No, please, just no!

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OctomomSigns On For Self-Pleasure Video

TMZ: Octomom may be declaring bankruptcy, but she’s still very much the master of her own domain.  Octomom has signed on to do a masturbation video … TMZ has learned.  She’s hooked up with an online adult entertainment company and will shoot the video this summer.  It will be released shortly thereafter — not a lot of post production, we’re told.
As for how much she’ll make, it’s hush hush, except we’re told, “It’s a lot more than the $10,000 she made for posing topless.”
You’ll recall Octo once vowed never to do porn, but she’s saying she doesn’t consider a masturbation video porn, because it’s a solo mission.
Words. Fail. Me.

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0 responses to “No, please, just no!

  1. I have to change the channel any time she comes on. I just can’t stand to see her and all those kids. What kind of life could it be? Horrors!!!!!

  2. lowtechgrannie

    She is seriously emotionally and mentally disturbed. I hate to think of all those children in her custody.

  3. Well, maybe if everyone didn’t mock and attack her like she’s just an object, in image, but a real person with real feelings and a real soul — and maybe instead if Christians prayed for her — this wouldn’t be happening. But, I see how Christians act just like the world in tearing her down and attacking her — so, why is it surprising that Satan has so gained control of her soul??

    • This woman, and her children, do need prayers. Octomom made the choice to make herself a “celebrity” object, one that poses topless and gives umpteen interviews to sell her story and expose her children and her life.
      She once said, “I hate the babies, they disgust me.” Heaven forbid one not be upset with her for that appalling statement.
      And if she doesn’t understand a masturbation video is porn, well…sometimes you can’t fix stoopid.

    • Octomom is now on welfare, paid for by California taxpayers to the tune of $4,000 a month. Despite being on welfare and having declared bankruptcy, she managed to spend $520 on a haircut and a “Brazilian blowout” (chemical straightening for her hair). But Laura says it’s OUR fault. Shame on us!

  4. The mind boggles…

  5. LOL – Why does she need to pleasure herself, as it looks to me like she is getting plently of the real thing?
    And what kind of moron would pay her to record it, anyway?

  6. I can’t believe the STATE has allowed this nonsense to continue. Why no interference from Child Protective Services? These children should be taken away and adopted out to good homes for their mental and physical health!!!


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