No snow nor rain nor hurricane’s gonna stop this abortion clinic!

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays the abortion business from the swift completion of their killing.

Steven Ertelt reports for LifeNews, Nov. 2, 2012, that a local abortion business in northern Virginia, Falls Church Healthcare [sic] Center, was flooded after Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc. The abortion clinic in Falls Church, VA, serves the Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.

But did a mere flood stop the abortion clinic from killing unborn?

Hell no!

Instead, the workers at the abortion clinic put towels on the floor and, just five hours after they had entered the dilapidated facility, managed to “perform” their first abortion since Sandy first struck!

So dedicated are the abortion workers, almost every staff member made it to the abortion center.

So determined to kill the human person living inside their wombs, half of the women who had scheduled abortions had their babies aborted on Monday and Tuesday, the two worst days of the storm.

In her article about the Falls Church abortion clinic, “Abortion Care Doesn’t Stop Because of Hurricanes,” Carol Joffe (photo left), a professor at the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health at the University of California, San Francisco, exults that the clinic’s workers “got in around 5:30 a.m.” to find “two inches of water in the surgery room, water on the carpets, two offices totally soaked, water leaking in from our large windows.” Undaunted, the staff “put out hundreds of towels and started mopping up,” and opened the clinic to business that morning at 10 a.m.!

Rosemary Codding, Director of Falls Church Healthcare [sic] Center

Rose Codding (photo above), the director of the abortion clinic proudly told Carol Joffe that due to the “dedication” and efforts of her and her staff, the clinic did not close at all and “was able to see patients on both Monday and Tuesday, the days of the greatest disruption by Sandy in Virginia”! Of her staff of 11, all but two were able to make it to the clinic on those days, despite quite challenging driving conditions! Half of that day’s patients were able to reach the clinic on Monday and even more showed up on Tuesday! Sadly, those unable “to keep their appointments” were mainly women who depended on public transportation, which was suspended!

Here’s a pic of Falls Church “Healthcare” Center’s staff smiling, waving, and bidding their customers to “Come and See Us Soon!”

And to think there are those who take umbrage at the pro-aborts being called a Cult of Death. [snark]


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Ertelt is LifeNews. Very big difference
Laus Deo

one voice

The work of evil must go on. These women in the photos are truly evil, but what about the women who went to the clinic?


One of the reprehensible things ancient Israel did to warrant their people being exiled to Egypt was to sacrifice their children on an altar. How is abortion much different? Read “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cohn and see the many ways God is warning America again and again today and we simply ignore or disregard these warnings.


Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this incredible post. Codding looks like she is “mad.” The rest of the crew are so happy that they can kill babies and they are so proud of it. This is such an intrinsic evil and so demonic, that they must be possessed. What human being would be happy, frankly, even if they are pro-abortion, to have to kill a baby? Once again, demonic…..


If only the abortuary staff could harness that dedication and loyalty towards the culture of life. I fully understand negative comments against the staff, but please, remember they have souls too and they need prayers. As a RN, it pains me to see healthcare professionals wasting their gifts and talents on the culture of death. Pray for them. Your prayers won’t go to waste.


Amazing. As thousands suffer and fight for life, these medical professionals continue the cult of killing babies. How sad.

Patricia John

i think they need to repent and look at there life. these people have no heart, how could they watch a an unborn human an kill it, if their mother had down that to them would they be here today to take alife, God help them.


What murderous dedication…brings tears to my eyes: FOR THE MOTHERS AND THEIR BABIES who are victims to these bloodthirsty hyenas.

darcy hubbert

This is horrible! I really can’t get their minds. Have mercy to life.