No Potty For You

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God Bless the Marines. Thanks to them, the libs won’t even have a pot to pee in at their Comedy Central rally.
~Tom in NC

D.C. toilet shortage is Keeping Fear Alive

October 20, 2010

Porta Potty

About 65,000 are expected to attend the Comedy Central rallies Oct. 30. (WTOP Photo)

WASHINGTON — The calls of nature may be particularly loud at an upcoming D.C. event if attendees don’t have a place to “go.”

Comedy Central organizers are having a hard time finding port-o-potties for their rallies to take place in a week and a half, after the Marine Corps Marathon planners snatched up about 800 of them for the same weekend.
The organizers of Jon Stewart’s Rally to Restore Sanity and Stephen Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive, both to take place Saturday, Oct. 30, have asked the marathon staff to share the portable toilets with their 65,000 expected to attendees.
But the Marines aren’t budging — they plan to lock the toilets until the morning of their race the day after, they tell the New York Times.
The National Park Service requires portable toilets for events expected to exceed capacity of “comfort facilities” on NPS property, according to a department document. They recommend one toilet for every 300 people.
An NPS spokesperson tells WTOP that comedy Central should be able to get more port-o-potties in the greater D.C. area. 
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0 responses to “No Potty For You

  1. Comedy Central is in fact full of crap, and I suggest everyone attending, bring a “Bag”

  2. Charlie stole my line! I too was going to say that Stewart, Colbert and their liberal God hating fans are so full of sh*t that this couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of as*ho*es! (get it? arr arr ) I pray that every Port-A-Potty left in the US has been spoken for and that the Marines won’t budge. They shouldn’t because these so called comedians don’t respect or like them anyway. But maybe the Marines could capitalize on this and start a new program called, “Toys for Pots”! What say ye friends?

  3. This is hysterical. God does have a sense of humor…LOL. God knows how to thwart things that shouldn’t be so he sent in the marines. Who better?
    I guess they`ll just have to cancel. (I hope). I never watch Comedy Central. I’ve seen too many comedians make fun of my Lord and faith. It turns my stomach. They just don’t realize that God is real, He is merciful, but He is also vengeful and wroth. He will give all their just reward.

  4. The one drawback I can see is that the uncouth minions that will attend this rally would not have any problem relieving themselves in the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool or the Fountain at the WWII Memorial, male and female alike

  5. You’re right Tom,they don’t have a whole lot of respect for anything. Go Marines!!

  6. HA!!!!! SEMPER FI!

  7. Bwahahaha… This is hysterical!


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