation with a group of customers. “They got offended because we couldn’t speak any Spanish. They were frustrated. I was frustrated as well and they left. Unfortunately I don’t have anybody here that’s bilingual,” said Simons.
Simons believes people are taking his sign out of context, making a racial issue out of something he says is merely a communication issue. “It doesn’t really make any sense to me. Why would I want to alienate any customers?” Simons said.
He’s received complaints that this sign is racist.  Yet his sign doesn’t say “We don’t serve Mexicans, Blacks, etc.” They are a protected class and that would be discrimination. Is it too much for a business owner to request that you speak English in the USA?

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I’m with you Greg! tell’em don’t let the door hit you on the way out!!! They cost the taxpayers tons of money,as the govt.thinks we have to hire people to teach them English,no,no,no. Years ago I was a teachers aide. We had a little student come into kindergarten that could not speak one word of English,we accomodated him the best we could,{show and tell} and in 3 weeks he could speak as well as the others. Then there are the ones that say “No comprende” my a$$! they understand every word you say,but if they can make you think otherwise… Read more »

lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie
lowtechgrannie lowtechgrannie

About 10 years ago my neighbors, ethnic Tibetans from India, enrolled their kids in public school. They were upset when the district insisted on enrolling their 13 year old daughter in ESL. She spoke four languages very well, including English. I explained to him that the district gets extra money for each ESL student.
There’s good evidence that language immersion is more effective than ESL, and well-to-do people will seek out language immersion classes; but there is a financial incentive for districts slot as many students in ESL as possible.


LOL – What makes you so sure they do?


the victim class always manages to get the last word in on anything and if they don’t like it they use the race card…


Great post DCG!!!
Common sense is never part of the equation with people who want to overthrow our society. We have all seen the accusation of racism trotted out for every excuse.