No, no, no – just no to Napolitano!

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Janet Napolitano: A woman to watch for 2016

Washington Post: So, what happens if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run in 2016? It is hard to imagine the presidential field without a woman contender, and here’s one to keep your eye on: Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Napolitano is quietly making it known that she is considering the race, and there is reason to take her seriously.
Before coming to Washington, Napolitano was a highly regarded and very popular governor in Arizona, a state not known as a hospitable one for Democrats. In 2005, Time Magazine named her one of the nation’s five best governors, noting: “Positioning herself as a no-nonsense, pro-business centrist, she has worked outside party lines since coming to office in January 2003 to re-energize a state that, under her predecessors, was marked by recession and scandal.”
While in Arizona, she was criticized for not being aggressive enough in dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants. But her more recent job gives her an opportunity to change that image. This week, for instance, finds her on a high-profile tour of the southwest border, where she will highlight the stepped-up resources that the Obama administration has been devoting to reducing the flow of illegal entrants to this country.
Still, running for the White House from the cabinet is not an easy thing to do. Not since then-Commerce Secretary Herbert Hoover did it in 1928 has anyone successfully made the leap from the president’s cabinet to the Oval Office.

Her current job compounds that difficulty. The fact is, most Americans don’t hear all that much about the Homeland Security Department unless something has gone wrong.

Still, Napolitano is a sharp and savvy politician, and her decision to remain in the Obama administration for a second term is a telling one. Immigration overhaul may well be an opportunity to put herself at the forefront of an issue–and a constituency–that represent the future of the Democratic party. Particularly if Clinton doesn’t run, it’s a decent bet that she will be on the debate stage in 2016.
What better person for president than one who issued a report on right-wing extremists, has been accused of running a department with a “lewd atmosphere”, and is on top of keeping us safe from exploding turkeys? With savvy and smarts like that, what could go wrong with her as president?

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0 responses to “No, no, no – just no to Napolitano!

  1. And you thought/ think the election/ re-election of Obummer is bad !!!….Go back to the 3rd paragraph . That should tell you what her views on the “ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION ” and what she thinks of our country’s sovereignty .
    As far as her HIGH-PROFILE tour of the s.w………Anybody stupid enough to believe this admin. or ones to follow is going to go against the elite’s plan take down this country is a total fool . We are bleeding out internally , but to the m.s.m. , as long as the stock market is near 14k , we’re doing fine . It’s all fiat money ….IT’S ALL B.S.

  2. At least she has more experience handling a shotgun…

  3. wonder how many days it will take for her to decree the Southern border is secure?

  4. 30 second opinion

    Janet fooled the people of Arizona. We now know what a Left-Wing Hack she realy is. Let her run insted of Hillery, please.

  5. Well, If Princess Hilda of Broom should falter and somehow fail to be coronated Queen of the Communist States of Amerika, look for the low-information dumbMasses that now make up the majority of the electorate to vote this freak into the White House.
    After all, the sheeple voted the Kenyan comrade Dear Ruler in not just once, but twice.

  6. And Dave’s title for this post would have been:
    No, no, no – not just no, but HELL NO! to Napolitano!

    LOL – Sorry, DCG, I jezz couldn’t hep mahseff. 😉

  7. Send this idea back to the pit of hell please!

  8. Anyone selected by Obama to serve under him is most likely of his same unAmerican standing and has no business ever being elected to any government position.


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